Monday, August 28, 2017

Latest Puppy Pictures, Sad News

Time flies, no doubt. I have been terribly busy at work, at home with the usual chores, and at home with the puppies and their moms. I'm hoping I'll finally be able to rest by the end of October. I have some photos of cute puppies to share this week. Apologies that some photos are not the best quality. We were crunched for time. Some puppies had just finished eating or drinking so faces are damp. Some were wakened for the photos and just weren't in the mood to look cute.

Josh x Shadow Puppies - 6 Weeks Old

Finn - 6 weeks

Georgie - 6 weeks

Grady - 6 weeks

Lacy - 6 weeks

Lucy - 6 weeks
How can I describe them? Curious. Playful. Noisy! Into everything. Happy. Sweet.



Rafe x Kimmi Puppies - 5 Weeks Old

Daisy - 5 weeks

Hunter - 5 weeks

Miles - 5 weeks

Copper - 5 weeks


Winslow x Luna Puppies - 3 Weeks Old

Two males - 3 weeks

Female - 3 weeks

Left: Male, Right: Female - 3 weeks



Sharing Sad News 

"A flower bloomed already wilting. Beginning its life with an early ending." ~ R.J. Gonzales 

Honey - 4 weeks - last photo

I am beside myself with sorrow, but felt I was obligated to share the sad news that one of Rafe and Kimmi’s puppies passed away Saturday night. We are not sure, but we surmise that she was injured on Wednesday evening by Kimmi jumping up and down in the pen that houses her and the puppies. I was later than usual getting home, and Kimmi was more than eager to get outside to potty. She was excitedly jumping up and down as she saw me coming into the room. I heard a puppy squeal but when I examined each, everyone seemed okay. None cried excessively as I poked and prodded to see if anyone was in pain. However, the next morning the little girl was very lethargic. It was obvious that she had not nursed as she seemed quite dehydrated. We went to the vet clinic, where she received fluids. She refused to nurse, so I fed her with a dropper and she seemed to be rallying a bit each day, but that was just me seeing what I wanted to believe I guess. Evidently there was an internal injury. ??? I don’t know, of course, but it is just so sad. Even though all the other puppies are active and cute and playful, I still morn for that little sweetie that we called "Honey."  RIP little girl.

Naturally, after all these years of raising puppies, I have had other sad experiences. Sometimes things just do not go as planned, accidents happen, illness happens. Fortunately they do not happen often — but to me, even once is too much.

That's all for this week.


P.S. For some reason, I have been having problems publishing people's comments. I receive them but when I click "publish" they are not showing up. Sorry! All I can say is thanks for commenting and that someday when I have more time track down what's wrong, I'll try to fix that!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Just Puppy Pictures!! So Cute

I returned home this evening from a show in Marshfield, WI. The only dog I took was Onyx so she and I had a couple bonding days when she had me all to herself for a change. She took Reserve Winners Bitch on Saturday and Winners Bitch today (1 point). Then we chatted with friends for a while, loaded up the car, and drove 7 hours home.

After the car was unloaded, husband and dogs greeted, puppies gushed over, and a load of laundry thrown in the washer, I took a look at my email and saw a lot of messages that basically said, "When are you going to post puppy pictures again?"

So we quickly took some photos tonight and here you go....Enjoy!

Josh and Shadow's Puppies - age 5 weeks

The two black girls

Dark gold male

If he looks wet, it's because he was playing in the water bowl!!

Light gold male

Rafe and Kimmi's Puppies - Age almost 4 weeks

One of the girls :-)

Another girl




Winslow and Luna's Puppies - Age 2 weeks

The two girls

2 boys

The third boy

Life is Better When You Have a Lhasa to Love You!




Sunday, August 13, 2017

Puppy Pictures and Some Other Stuff

There are not nearly enough candles on that cake, but this is my birthday week, so "Happy Birthday to me" and, as Larry Lorenzoni pointed out, "Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest." Therefore, I plan to enjoy one of my special and favorite days of the year! I am a Leo and proud of it!

In the last post I wrote about Rafe's son, Cooper, winning his first major at the West Bend show. LaVonne, Cooper's breeder and owner, sent me this photo of his win.

LaVonne also sent the photo taken at the show where Misti earned her Grand Championship title.

