Monday, April 29, 2019

Today's Theme = Family

I decided to choose "family" as a theme for this blog after spending a weekend that focused on family. On Friday, I drove to Richmond, Indiana, to attend the memorial service being held on Saturday for one of my aunts. The service for her was beautiful, but what struck me was the closeness of our far-flung family as we each arrived at the hotel where we were all staying. Aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws - arrived from Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, Wyoming, Alabama, Tennessee, to pay our respects to my aunt, who was the 6th of eight children--and the first of the eight to pass away. We came together not only to remember but also to celebrate family and how close we really are, even though we are all scattered throughout the country. We had a mini family reunion and, through tears, laughter, and stories, were reminded how important family is to each of us.

On Sunday, Lynn and I traveled to Iowa for a happier reason for a family celebration, the 13th birthday of our granddaughter, Klara. Yes, we now have a new teenager in the family! She is very proud that she is now taller than her grandma.
Klara with her dad, our son Aaron
And, speaking of families, our Lhasa family has grown. Instead of Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny brought us the Onyx and Breaker puppies, born Easter morning--a week earlier than expected. We have seven beautiful shiny black puppies. Two boys, five girls. I will post photos of them after they get their eyes open next week. One of the boys and one of the girls have been spoken for. The others are available at this time. Sorry to those of you waiting for gold puppies. Black dominated! (You can always change your mind!)

The Josh and Bekka babies continue to grow. They are toddling around and making an effort to play with each other. Mostly, though, they continue to eat and sleep a lot! Bekka is a good and tolerant momma.

Two black girls - the one on the left (Izzy) is not pleased at being awakened!

Gus on the left, Jampa on the right

The smallest gold female

Gold females that at first glance are hard to tell apart
You will have noticed that some of the puppies have names and some do not. Those named have been given names by the people who will be buying them. The others are without names because I have not managed to come up with "our" names for them. Their new owners are waiting to give them names. Naming puppies is a serious undertaking!

I don't think naming my children was ever as difficult as deciding on names for puppies, even when the majority of them will be re-named by their new owners.

Sharing Notes from Others
Kathleen wrote: Joyce, I was very sorry to hear that your Secret had passed away.  I know that you wrote several months ago that you thought she was nearing the end of her life.  I know that she must have been very special to you, for she has stayed with you all of these years.  My sincere sympathies.
      On the other hand, it was great to read your new blog with all of the good news about Autumn, and all of the new (adorable) puppies.  I also loved the other owners’ pictures and stories of their Lhasas and how much they all love them.  Since they ARE Lhasas, I always like reading about the similarities in personality between them and Sophie.  It’s fun to especially read from puppy owners as their puppies grow up and start showing their individual and unique personalities.  It’s much like reading about Sophie growing up in many ways.
      Sophie is doing great, and is now a fairly mature lady at 3 ½.  She is now ready to quit playing “Fetch” after two or three throws, she sleeps in a bit more in the morning, and she is not quite as “rough and tumble” as she was as a puppy.  She is a happy, grown-up girl.  She is one who LOVES the outdoors (except in the rain), and will take walks (and inspect everything in the neighborhood) as often as you will let her.  She also LOVES to sniff (more so than either of the Basset Hounds we had years ago!), and I think she can find moles underneath the ground!!!  (If a neighbor has a “mole run” she is all over it until she finds a certain spot, and then sniffs there until I pull her away—we have not actually dug up any moles yet.)  Every day is a new and wonderful adventure with her.  Thank you for sharing this beautiful breed with so many people.
     Spring is finally here, and I’m sure that you are as thrilled about it as I am!  I hope you have a wonderful Spring season.
P.S.  Sophie has determined that our “family pack” goes this way: 1) me; 2) her; 3) Mike.  We laugh about it all of the time, but it is pretty obvious.  Poor Mike!"

Judy G. wrote, "Hi Joyce, Today, Izzy earned her AKC Trick Dog Novice title. She already has her CGC, so she just had to perform an additional 5 tricks. She was more than ready. We didn't take a class but we practiced in the backyard. She attends Rally with Winny every Wednesday so maybe she will decide to attend a trial with him.  Who knows!!" 

Rafe wrote (with help from owner Mary): "I may look tired—up at 0430—on the road at 0600 for an agility trial. Kind of a rude bunch of dogs, no social etiquette...yap, yap, yap! Do shelties ever stop barking???? Thank goodness I have good crate manners, a gentleman entering, exiting. I get a little Barky when the girls go outside without me....just don't want to be forgotten! The snacks are to die meatloafs and diced up steak. I was crated next to a pug with a leopard print stroller. Belle tried to hitch a embarrassing! "
What time is it? Where are we going?
Excerpt from Judy L.’s email, "I may have mentioned that Whisper loves tennis balls. She is either walking around with one in her mouth; lying down with one between her front paws; or batting one around like a soccer ball. She loves to play fetch with them also. Raven enjoys tennis balls, especially playing fetch. But she isn't as interested in having one at her immediate disposal 24/7. Her interests seem to be more about the "Babies" that she can carry around in her mouth. In one of the photos of Raven, you can see her laughing at me because I told her that I need to brush her out. Yeah, she's gonna be laughing really hard once the grooming begins. NOT."

Whisper with her ball

Sister Raven "laughing"
Dogs are our family members also. Their unconditional love, their forgiveness of us when we are not always at our best, their desire to God-like is a dog.

God bless you and your family members - including the 4-legged ones!


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