Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Happy New Year! 2023


“New year — a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately, we write it. The choice is ours."~ Alex Morritt

2022 with its ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and good times and bad times is now the past. My daughter gave me a journal as one of my Christmas gifts. My first thought was that she should have known better because the closest I have ever come to writing a journal is writing this blog! I am just too busy to take pen in hand and write in a journal. Then I thought I might give it a try. Mind you, that is not a promise or a New Year's resolution.

The Johanson family had a wonderful Christmas. We always do, but this year was extra wonderful because it was the year our daughter and her family come from sunny Florida to join the rest of us for the holiday. They come every other year. This year they braved the terrible weather that struck the midwest Christmas week. Their rental car even had a flat tire that our son-in-law had to deal with in the wind, snow, and below zero temps -- the car had no spare. (Alamo refunded their rental money.)

Our two grandsons were thrilled to finally see and touch snow. (I believe they were the only ones.) The other years they've come, the temps have been in the 40s with no snow. However, the super-cold-way-below-zero temps meant that it took longer to get them bundled up than they were able to play outside!

Dressed like Randy from "A Christmas Story" these two boys (ages 5 and 8) braved the cold. The first thing they did was make snow angels. As we adults, who were no way going out in the 30-below weather, watched from the windows, we saw the 5 year old face down in the snow making his snow angel. My daughter commented, "Snow angel Florida style!"

The "every other Christmas" holds true for my mom also. She comes when the Florida contingent comes so she can see them also. The off years are spent with my sister and her family. Mom is now 90 and still going strong. She retired from her work at her local hospital in late September. Retirement did not last long because the hospital asked if she would come in occasionally to work as a sub. So now she subs at least once a week! I sure hope that I have that stamina as I age.

Heartfelt thanks to those of you who sent holiday greetings via emails, Facebook, and greeting cards. This year, as with others, I decided not to send cards. One thing contributing to that decision this year was that December was so busy for me. I was away from home 10 days prior to Christmas week: 3 days at a show, 6 days driving to and home from Orlando, one day going to pick up my mom. 

When I was home, there were dogs to groom, packing and unpacking from the trips, extra laundry to get bedding washed for our company, puppies to play with, grocery shopping, Amazon shopping, gifts to wrap, a day's drive to pick up my mom, and a trip to Orlando to give the Lhasa Apso Judges' Education seminar. (My friend and co-presenter, Jan Graunke, were happy with the positive feedback we received.)

But all the expended time and energy were worth it as we welcomed our whole family home for Christmas. (I will confess though that when they all left, Lynn and I looked at each other and decided we were going to do nothing the rest of the day but read (me), watch TV (him), and take care of the dogs (us). And that is how we spent the day after Christmas!

I hope you and your families, including your Lhasas, had a nice Christmas also. New dog toys and treats are always great gifts.

At the beginning of the month, I went to a dog show in Belleville, IL, and came home with a champion! This is CH Joyslyn's Satin and Pearls (AKA Pearl). Here she is in her official show photo.

Pearl needed only 2 points to finish her champion. She got 5 points that day after defeating two female champions. Her awards that day were Winners Bitch and Best Opposite Sex. I found out recently when I went to her Points Progression on the AKC website that she has also earned a National Owner Handled Series Bronze status.

Pearl's sire is Joyslyn Mon Ami Derecho (Archie)
Her dam is CH Joyslyn's Onyx (Onyx or Nyx)

We took some photos of her at home. Here is one of them.

Another of our Archie daughters is Ebony, a black and tan. She is now 3 months old. What a dickens she is, especially about wearing a collar or show lead. Stubborn Lhasa female!!!

We also have a litter (if 2 puppies count as a litter) sired by Josh out of Bekka. Both have been spoken for, but I wanted to share this sweet picture of them at age 5 weeks.

We took pictures of Rusty and Josh also. You will note that Rusty is no longer the deep red he once was. The new coat came in a lighter color. Those of you who know Lhasas know that color changes are normal, but he was such a beautiful red that I miss the color. Here is Rusty on his 2nd birthday.

And here is Josh. He will be 9 years old in a few days.
Where does the time go?