Misti is the daughter of Cinder, who is a full sister to Josh. LaVonne and I co-bred and co-own her. Congrats again on both dogs' wins.

Speaking of Cinder, she is happy in her new home in Georgia. One of her new owners recently sent an update: "I cannot tell you how much joy this little girl has given me. She knew as soon as we got her I was the one with the broken heart and she is relentless in staying right with me. While she loves and enjoys Janice, she’s made it clear that I’m hers...We are having some “belongingness” jockeying now that Cinder is sleeping with me, although occasionally Raven joins her. (See pictures – that’s Raven in the background.) She, Raven and Mazie are playing more often, and the “Choir” performs at least once a day. It amazes me that all three are always in the same key, and while Mazie is the instigator, they all stop at the same time as if a conductor directed them. How do they do that? …Cinder is everything I could have hoped for and more. She certainly fulfills your tag line because my life is certainly better with a Lhasa to love me! Obviously, we don’t function well without a Lhasa and a Scottie!

Here is the photo of Cinder sleeping with her Scottie friend.

Sarah sent some photos and an update on Mick, who is a Josh and Luna son. "Mick is so friendly.  He wants to meet everyone--human or otherwise.  The trainer in his class said he is much friendlier and more outgoing for a Lhasa, that we almost have to try to reign it in just a little bit.  He sometimes gets distracted when training and would rather go [to] people (especially little children) or other dogs when they walk by than the treats we offer him to get him to focus and do what we are working on with him.  He is still doing really well!  The trainer said he has a show dog walk. We are so proud of and know we are so blessed to have our Mick, and were delighted to get his AKC papers.  Katie had me take a picture of the envelope she decorated when we sent in his application and asked me to send it to you.  Really sweet, huh? Mick is such a good boy...He still likes sleeping on his back like he did when he was so tiny and still with you.  Also, when he lies down on his tummy, he often lies with his back legs stretched out behind him, frequently in a crossed position.  He pays attention to things on t.v. more than any dog we have ever had. Also, when he goes outside...he is always not only looking around, but also up all over in the trees...He still stretches like a cat, raising his back up in a high arch, then often bowing low...He is so cute, and he is just wonderful and sweet and smart too!"

And here is the cutest envelope that AKC probably ever received! Katie drew some super images of Mick and his parents.

Puppy News! (and photos)

 “When you feel lousy, puppy therapy is indicated.” ~ Sara Paretsky

As you might imagine, things are busy around here with all the puppies. They are getting cuter each day. Here are the most recent photos.

These photos are from the litter born on July 16. The sire is Josh. The dam is Shadow. This litter is now 4 weeks old.

These are the "twins" - two black females.  I have to look closely at the white to tell them apart.

The darker gold male

The black male with white markings

The lighter gold male
The next set of photos is of the litter born on July 25. The sire is Rafe. The dam is Kimmi. They are now 19 days old.

One of the two females - she doesn't miss a meal!

The other female

One of the boys

Another of the boys

The  third boy. He was asleep and refused to wake up for the photo! It's as good as we could get of him.

A surprise this week was when Luna went into labor 6 days early! Thank goodness I was home from work that day. Like Shadow and Kimmi, Luna had five puppies. Like the other two girls she also had three males and two females. Here is a photo of the puppies at age 6 days. There are 4 black puppies and one white puppy with gold markings. soon as I saw her, I named her Dottie!

Below are photos of the puppies' sires and dams.

July 16 litter:
BIS-OH GCHB CH Joyslyn MLS Dakota Wind Breaker (Josh)

CH Cozmos Chiennoir (Shadow)

 July 25 litter:
GCH CH Joyslyn's Inherit The Wind (Rafe)

CH Joyslyn's Heart Song (Kimmi)

August 7 litter:
CH Mon Ami's Late Night Shadow (Winslow)

CH Joyslyn Ja-Ma Dancing By The Light Of The Moon (Luna)

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Please understand that most of the puppies have already been reserved, so please don't consider my posting the photos weekly as any type of "Puppies for Sale" advertising. If you were on my waiting list, I have either contacted you already or will contact you in the coming week.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your week and never forget


Life is Better When You Have a Lhasa to Love You!