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Again, Happy 2022 to you all. I hope Christmas was a nice holiday. Ours certainly was, even though we were missing 5 people: my mom and our daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons. They are with us on even numbered years.
Both sons, a girlfriend, and two granddaughters made this a special Christmas. 

My Article!
I was honored that my article about the Lhasa Apso personality was recently published in the January 3 issue of Show Sight. Here is the link to the article if you are interested in reading it. The majority of the photos are of my Lhasas. 

Speaking of Writing...
Lynn is hard at work on novel #4 in his Joe Erickson series. Novel #3, titled Corrupted Souls, should be available in March or April if all goes as planned. You Joe Erickson fans don't have too much longer to wait! If you have not yet started the series, the first two books are available from Amazon. Search author "Lynn-Steven Johanson."

Our Next Show Prospect
I am currently training 5-month-old Pearl (Joyslyn's Satin and Pearls). She has a darling disposition and really wants to play with our cat, Boris, who wants nothing to do with her. I have been taking her to the Pet Supply Plus store weekly in an attempt to provide some socialization. Her first visit went well until a loud mouth kid saw her and screamed "puppy!" and ran toward her! That was it for the tail! Since then she has been shy about going into the store. I want/need to get her to a conformation training class, but the closest is an hour and a half drive each way and with the weather we have been having, I'm a bit leery about night driving.
Here is Pearl. Her sire is Archie and dam is Onyx. We took the picture to mark the occasion of the first time I put her hair up in a topknot. She kept that one in for nearly a week. When I put it up again, she immediately ran to the dog bed and rubbed her face and head on it! 

Notes and Photos from Others
Thanks to all who sent greetings, updates, and photos recently. I enjoy getting and sharing them.

Judy G. recently sent a letter updating me on her Lhasas. She has 3 of my Lhasas and a 4th that is the sire of our Bekka. She wrote that Ty (age 10), who is a son of Breaker, "will soon begin his new career as a rally dog." Ty has been running agility but has the habit of walking the first four obstacles then "taking off and finishing with a flourish." Time to call it quits!

Judy described Izzy, now age 15, as acting "like Winnie the Pooh's friend Tigger" and always being "happy and loving."

The litter Pearl is from was the Onyx litter. Judy now has Onyx. Her note about Onyx said, "She is adventurous, humorous, loving and has completely taken over everyone's heart. She walked into our house and into our hearts."

From Kathy: "Just letting you know how happy we are with Bandit...He is such a joy and everyone thinks he’s such a handsome little guy. Guess he did pretty good with his puppy cut today. The bath and blow dry were ok, but he was moving wherever she moved the scissors. He is still a beautiful color, I think he’s going to be lighter after he has a few cuts. But there will be some black on his face. So happy to see his beautiful eyes. He did good with the grandkids over the holidays our 6 and 8 year old grandkids even carried him and I do believe he enjoyed it. Just filling you on how he’s doing. We love our Bandit. Thank you for the awesome care you gave him. We’ll keep in touch!"

From Christina about Daisy: "Aww we do love her! Thanks for giving us such a great pup! Here she is this morning getting ready to work with dad. She happily sits perched on the desk until snack time haha!"

From Ginny about Maple: "She is getting so big.. eight pounds now and just as gregarious, happy and energetic as always. This sweet girl adds smiles to each and every day. đź’•Holding on to everyday of those puppy antics although I won’t miss teething! She is so innocent and full of life. What a blessingHappy Christmas and stay safe New 22!"

From Kassia: "Caught these two having a chat after Chris came in from shoveling was very cute because she had tried to run off for a game in the snow and he had yelled at her to come home was too cold and she came!! So he gave her tons of praise and popped her in the house and finished the sidewalk as she watched him thru the window..he refers to her and he as the bearded ones!!" 

Victoria wrote about Honey: "Hello Joyce, Honey’s first Christmas was exciting. She received a new toy & small treat bones in her stocking from Santa! Her favorite part of this month was napping under the Xmas tree on the soft, velvet tree skirt. I hope you had a great Christmas with your family and sending best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!"

Cynda sent Christmas greetings and posted this photo of her Luther. Handsome boy!

Mickey's Christmas greetings included a photo of Biddy (in the back) and friends.

Catherine, who owns 3 Joyslyn Lhasas, posted: "Merry Christmas from all of the Fields (Maggie, Mallory and Magoo)! Joyce, through your wonderful Lhasas our lives are so much brighter and filled with joy! Thanks for letting us be a part of your Lhasa family! We hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!"

Jody wrote about Bernie (and Lynn's first novel): "Hi Joyce, Well, Bernie surprised me this morning. We have had a harness on him for over a week now and a very light, regular leash which we sometimes let him drag behind him to let him get used to it (and we could grab it if he tried to go under the deck!). So he finally got the hang of having a leash attached to him, we started with one of Buster's but it was way too heavy so we bought a much lighter one. Today he walked the sidewalk through the entire cul-de-sac as if he had been doing it all of his life! He is amazing!! He met so many new people and reacts cautiously and then warms up to them in no time. Everyone is just blown away by how cute he is!! On Friday we took him to the vet for his second distemper shot and he didn't have a reaction.
 I just finished Lynn's first book-I did not see that coming-it was a page turner at the end! Going to order the second book today and loan the first book to my neighbor. I'm a Joe Erickson fan- Swedes rock!!"

Lori sent greetings from her and the handsome Finn.

Debi wrote about her Lacey: "Lacey, Clay, and I want to wish you and Lynn and your entire Lhasa Apso family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Lacey lost all of her front top teeth and some of her bottom teeth and still manages to get a puppy bite in here and there.  lol. She is bringing so much joy to our entire family!  We could not imagine a day without her! I sent some pictures, one before her haircut and the rest after her haircut.  She looks adorable! and we can see her beautiful, little eyes now. Merry Christmas!

Kris and Nanda sent a Christmas photo of Ty.

Michelle wrote: "Joyce, I just read your latest blog on my lunch break, I always look forward to it and it always brings a smile to my face to see the pictures and hear all about the beautiful Lhasa’s that you have bred and those you are showing and loving as your own. All of us who have one of your puppies or retired adults is so incredibly lucky! I honestly thought your prices were a bit low when we got Sunny, but what do I really know about it other than you still probably spend more than what you are earning by the time you figure all of your time, essentials, food, vet bills, etc… it’s clear that you aren’t in it for the money, but that the dogs are more important and it brings you great satisfaction to see your accomplishments in both preserving the breed and showing the breed and the joy all of it brings to others. So I applaud you for charging a bit more for one of the very best puppies money could buy! Nothing else to be said here! And you can’t hang up on an email! Also, I’m very sorry to hear about Henri, you had told me about him in the past and he certainly did seem like quite the wonderful dog! I love how each has their own personality! I’m sure he will be missed! I hope you and Lynn and your entire family has a wonderful Christmas!"

Thanks again to all who took time to send me an update and photos! It is so much fun to see our puppies grow into adults and also to get updates on the adults and seniors as they grow. I am so fortunate that my dogs have such loving homes.

We hope to have puppies born in late February and early March. I'll keep those of you on the waiting list updated as time goes by. The breedings were done recently, so it is much too early to know if pregnancies have resulted.

Everyone should know by now:

Best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!