Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Puppy Pictures and Updates

The word for today is "Brrr!" I know some of my readers live in warmer climates, but around here, we are below freezing — and I know we are warmer than other midwest states.

New Pictures of the Puppies

Since I last wrote, three of the four Duncan and Windy puppies have left for their new homes. Greta remains and I hope to be able to start showing her in the spring. So far, she's looking good.

Greta - 11 weeks
In my last post, I expressed some worry that Greta might be lonely when her siblings left with their new owners. I did not need to worry. She has now decided that she is a sibling of the three Josh and Charli puppies and the four of them get along quite well together. They sleep together, eat together, tear up newspapers and piddle pads together...

Speaking of the Josh and Charli puppies, here are their latest photos.

Charley - 7.5 weeks

Jenna - 7.5 weeks

Zeke - 7.5 weeks

Note and Pictures from Others

 One reason I look forward to the Christmas and New Year holidays is that I get photos and updates from some of the people who have purchased puppies from us over the years. Here are a few of the photos and notes I've received.

First, here is a photo from Mary's Christmas card of her and Gabe, who is Rafe's litter brother.
Gabe and Mary

Mary (a different Mary) sent this photo of Belle, one of her agility Lhasas. 
Belle (Joyslyn's Beauty Secret)
The Beaudets sent a card with a photo of their children and their three Joyslyn's Lhasas.
Zora, Hunter, and Zeus
Cindy wrote this about Luther's Christmas and sent a photo of him. Luther is a littermate to our Kimmi. His photo makes me smile. Can't you just see the ornery in his eyes? A sense of humor and fun too!

Cindy wrote, "Luther is growing SO fast, and he's so full of energy. Honey was much more docile. He's all boy. All the grandkids were here at Christmas and he was in heaven! We weren't sure he'd recover, but that was a joke. His coat is easy to care for now even tho he hates being brushed. When can I expect the change to happen? I'm looking into some agility training since we discovered he loves jumping over a fallen tree log. The one place I know is 1/2 hr drive and requires obedience training first. He may fail that one since "no" isn't in his vocabulary. We've had issues with barking and use of teeth...I don't call it biting but it's bothersome especially with kids. He's really smart tho...can do lots of tricks especially if a treat is at the other end. So it's not like he doesn't know when he's wrong and can't understand NO, he just chooses otherwise. "


From Denise, who recently purchased a puppy from the Duncan and Windy litter. They named their puppy Duncan, after his sire, and they also own a 9 year old female (Lily)  they purchased from us:
"The two are getting [along] somewhat better, he just wants to play. At least Lily stays in the same room and relaxes until he gets a bug up his butt to bother her. I'm sure each day will get better...."

Lily learning to put up with the new puppy in her home!

Kathy wrote an update about Sophie: "Wow!  The week has flown by!  Sophie is getting more adjusted to being here every day, and things are going well.  She sure is a sweet little girl, with some very spunky moments!  She is getting used to walks on the leash, she has chosen her favorite toys, and she is definitely becoming her own little individual.  Here is a snapshot from a couple of days ago."

Sophie - 10 weeks

From Marilyn:  "Hi Joyce, I just wanted to share. Today Miss Maci Mae chewed the eyes and nose off one toy, and chewed half a bath sponge. How is that for someone who turned 1? She obviously didn't get the message that she is a big girl now!!! Gotta love her!" 

There was no picture of Maci's handiwork! But Marilyn sent this one. What an adorable 1 year old. Who could resist that face?

Ted wrote: "I thought you might want to view a few photos of Lucky at Christmas time. Ev and I were reminiscing about the first time we met Lucky at your home. Nothing has changed. He was full of energy chasing the cat up the stairs and was constantly moving. Three years later he still can’t sit still. He has a tremendous amount of energy and is a joy to have in our condo. He still has the Bunny and selects different toys to play with on a rotating basis. His knowledge of the English language is frightening as we have to be careful of what we say as certain words make his ears perk up and he starts wagging his tail as if he is going to be included in something we said."

One of the photos Ted and Ev sent of Lucky

Update on the Retired Lady

So far, I am surviving! The days go by much faster than they seem to have done at the office! It's been nice to get the grooming and laundry and other chores done during the day, rather than filling my nights and weekends with them. I'm afraid the remainder of the 60 days is going to go by too fast.

I'm trying to stick to a work schedule, getting up at 5:30, getting the dogs exercised and fed, being showered, dressed and ready before 8:00 to face the various tasks I've set myself for the day.

It's not all work. I love to read and have a stack of books ready and waiting, and set aside time for reading a few chapters each day. I don't remember learning how to read, except I do recall the "Dick and Jane" books (Oh! Oh! Look! Look! See! See!) in first grade. As far as memory serves, I have always loved reading (mostly mysteries, fantasy fiction, action adventure). My friends and family know that. Here are a couple of my Christmas gifts, joining similar nightshirts that were given me by friends Marsha and Carm in previous years for my birthday.

And, speaking of shirts, one of my co-workers gifted me with this great t-shirt! Love it! Thanks again, Rose. As much as I have been enjoying my retirement break, I do look forward to being back in the office (part-time!!!!) with my co-workers. No one has a better, more dedicated group of people to work with.

It appears that it will be the end of March or the first part of April before Kimmi and I get back in the show ring to work toward getting the last 4 points she needs to be a champion. However, I do have some good news regarding shows. Harper (whose call name used to be Journey), bred by Julie Timbers and Debby Rothman, earned her first point at a recent show in St. Paul, MN, shown by Julie. I am privileged to co-own her with Julie and Debby.

Life is Better When You Have A Lhasa to Love You!


Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Is Here At Last!

Whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges; whether we seize them or not, the New Year will bring new opportunities. 
~Michael Josephson

New Year's Greetings to All!

I certainly hope your Christmas was a blessed with the warmth and love of family as ours was. What a blessing to have had my mom and all of our children and grandchildren with us - for the first time since 2007!

We still have our Christmas tree up. Who knows how long it will stand. My husband is suffering from back pain and can't lift and carry the boxes, and our son and his wife who usually help us haul the Christmas tree and decorations from house to storage shed have long gone to their home. Oh well, I can probably last one more week before the sad look of the tree with no gifts beneath it starts driving me crazy.

The new year has for us been uneventful. I am enjoying the quiet, lack of drama, and the fact that I do not have to show up for work on Monday! My first day of retirement was January 1! I have a long list of things I want to accomplish in the 60 days I have off before I return to work part-time. I hope I can get them all done. 

Now to the Puppy Pictures

 The first two photos are of the Duncan and Windy boys. They are 9 weeks old in the photos.

  And here are their sisters. The first one is named Greta. She is the puppy we plan to keep from the litter. The other is Sophie. It was a difficult choice!

I think Greta will be lonely when the others have gone to their new homes.

The following photos are of our younger puppies, sired by Ch. Joyslyn MLS Dakota Wind Breaker out of Ch. MLS Desiderata Flight O'Fancy (Josh and Charlie). There were three puppies in the litter, one female and two males. The female and one male are spoken for. As of this writing, the other male is available. I don't know yet which one it will be.

Female - 5 weeks
Male - 5 weeks

Male - 5 weeks

Yes, we are surrounded by cuteness!!

Life is Better When You Have a Lhasa to Love You!

Best wishes for Lhasa love in 2016!