Friday, March 18, 2022

Nothing But Puppy Pictures - Cute, Cute, Cute!


Hi Everyone!

We took pictures of the Archie and Millie puppies yesterday, and they were so cute that I just had to share them.

What follows are the photos of the 3-week old puppies of Archie and Millie.

The 4 girls:

The 3 boys:

I hope they made you smile!


P.S. The Josh and Autumn puppies are just 2 weeks old today but do not quite have eyes open yet so we'll take pictures next week and post them.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

March News


With that, Happy March! I doubt I'll be posting again on St. Patrick's Day, so here's wishing you all a happy one!

Puppy News
Millie and Autumn have both had their puppies. Millie's were born on 2/24 and Autumn's on 3/4. So far so good. We have to supplement one of Millie's and at least two of Autumn's. I won't start matching people with puppies for another 3-4 weeks and when I know for sure all are thriving. Autumn had a tiny, tiny 2.5 ounce female that is holding her own and being supplemented with goat milk formula frequently throughout the day. Autumn is very protective of her, which I take as a good sign since the moms tend to push away any puppies that seem "wrong" to them.

Anyway, I'll start posting photos for sure in April and will plan to be in touch with people on the waiting lists then, if not sooner.

AKC "Stuff"
AKC has many articles to help you successfully raise your puppy -- and, if necessary to re-train an adult. You can find these articles by going to

AKC recently announced Bronze, Silver, and Gold designations for dogs competing in the National Owner Handled Series. I was pleased to receive these certificates designating Millie at the Bronze level and Josh at the Gold.

A Favorite Product
After she read one of my online articles in which I bemoaned the fact that a grooming product which many years ago I bought from Jeffers Pet  Supply was no longer available, a reader contacted me to ask what I now used. The former favorite was Golden Almond Mat and Tangle spray -- the best thing for taking care of mats and tangles. I wanted to cry when if was no longer available.

What I use now is not intended to be a mat and tangle remover but it works like a charm. Quite a few years ago I was talking with a fellow Lhasa exhibitor who was raining praises on the #1 All Systems Hair Re-Vitalizer! So, I tried it but did not like the results. However, I had a whole gallon of it! One day, I grabbed a spray bottle containing the product and sprayed a mat. Wonder of loosened that mat! I have used it ever since and have purchased additional gallons of the stuff!

Dog Books
Those who know me well know that I am an avid reader--and have been since learning to read. I prefer fiction, mostly adventure, mystery, fantasy, and sometimes a good ol' historical romance thrown in for a change of pace.

Many of those genres, especially the mysteries, often have dogs as main characters or as companion to main characters. For example, the David Rosenfelt Andy Carpenter character dotes on his dog Tara, and the Robert B. Parker Spenser character does the same with his dog Pearl.

So I decided to create a list (I am sure it is not complete) of books that have dogs as characters. So here we go in no particular order. 

The Bernie and Chet series by Spencer Quinn
The FBI K-9 series by Sara Driscoll
The Must Love Dogs series by Clair Cook
The Catskill Pet Rescue series by Deborah Blake
The Books for Dog Lover series by Steve N. Lee
The Paws and Claws Mysteries by Krista Davis
The Creed series by Alex Kava
The Melanie Travis Mysteries by Laurien Berenson

Happy Reading -- and if you have favorites you want to tell others about, just email me at and I'll list them in future blog posts.

For You Crafty People
I recently received really nice gifts from a good friend who is better at sewing than I ever hope to be. What was extra special is that she found some great Lhasa fabric online and used that to create the gifts.

Thanks Jane!!!

Here is a link to the Spoonflower website that sells dog-themed fabrics. This link will take you to the many lovely Lhasa fabrics they offer. Some of them are so pretty!!! There are some really great Lhasa patterns and one that I am totally in love with. I think it would make pretty crate pads. I can probably manage to sew a crate pad!

 Notes and Photos from Others

Here is one of the pictures Sally sent of Ginger and Jaxon.

Debi sent this update on Lacey: "Lacey is now fully recovered from her spay. She is back to being the happy and mischievous Lacey that we love. She seems to like to go to doggie daycare once weekly and is playing with other dogs there. She starts beginner obedience training in a couple weeks.  Since the snow and ice has melted on the sidewalks, we have been taking daily walks down our block. She loves going for walks and is now walking quite well with her leash.  She will still get distracted sometimes, but we make it all the way down the block and back. lol She loves to watch out our front window.  She has just started to bark at people she sees outside while looking out the window."

Jim wrote, "Daisy Got Groomed." and sent this photo.

Nanda wrote, "Hi! We hope all is well with you. Ty is FANTASTIC AND ADORABLE! We are so busy having gone back to work in the office. Ty goes to work with Kris. Mom is back to great health after falling...I am working 10 hour shifts Monday- Friday and I am so jealous of Ty bonding with Kris like two peas in a pod. Ty is super healthy and happy. We are extremely grateful to you!" 

From Karen: "Kimmi is doing great.  She does try to be the alpha dog with Huckleberry a bit, but we nip that in the bud.  Kimmi LOVES going outside; loves cold weather.  She's turned into a squirrel hunter!!!  It is so funny.  Now, whenever she goes out, she first goes to the railing to scout the yard for squirrels at the tree in back.  If she sees one, she down to the yard in a flash, jumping up on the tree and barking.  It is so fun to watch.  Unfortunately she also like to wander in the bushes etc.  Her fine hair is like a magnet for burrs, etc.!" 

[Note from Joyce: Kimmi is Autumn's mother. She obviously loves her "retirement" home with Karen. Never be apprehensive about buying an adult Lhasa from a reputable breeder who is seeking a "retirement" home for a beloved Lhasa. The ones I have placed are happy and thriving in their new homes.]

Breaker went to a retirement home last year to be with my friend Jill. She's the only person I would let have that very special boy. He loves it at her house - playing and going on walks with her and her Lhasa Shadow (also a retiree from my house.) Jill sent me this video of Breaker. I love watching him move so smoothly and effortlessly. If you have GCH CH Joyslyn's Heartbreaker on your puppy's pedigree, you will be interested in seeing Breaker in action and can imagine how well he showed himself in show ring. 

Speaking of videos, some of you may have seen the video Michelle, who owns Sunny, posted on Facebook after she showed Pearl for me at the Des Moines show in late February. Here it is for those who have not seen Pearl in action. She was having fun!!

Our next shows are in Maquoketa, Iowa, on March 26 and 27, and in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, on March 31-April 3. I'll be showing Pearl. Rusty is going to find out how it feels to be left behind!

On that note, I'll end this post. Thanks for reading! And please pray for the people of Ukraine.