Sunday, April 10, 2022

Joyce! It's about Time!!

 I know, I know...It has been over a month since I posted anything except those puppy pictures. we go with some news, some pictures, and some fun.

Indeed April does! Around here we have had rain, snow showers, and high winds. No flowers though. I think March came in a month late!

Today, April 10 is evidently National Hug Your Dog Day. Actually for all of us dog lovers, that's an everyday thing, but it's nice someone made it a national occasion.

I also noticed that today is the beginning of National Dog Bite Prevention Week. And, in honor of that, I am sharing a link to one of my favorite articles by Vicki DeGra: Angel Days and Devil Days - Teaching Bite Inhibition to Puppies. I always recommend it to my puppy buyers and always hope they read it!

Show News and Puppy Pictures
I've been to two show weekends since I last wrote a blog update. Pearl and I went to a show in Maquoketa, IA. She was the only class entry of either sex so basically our weekend added up to an expensive training class, but it was worth it as she was prepared for the show in Manitowoc, WI, the following week. I got home on Sunday evening from IA and was repacked and on the road again Wednesday morning for WI.

The WI show was 4 days and for 3 of those days Pearl did well, taking Reserve Winners Bitch to the 4-point majors two of those 3 days over adult bitches. By Sunday, though, she was done! We walked into the ring, she took one side-long look at the judge, and I knew it was not going to be our day! It wasn't!

Sally (dog mom of Ginger and Jaxon) came from her home in MI to Manitowoc to see Pearl and me do our thing in the show ring.

Here is what she wrote about the experience: "I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to show me around at the dog show and explain what was going on and how the judging goes. My main reason for going was to see you and Pearl in the show ring and the other Lhasas too. When I got there I couldn't believe all the beautiful dogs! The grooming area was great and it made me smile walking through and seeing all the dogs getting washed, dried, and brushed for their show. As I watched everyone I saw excited handlers and owners who were proud to show off their well-trained dogs. One thing I know for sure it is A LOT of work! And then after all that work you don't really know if the judge will see what you see! After I saw all the beautiful Lhasas I got mine to the groomer right away 🙂 I felt  lucky to see the top Lhasa from Hawaii ~ so beautiful and perfect!  I honestly appreciate more than you know your generosity with your time while getting Pearl ready to show. My visit to the dog show turned out to be really fun experience! I'll be keeping track of how Pearl does in her future shows as she is so adorable and a winner in my book 🙂 I wouldn't rule out seeing another show at some point."

I'm glad Sally had a good time and I was happy to see the grownup Ginger and Jaxon in person. I am proud to be their breeder!

If you ever hear there is a dog show in your area, take time to go and watch the judging. There are so many beautiful breeds competing. I will try to let you know where I plan to go so you can visit if you live near and have time. I do know Pearl and I will be in Davenport, IA, from May 12-15. If any of you think you want to attend, let me know and I'll send information about where and when the Lhasas are showing.

What is keeping both Lynn and me busy these days are our two litters totaling 13 puppies! It was not so bad until the moms decided to wean those puppies and turned the feeding and poop clean-up over to me. Also, the other day we had a toenail clipping "party." You do the math: 13 puppies each having 18 toenails. A good time was had by all (except one and she only cried once!)

Here are the latest photos of the Archie and Millie puppies at age 6 weeks. The first 3 are of the males, followed by their 4 sisters. All these puppies have been reserved.

Josh x Autumn had 2 boys and 4 girls. This is a repeat breeding of the one that produced our CH Joyslyn's Embrace The Wind (Emmy), who earned her championship at age 10 months. 

Here are the puppy photos at age 5 weeks. Of these 5, one male and one female have not yet been reserved, so if you are reading this and longing for a puppy, get in touch.

If you are counting, you know someone is missing! Some of you already know that there was one very very tiny puppy in the litter (Lynn named her Minnie for obvious reasons). Lynn has been bottle feeding every two hours for the last 5 weeks. She was born weighing 2.7 ounces. We thought for sure she would not make it, but so far she has been a surviver! This morning she was up to 9.7 ounces (still far, far behind her siblings). We are proud of her progress. She is not very photogenic yet, but here is her 5-week picture too. 

 These People Are Celebrating 50 Years 
on April 15!


