Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sizzling Hot July!!

“It’s a sure sign of summer if the chair gets up when you do.”~ Walter Winchell

I think that just about sums up our weather lately! I feel wilted. The dogs don't even want to stay outside any longer than it takes them to potty.

Show Results

Last time I wrote, Jenna, Greta, and I were home from West Bend, WI, and a 3-show weekend. Here is the official show photo of Jenna with judge Alvin Krause.

Our next shows will be the Burlington Kennel Club shows this coming weekend right here in Macomb. It will be so nice not to have to drive hours to get to a show!


An Unusual Turn of Events

I've been home alone this weekend (if being "alone" can be applied to someone with a bunch of dogs and a cat!). This is unusual for me because I am the one who is usually away for a show while my husband is at home with the dogs (and cat). In addition to the other "hats" he wears, my husband is a playwright. This weekend he drove to Gulf Shores, AL, to see weekend productions of his play, The Writer and the Thief, at the End of the Road Festival.


Notes and Photos from Friends

I received an email from Judy about Raven:
"Did you know that Raven loves to go in the car?
Every. Single. Time. that I start my car, Raven goes ballistic and becomes frantic. She races to the front fence where the car is, and then around to the back fence where I drive the car when I come home.
Yesterday…Raven did not want to be left behind because when the car goes, she is supposed to go also. I finally caught up with her, leashed her up, and put her in the back seat, she was as calm as could be. Laid back Raven. After we returned home, she was just as happy as could be. Her little pink tongue was out and I could see the joy in her face. I was so happy yesterday afternoon and evening to see Raven with such a happy countenance…Apparently, as long as she gets car rides she is happy."

As a result, Judy has renamed her car the "RavenMobile."

Here is a recent photo of Raven. Judy is growing Raven's coat out again.
And here is the new license plate frame Judy purchased just for "Raven's car."

Barbara wrote, "Would you call Miss Daisy Mae a real helper or what!!!!  Thought this would make your day!  This was taken week of Mother's Day this year."

I also received a phone call from Barbara with a report that meek and mild Ms. Daisy recently discovered a bunny in the flower garden. What a surprise. Bye-bye bunny! Who would ever have imagined?

And here is Maci - wearing a cone! As her owner Marilyn wrote: "The pic says it all! How many ways can you say "This cone sucks"!"

Cindy wrote: "Here's an update on our handsome guy in his summer cut."
This is Cindy's Luther. Look at the thick coat on that boy!!!
Luther -- look at those fluffy legs! Adorable!



As regular readers of this blog know by now, I sometimes have retired champions available to pet homes. Even though I have placed many of our retired champions into new homes, I am always nervous. Will things work out? Will he/she behave? Will the new owners love him/her? How will the potty training go? Will he.she get along with the other pets? etc., etc...
This weekend, Duncan left for his new home in Kansas. This was a tough one for me because Duncan (aka, "The Punk") has always had a special place in my heart. He was a bit confused about leaving at first, but it is obvious from the video his new owner Kristi posted to my FB page and from the photos she sent that he is adjusting well and having a good time. She wrote, "Hello Joyce, He is having a great time at the hotel. He is walking on the lead perfectly and peeing and pooing on the lead and in the grass!  Once we got to the room he started playing and having fun. I have no worries at all. He is being a mischievous little angel and I couldn't love him more already. I posted a video on your Facebook and here are a few photos. He is amazing."

Duncan sitting in his new mom's lap
Duncan hanging out in the hotel room on the bed
Kristi has two other Lhasas, and I was worried about how the three would get along. In a follow-up message, Kristi wrote, "They are settling in just fine. It is like he has always been here. There was one mishap when him and Tricki went for the same toy. I let them try to sort it out bit did have to step in since then all hanging and laying by me. It fills my heart with joy!"

I do get inquiries now and then asking if we have adults available. We probably will have two females available before the end of this year.


Puppy News

All I can say is that we are awaiting the birth of Maggie and Duncan's litter sometime next week. I'll notify people on the waiting list in the order that they are listed.

