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The Black Lhasa Project

The Black Dogs of Joyslyn's

The "Black Lhasa Project" is actually a part 2 project because a few years ago, I devoted another blog to our black Lhasas. This time, I went through some records a few years back and invited via email those who had purchased black, black with white markings, and black and tan Lhasas to participate. As you will see, many sent in photos. Some chose not to participate. Some of my email invitations were returned as "undeliverable."

If you own a black Joyslyn Lhasa Apso and did not receive an invitation, it was an oversight, or I did not go far enough back in the records, or I received an "undeliverable" message. Please let me know and send information about your Lhasa for inclusion in another blog.

I asked people to send me a photo, the dog's registered name, his/her call name and, if they wanted, to write a note about the dog. I did notice that some people managed to misspell "Joyslyn's."

Some sent more than one photo. I tried to keep photos to one per dog. I was not always successful! If you sent more than one photo, please do not feel slighted if I did not post all the pictures you sent. I tried to choose my favorite from each set.

A Bit of Color History
As you know the Standard for any breed is a description of the attributes that make a Lhasa a Lhasa, a Yorkie a Yorkie, a Sheltie a Sheltie, and so on.

The earliest Lhasa breed Standard, written toward the end of the 19th century, had this to say about color: 
"Colour. Black, dark grizzle, slate, sandy or a mixture of these colours with white." 

Notice where the color black falls on the list. 
Now take a look at the 1935 Standard regarding color:
"Golden, sandy, honey, dark grizzle, slate, smoke, parti-color, black, white or brown. This being the true Tibetan lion dog, golden or lion-like colors are preferred. Other colors in order as above. Dark tips to ears and beard are an asset."

Ooops! From that point on, a person showing any dog with coat color that was not in the "golden" range, could basically forget winning, especially if the coat color was black. Judges tended not to consider the dark colors even if the dog had the best structure and movement in the ring. 

Finally, a 1978 update to the Standard made this change: "All colors equally acceptable with or without dark tips to ears and beard."

That should have made things better for the black dogs, but so many of the judges had been used to the previous standard that it did not make much difference. That is not to say that black dogs were not shown. Some were and finished their championships. They certainly did, but it was still an uphill battle.

The 2019 Standard revision just says, "All colors equally acceptable." (That is true to a point. A liver-colored Lhasa cannot be shown because the Standard calls for black noses and pigment.)

In my opinion, things have gone better for the black Lhasas since the 1978 Standard. Many of  the old judges that had that color preference list burned into their brains have passed away or retired. The new judges as well as some elderly ones who keep up-to-date on changes are now ignoring color and putting up dogs for their structure and movement. Throughout our now 50 years of owning, showing, and breeding Lhasa Apsos, we have been fortunate enough to have shown many to their championships.

 Photos and Notes
As I said, we have owned, bred, purchased, and shown a lot of black dogs through the years. Those pictured below are only a few of them. Note that I have not organized them in chronological order. I did have time to list sires and dams, but you know that many of these dogs are related.

One of our earliest black dogs was Joyslyn's Othello. Call Name Telly. He was shown but never finished.

This dog is CH Joyslyn's Mirage (AKA Raj). Raj was shown in the 80's. Notice the length and outline.

This Lhasa, CH Joyslyn's Masquerade (AKA Bert) is a Raj son. He was shown in the 90's. My kids named him Bert because he was a chubby puppy and, at the time, Fat Albert was a favorite cartoon character.

 CH Joyslyn Mi Toya Escapade (Jordie) was a lovely black male bred by JoAnne Hays and me. 

This is CH Joyslyn Moon Shadow after he took Winners Dog at a National Specialty in 1992.

This is Oreo, Joyslyn's Leader of the Pack CGC RE NAP NJP. He was owned by Marsha Susag, MLS Dakota Lhasas. The letters behind his name stand for Canine Good Citizen, Rally Excellent, Novice Agility Preferred, Novice Jumpers with Weaves.

This is Cherry -- Sunshine's Black Cherry. I bought her from Mary Soto and later co-owned her with a friend who lived in CA.