Christmas 2021

Notes and Photos from Others

From Bob and Jody: "Hi Joyce & Lynn, "Bernie is 6 months old today. We can’t thank you enough for him! He is a sweet little guy.
He has had two chiropractic adjustments (he loves them) and 3 grooming appts. He gets along well with all dogs and people he has met so far. He lives to play catch. And is over 15 pounds-fits into Buster’s harness now. He makes our day! 
I’m waiting on my copy of Corrupted Souls to arrive-can’t wait!
Hope you are enjoying retirement. The dog shows must start up again soon."

From Debi: "Hi Joyce, "Hope all is well and hope you had a nice time at your dog show with Pearl.  The new puppies are all adorable!
Lacey is doing well.  I can't say enough how much of a joy she is!  She is so sweet and makes us laugh every day!  We call her our little ferret because she still loves to steal anything she can.  I am sending you a picture of her stealing my grandson's cup off
of his little table. It's the perfect height for her.  At first we thought it was stuck on her face, but it wasn't.  She just had it covering her nose, lol. 
We have to keep our bathroom doors closed or she will pull all of the toilet paper off the roll in a flash!
She was starting to show fear of other dogs, so we take her to doggie daycare once a week.  Now she loves to play with other dogs, so much that when I took her to her first obedience class she was disappointed she couldn't play with the other dogs.  She did well though.
I think she is going through her coat change.  She started getting mats almost out of the blue.  I had just got the #1 systems spray I saw you had posted about on your blog.  It worked well.  I felt so bad for her because it took me about an hour to get all the mats out, they were close to the skin and she was so patient!  I brush her daily, but maybe I wasn't doing it well enough.  Her coat is so thick and I have kept it quite long because it is
so beautiful!  I am hoping I have a handle on it now, so far so good.
I sent some pictures with this e-mail.  One is of when we took a walk with our grandchildren on the 1st 70 degree day of the year, and stopped at the park.  I was holding Lacey because she got a little afraid of some other children that were screaming.  It got extremely windy toward the end of the day and both Lacey and my hair were blowing in our faces."

From Nanda: "Sometimes Ty likes to let us know how he feels about reality tv. 😂😍"

She also sent this photo. What a shame that boy has no toys! LOL

From Michele P.: "Hi Joyce and Lynn, Apologies for not forwarding photos of Trinket in a timely fashion. Trinket was 3 on March 30th and celebrated her birthday at the Huntley Vet. Office on that day by having her annual physical. We always follow your blog and really enjoy the photos and comments from you and your clients. Trinket has such a wonderful personality and disposition and is loved by everyone.  Thanks to you and you're long history as a prominent breeder and judge.I do promise to send more photos.  She was just groomed and has an unusually thick coat therefore I have been trying to maintain a medium length coat in between the grooming appointments.Thank you for helping me select the most perfect dog.
Love your blog! "

From Jim: "Hi Joyce, daisy is going to be a big sis! We are expecting. I hope that daisy learns to love the baby quickly!"

Congrats Jim, Christina, and Daisy!

Michelle H. wrote: "We bought a chair for our Grandson Connor but Sunny seems to think it’s pretty comfy!" 

She also sent also a photo of Sunny watching over the baby Isla. Good boy, Sunny!

Kathy wrote: "Hi Joyce, We wanted to let you see what Bandit looks like at 61/2 months. He’s had 1 puppy cut and two hair cuts so far. After the last groom he didn’t have much color left They cut it really short. He’s still a puppy, a bundle of energy....He’s not one to sit in our laps, not yet anyway. We are thinking he may need some training as he doesn’t want to come when called, especially if he’s outside. He’s been a great addition to our family, he’s keeping us young!😊 ...Have you had any new puppies? I notice that a lot of people are looking for that breed, so I’m sure you would have homes for all that are born. Hope all is well with you and your family."

Larry sent this:

Hippity Hoppity Easter's On Its Way!

We have grandsons ages 7 and 5 so each holiday I try to find some cute kid-friendly jokes to send them. Here are a few that are going in their Easter cards (along with $ for treats).

Why shouldn't you tell an Easter egg a joke?
It might crack up!

What do you call a mischievous Easter egg?
A practical yolk-er!

Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Sherwood who?
Sherwood like to wish you Happy Easter!

That said, I hope you and your loved ones have a blessed Easter!

Until next time...