Advice from the Pulpit 

As part of his homily this morning, our deacon quoted (of all people) Woody Allen. But in the context of how life goes, it was a great quotation so I am sharing it:

And that's it for now!


Life is Better When You Have A Lhasa To Love You!



Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right. ~ Peter Marshall

 Show Results

Greta, Jenna, and I traveled to the Kettle Moraine shows in West Bend, WI, this past weekend. We had the luxury of staying in Jan Graunke's motor home with Jan, Karen Schlais, and their four Lhasas. The weather was super dog show weather — neither too hot nor too cold, just the right amount of breeze.

We went to have a good time and we did! I showed Jenna on Saturday in two shows, the Kettle Moraine show in the morning and the Greater Milwaukee Lhasa Apso Club Specialty Show in the evening. In the morning, Jenna won her class then went on to take Winners Bitch and Best of Winners. There were 10 bitches competing so she received a 5 point major! Jenna just turned 7 months on June 22nd. Karen's puppy bitch took 2nd in the class and then went on to take Reserve Winners bitch. Faith is just 6 months old. We were proud of both girls!

In the evening, the placements were the opposite. Faith took first in the class and Jenna took second. Faith also took the ribbon for Best Puppy in Specialty. WTG Faith and Karen!

The next day was Greta's turn. I'd practiced with her a little up and down the aisle in front of our grooming space and her tail was sometimes up, sometimes down. In her crate and on the grooming table she was very full of herself and let every person and (to her) strange looking dog that walked by know that she was there and on guard.

The ring was a different story. She and Faith were in the ring together. Greta had the lower armband number so she was first in the ring. She had her tail down on the first go-around, and on the down and back after the table exam. When the judge placed Faith in front of her for the last go-around, Greta put up her tail and walked just fine. Hurray! There is hope yet! Now we have to wait 3 weeks for the next show and hope she remembers that the ring is not such a bad place after all (as long as there is a dog in front of you to follow!).

Here are some photos:

This first photo was taken by Michael Yang.

Jenna with me in the 6-9 puppy class

 I took these two with my iPad.
Jenna with her ribbons

Greta waiting to go to ringside (see unhappy Jenna still in her crate!)

I am also very proud of Misti, MonAmi N Joyslyn's Shades of Summer who took WB and Best Puppy on Sunday for a 5 point major and a Group 2 in the puppy group. Misti was bred by and is owned by LaVonne Bennett and me. Her sire GCH Mon Ami's Late Night Shadow (Winslow) and Joyslyn MLS Windy Winter Night Mon Ami (Cinder). Here is the photo taken at the grooming set up. I'll post official show photos when we get them.

I also want to congratulate Jan Graunke and Karen Schlais on the BOS and Select placements of their Stewie and Penny at the Kettle Moraine and GMLAC shows. Although they always give me a hard time about it, I do enjoy bragging that my Breaker is Stewie and Penny's sire. Hey...I always thought that Grandmas had bragging rights, especially when they are proud of their "grandkids" accomplishments!! Here are photos of Stewie and Penny in the ring, Stewie with Jan and Penny with Karen. Thanks again to Michael Yang for taking and posting the photos.

Jan with Ch. Golden Tu Karlyn Tattle Tale (Stewie)
Karen with Ch. Karlyn Golden Tu Sing Soft Kitty to Me (Penny)

Anyway, that is it for now. My to-do list was long today, and I am proud of all I accomplished, although still have to groom a couple dogs this evening and really really just want to curl up with a book. Lest you think it was "all work" for me today, I will tell you that I made time to go see the new Tarzan movie and really enjoyed it. I've been a Tarzan fan from watching the early TV shows and movies and reading the Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan novels. I had to see this new one and am glad I did.

Now I have to go turn up the radio and TV and hope their noise drowns out the noise of the fireworks and keeps the dogs calm. They hate July 4th noises!

Until next time....

Life is Better When You Have a Lhasa to Love You!