I am proud of coming up with this dog's name. Her call name is Mira and her registered name is CH Karlyn Joyslyn Who's The Fairest. She was bred by Karen Schlais and Jan Graunke. Karen owed me a puppy back from a breeding and I chose Mira.

The litter that produced our Josh had 5 gold puppies and one black one. She was shown by then co-owner LaVonne Bennett and earned some single points and then went to Georgia to live with Janice and Gigi. This is Cinder, Joyslyn MLS Dakota Windy Winter Night Mon Ami. Here are two photos of Cinder. The first taken when she was a show dog. Gigi wrote, "...Cinder is my rock and comfort."
and Cinder wrote to say, “This is me in my Thunder Shirt! Aren’t I cute? But, of course, I’m not scared of any thunder!" then Gigi added "That’s a lie, but we manage unless it’s something ridiculous like 3:00 am."

CH Joyslyn JaMa Dancing By the Light of the Moon. Her call name is Luna. She was co-owned by Janet Whitman and me. She now lives with Molly L. This is a picture taken the day she earned her second major.

Here is GCH CH Joyslyn's Mystic Wind (AKA Mysti), a beautiful black female, owned by Deborah H.

This is GCH CH Joyslyn Beethoven Fifth West (AKA Beethoven), a beautiful black male, owned by Gwen W.

Beethoven was not the only beautiful dog born in that litter! Here is his litter brother, Chance, CH Joyslyn's Moon Shadows. I showed Chance to his championship and a year or so later found a pet home for him. Now he is back with us for a while. Sharon, his new owner, recently fell and broke her hip and is currently in rehab. She misses Chance and I am sure he misses her too. He is having to learn again how to be part of a pack while he is here.

Bekka, CH Joyslyn's Moonlight Beckons, was another of Beethoven and Chance's littermates. Bekka recently had her last litter and now lives in IN with Jerry and Judy R. Jerry recently wrote, "It's impossible not to love such a sweet creature as Bekka.  She spends mornings on our bed before we get up and most days curled up at my feet...she is indeed integrating and adapting to our household."

Judy L. owns 4 of our Lhasas, 3 are black. This is Joyslyn's Midnight Confessions, better known as Whisper. Judy bought Whisper when she was 9 months old.

Here is Whisper's litter sister, Raven, CH Joyslyn's Midnight Enchantment. Raven was a super show girl. She had a couple litters then went to live in the CA desert with Judy and Whisper.

Judy also owns Gus, who has his own FB page and followers. CH Joyslyn's Dancing with Gusto Spitz.

When friend Marilyn Lucas passed away, many of us stepped forward to help her husband find homes for her Lhasas. I bought Shadow at that time. Her registered name is CH Cozmos Chiennoir. She now lives with Jill K., who also owns our GCH CH Joyslyn's Heartbreaker, who is not pictured in this blog because he is not black!

This is Shadow's daughter, CH Joyslyn's Onyx. Like the other Joyslyn's girls, after having puppies, Onyx went to a new home in IN with Judy G. Judy is training her for rally and agility trials. Here are pictures of "Nyx" as a show dog and as a rally/agility dog in training.

Meet Jimmy, Joyslyn Golden Tu Mon Ami Inka Dinka Doo. Jimmy started out great guns as a show dog, then decided he did not want to be a show dog, so he is living happily with a family in a pet home. We were all so sad when Jimmy decided not to show. Just look at this picture of him moving! That boy could cover ground!

Meet Nelson, who was co-bred by LaVonne Bennett and me. CH Mon Ami N Joyslyn Dark Winter Winds. He earned his championship when he was still a puppy!

My newest show girl is 5 months old: Ebony (Joyslyn's Night Wind). She will make her debut later this month in the 4-6 beginner puppy class at the show in Louisville. At the end of the month, she will be old enough to compete for points in the 6-9 month class.

This is Duncan, Ebony's litter brother, owned by Lisa A. from MI. He is decked out for St. Patrick's Day! Both Duncan and Ebony have black and tan markings, but his are more noticeable than hers.

These next two dogs are the "twins" owned by Kris and Nanda S. They are full brother and sister, both Josh X Bekka kids, just born in different litters. The first dog pictured is the oldest, TY (Joyslyn's Will Work for Food). The second is of Gigi (Joyslyn's Sweet Moon Macaron). And the third is just one I could not resist posting. Nanda wrote about Ty and his new sister Gigi: "Two words: BEST FRIENDS! It finally happened! Best friends overnight!"