And, speaking of pictures:

Notes and Photos From Others

Doreen wrote, "Henry is doing well running the show here. He is so cute and smart. He and Auggie play 24/7…if auggie hears Henry make a yelp he is on the run to see what’s wrong. God forbid we hold Henry and clean his eyes or anything…Auggie stands in his hind legs to monitor the surgery. They run in the snow till they drop-then come in and nap. Henry does really well taking walks with us-we go the shorter route right now with him and Auggie will keep turning around to make sure he’s still following."

Deborah sent this photo of Sparkles, all decked out in green and red bows to get in the holiday spirit!

Ginny sent this family Christmas picture of Maple (on the right) and her friends.

Lisa sent this picture of Duncan, a litter brother to our Ebony. When both were running around our family room, I had difficulty telling them apart. Here is Duncan on a visit to the pet store.

Frank and Joyce also have a Maple, a litter sister to our Ebony and Lisa's Duncan. Frank wrote about Maple, "We are enjoying her very much and we are very pleased with her spitfire personality, but it is taking us some time to adjust to such a strong if not stubborn personality.  Her defiance to being told "no" is quite a scene. Ha Ha!  She is now over six pounds and growing taller."

From Tom & Judy: "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Well, our Zoie is 2 1/2.  She has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She has become such a cuddler.  We just had a 7 inch snowfall and she just loves it.  Here is an updated picture of her. Such a pretty girl!!  Congratulations on your champion!"

Cathy wrote. "Willow is a wonderful playful beautiful puppy! She brightens my day! I tell her everyday she is the best part of me! Thank you so much for picking me to have her. I will send you clips of my daughter’s dog Nola and Willow playing!"
Mark sent this photo of his Lili and Yo-Yo. Both are Joyslyn's Lhasas.

Nanda sent this picture of Ty. Ty doesn't know that his little sister will be joining his family at the end of the month! She is marked just like him.

Sharon K wrote about Giza. To be honest, each year lately that I receive a Christmas note from Sharon, I expect to find out that Giza has passed away. She must be 16 or 17 years old now. Sharon wrote, "Just wanted you to know that we still have Giza with us. She will not tolerate being groomed any longer so her hair had to be cut short. Her legs and eyes are bad but she is still bumping along. Her health is good otherwise so we wait on her and love her as much as we can." I have always been grateful that this family has kept in touch over the many years of Giza's life.
Celina wrote, "Just wanted to send a cute pic of Dora walking and smiling before it became super cold a few weeks ago! Merry Christmas from Dora! Another thing I have noticed the past few months about Dora is how much she enjoys climbing! She used to want to get carried up the stairs, but now she is doing it all by herself. She seems so proud of herself when she makes it up the stairs." 

Jim sent this photo of Daisy cuddled in her new dog bed and Christmas toy. These beds are extremely popular with the dogs! Ebony loves hers, a gift from brother Duncan.

Judy L. recently posted photos of three of her four Joyslyn's dogs: Whisper, Gus, and Lippy.

Michelle sent a New Year picture of Sunny and video of Sunny flinging his toy. 

I captured this frame on the video as Sunny threw his toy and his hair flew too. Funny!

It reminded me of this picture Lynn took of Connor (CH San-Dhi Joyslyn Icon). Connor is Sunny's grandsire.

Again, thanks to everyone who sent pictures and wrote about their dogs, not only in December, but throughout the year. I hear from people who say they enjoy seeing the pictures and reading about others' Lhasas.
From the Lhasa Apso Standard 

Coat: Double coated, heavy, straight, hard, dense, not woolly or silky, of good length.

Color: All colors equally acceptable.

Go to lhasaapso.org
Click the Resources tab
Click the link that is second to the bottom (magazine format)
That should take you to "Introducing The Lhasa Apso."
You will find good information and lots of photos.

"In the depths of winter I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."~ Albert Camus 

Again, Happy New Year and thanks for reading this blog. I wish you all the best of things to come during 2023. May we all have a peaceful, healthy, happy year filled with respect for each other, tolerance for our differences, and the love of family, friends, and our Lhasas. God bless us, everyone!

Lhasa love,