 Pam and Paul F. also bought two puppies from us, about a year apart. Both were bottle-raised by my husband. Thank God for his patience! The first picture is of Lil One (Joyslyn's Lil One) and the second of Josie (Joyslyn's Isabella Fink). Most of us have multiple names for our dogs and so do Pam and Paul. Paul wrote 
about their two black Lhasas, saying that they also call Josie: "Jo Jo and Goofball" and that Little One has the nicknames of  "Squirt, Squirt Meister, Buddles, Fruitcake and Mr. Wiggles."

Meet Lucky (Lucky Flash), whose owners Ted and Evelyn drove all the way from Canada to buy him and take him back home! Ted wrote, "This is Lucky now a year older and accepting that he is  going to be 11 years old at the end of April. As he gets older he seems to be more intelligent as he picks up more and more words and commands. Always full of energy and a lot of fun. As mentioned in the past---knock 20 years off of our ages and we would definitely be taking the drive to Macomb to pick up another Lhasa.

Lori M. owns the handsome Finn (Joyslyn's Fionn Mac Cumhaill). Irish by way of Tibet!

Mickey wrote about their Biddy. ("Biddy Monaghan Moriaty"-- Another Irish Lhasa!) "She is wearing a shamrock scarf. Biddy already to celebrate St.Patrick's Day...She had 6 teeth pulled a few weeks ago. She fractured teeth & loosened teeth chewing on the antler bones I gave her to chew. Her teeth were really clean, but the vet said those bones do more harm than good. She is doing fine & doesn't miss the teeth, but we miss her bottom front teeth. Lesson learned."  

(I learned that lesson also with one of my dogs who loves chew hooves. He is so bummed that he cannot have them anymore.)

Karen S. sent this picture of her Cooper.

Judy B. wrote about Zoie (Joyslyn's Joy of Zoie): "She is so loving and loyal. She is so very smart. I am sending some pictures so you can see how much she has grown. She is really a wonderful watchdog. She loves people after she knows that they belong in the house.  We are so lucky to have her!"

Dianna wrote about Miika, "Here are 2 pics of Miika  (Miika’s Midnight Roadtrip). One pic she was just running around the house playing really hard and jumped on the couch ready to go again and her ear hair is over her face. Normally she flips one ear backwards, as if she’s trying to tuck her hair behind her ear.  The other pic is her enjoying her favorite place on our camper. She Loves Camping!! Her favorite place to be is outdoors. Even in the winter. Sometimes she doesn’t want to come back indoors. Goofy Girl!   Her full name, Miika’s Midnight Roadtrip, still reminds me of that crazy long drive to your house after our Waze app sent us the LONG way to your house.  LOL  SO glad we made it and got her! I’ll never forget the trip to your house. If my daughter hadn’t ridden with me, I may have crashed on your couch. (just kidding) ...

I just adore Miika!  We had a lhasa prior to Miika, so she has some “big paws” to fill. In some aspects she has a long way to go and in other aspects she’s completely surpassed them. She really is my shadow and my comic relief! She’s still such a sweet dog, she’s a little food-protective but other than that, so very sweet. She still loves to give hugs and loves to fetch her rope-bone and any ball that happens to be nearby."

This is Bernie, "Joyslyn's Bernie I Dream of Jeannie Seltzer," who is owned by Judy S. and Robert S. Bernie and his people have set up a library for 2nd graders. Bernie's Book Club. Each month each child in the classroom gets a new book to take home. The object is to increase literacy skills and build home libraries. The kids love Bernies Book Club and Bernie! They bought him a collar so he would not get lost.

Introducing Sparkles  (Light of My Life), owned by Deborah M. De
borah wrote about Sparkles, "She is adorable and amazing. She is such a sweetie. Walks well on leash, good with the grandkids and LOVES to cuddle. Good eater but has nice body proportions and beautiful coat. Very friendly little dog."

If you follow this blog, this next dog is no stranger to you. It's Jaxon! Known to AKC as "Joslyn's I'm A Yooper Now Jaxon." Jaxon is black and tan and has a beautiful coat. Since it is black dog day, we're missing out on seeing Ginger, also a Joyslyn's Lhasa, but not a black one.

Kathleen M. wrote about her Beau Jangles, "He is the sweetest and most loving of all my Lhasas." Meet Beau Jangles ("Jocelyn's Beau Jangles").

Maryanne wrote about Minako: "She still gets so nervous... Minako is beautiful and we have kept her in long coat. Hopefully we can breed her and champion out one of her puppies."
This is Minako (Joyslyn Mon Ami Minako La Clair De Lune).

Alicia wrote, "Here is a picture of Quimby who we have had since early 2017. Also known as the Great Quimbino or Silver Butt Gorilla." Alicia also has a Joyslyn's gold Lhasa named Edison. 

From Sharon F. "What a great idea to showcase all the black Lhasas. I am so thankful that you matched us with Gemma, she has been an absolute joy. I love reading your blog and enjoy seeing all the adorable pups.
Our girl turns 3yrs old in June and I don’t know where the time has gone. Her AKC registered name suits her perfectly, Joyslyn’s Precious Jewel. Of course, around the neighborhood she’s just Gemma. Thanks again for our sweet girl she’s been a wonderful addition to our family." Meet Gemma, "Joyslyn’s Precious Jewel."

I think that ends the Black Lhasa Project photos and comments. It turned out to be a big job, and I hope I did not miss anyone who sent a photo in. If I did, let me know! If you have one of our black Lhasas and wish you would have been part of this project, send in a picture, your dog's call name and registered name. I'll be happy to post them next month.

Hey What About Us??

I did receive photos from people who did not know I had a black dog project in the works. I don't want to forget to thank them also and to post their pictures. Gold Lhasas are great also!

Maggie S.wrote about Finley, "I just wanted to update you that sweet Finley is doing so great! She is the sweetest puppy! We couldn’t love her more and are excited to celebrate her first birthday soon. Here are some pictures. Thanks again for bringing her into our lives!

Judy L wrote about Lippy's birthday announced on the radio and sent me the recording. "Lippy made it on the radio today. He gets mentioned about 30 seconds in…

The other DJ who says, ”I took that one and I know who she is…”. Referring to me. He knows that Lippy is a dog. Lippy and I stopped by the radio station on my way to drop off Lippy for his neutering. 
So fun to have Lippy’s birthday on the radio today!!  I hope you enjoy the recording." I did enjoy it! I even played it twice!

Doreen about Henry, "Hi Joyce-quick pic of Henry at 5 months with his big bro. He is gorgeous…I’d forgotten the baby Lhasa personality 😜He makes us laugh every day with his attitude..but he’s also a big lover. These two are inseparable…no denying though who runs the show….hint:he weighs about 10 pounds 😎"

Jim sent this picture of Daisy and wrote that she is being wonderful with their new baby.

Paula sent this picture of her Elenor and wrote: "Oh yes she is loved beyond words. I tell everyone that I waited two years on the wait list and 15 years for her and she is just what I needed."

Maggie C. sent this photo of Mila.
My dogs love those fluffy beds! If your dog does not have one, you might look into getting one. So snuggly!!

Show Results
Rusty and I went to two show weekends is February. We did one day only the first weekend because he had not been in a show since he earned his championship in February of 2021. He did okay for being rusty (pardon the pun). We next went to two days in Madison, WI. The first day he showed well in both the regular class and the Owner-handled group. The second day you would have thought he'd never been to a show. My dogs keep me humble and my computer teaches me patience.

A Busy March
I am trying to catch up on the chores I can because from mid-March on I'll be at shows each weekend. The 4 day show in Louisville will be an adventure for me. I have not been there for 7 years! That is from the 16th-19th. Then it is home, hurry and do house chores and prepare for the show in Maquoketa the following weekend. Finally, the 4-day show in Manitowoc, WI. I'm planning on only 3 days because I will just have Ebony and she does not need to be shown all 4 days. Also  that Sunday is Palm Sunday and I need to be in church!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
the rains fall soft upon your fields,
and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

That's it for now! I hope you enjoyed the photos!