Tuesday, November 1, 2022

November -- National Gratitude Month!


Well, another month gone. I hope October was a good month for you all. It was a gorgeous month here as the trees were sporting and showing off their leaves in all their glory. I did not take as many pictures as I should have to capture the bright reds, oranges, and yellows.
I am glad I took the pictures I did because the next day it rained and the leaves lost all their vibrant colors.

We spent a lot of time taking care of puppies (pictures toward the end of the blog) and I spent time at shows with Pearl. She and I went to a show in Freeport, IL where she earned two more points toward her championship (now she just needs 4 more points) and she also took a National Owner Handled Series Group 2. Here is a picture taken of her with her pretty rosette. (I know I posted it last month!)

Of course, a lot of planning and packing went into the preparations for going to the American Lhasa Apso Club National Specialty, held this year in St. Louis. It was really nice not to have to drive very far for a change!
My friend LaVonne shared the ride with me to the National. Here is a picture of some of the things we had to find room for in my back seat and trunk. The trunk was already full of crates, exercise pens, ringside tables, a grooming table, and other things Pearl might need! We got it all in though!

I had "don't forget" notes all over the place and still managed to leave a couple things behind!

Unfortunately, Pearl did not win any points during that week. We had fun anyway. It was great to see friends and their Lhasas from around  the country again.

Gwen came to show Mozart, a daughter of Archie and Millie, who showed in the 6-9 puppy class. They did a good job and Mozart did better and better each day.

I was happy to see my friend Marsha, who lives in North Dakota. We only get to see each other during National Week and this year she was not sure she was going to attend. Fortunately, she did!!

Friends and former puppy buyers Kathy, Marilyn, Janet and Mike visited us when we were showing at the Lhasa National Specialty. It was great to see them again! Kathy and Marilyn have come to the National in the past when it was near to their homes. It was a first time for Janet and Mike. Many thanks to the four of them for being there to support us and to watch all the Lhasas show. To see that many Lhasas together in one place is indeed a grand sight! 
Janet and Mike own Pebbles Grace, a litter sister to our Millie. Janet wrote, "Just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed the show today… You are such a wonderful person and it seems like everyone else is warm and friendly. (OH how could they not be they all love LHASAS). You and Pearl both looked so beautiful today while showing.  I hope you finished your day with WINS."  
(Well, we didn't win anything but we still had fun!) Here is a photo she took of us.
Here we are in the line-up for Winners Bitch (3rd from the left.)

At the Awards Banquet, pins were presented to members who had been members for ALAC for 25 years or more. Below is the picture of those of us who received the 45 year pins.

Next year our National will be at Purina Farms, Gray Summit, MO, in September.

Notes and Photos from Others 
As usual, I want to share the many notes and photos I have received from our puppy buyers.
Stephanie wrote about Auggie at Halloween: "Auggie, my little lobster, just wanted to drop in and say hello!  The photo is a little out of focus, but he was an ever-moving target.  I have to say, he's the cutest little lobster I've ever seen!"

The Johnson family sent this note and photos of Snickers. "Hope you and your family are well. Also your amazing Lhasa’s. 
I walked in the door from the garage and was calling Snickers but didn’t see him as he comes running. I walked thru the kitchen and nothing then I turned around and there he was with his toy. He is just the most amazing and such a loving dog to each of us.   I’m sure your ears ring as they say as we think of you and say how lucky we are to have you and him in our lives. We wanted to send you these pictures!!  He loves caring his toys around."

Paula wrote about Eleanor: "She's so smart, sassy and literally perfect❤️...Thankful for you Joyce. We love her so much"

Sheila wrote about Bogey and sent photos. "Still loving him, the best dog ever. He went to training for a month and is now even better behaved than before." "We are so thankful for you and lucky he is part of our family."

Michele wrote, "I thought I would share a recent photo of Trinket straight from the groom shop. She always feels so silky and soft plus the hair is nice and straight.We are both fine and looking forward to some cooler weather especially with the longer coat. We always receive lots of compliments from people when we leave the groom shop as to how beautiful she is. We always read your blog end enjoy comments and photos from your customers and especially love how they embrace this wonderful breed. Stay well."

Jacob and Alexa sent these photos of their Harley.

Ginny sent this photo and wrote, "Buddies❤️Maple and Cayenne, our rescue, who deals with blindness and health issues. Living their best life together."

And another of Maple exploring the fall decor on the deck.

Sally wrote, "I'm including a couple photos of my doggies.... they are doing wonderful. The best dogs ever ❤️I'm so thankful for them every day."

Jill owns two dogs she got from us as adults. She wrote, "Have had Shadow 5 years and Breaker 1 year. They are the gifts that keep on giving."
Ruth wrote this about Dani: "She has really turned into a sweet dog.  If she wants something and your back is to her she taps you on the leg with her paw. One night she tapped me on the leg. I turned around and she was standing there with the little blanket you had made.  I always held her on my lap with that blanket when she was small so I put her on that blanket on my lap and she was happy!  She lets me know when she wants to go to bed every night and goes into her crate with her snuggle puppy and the pink elephant you gave her. She was so afraid of the crate when I got her I never thought I would see the day she wanted to go in it.  It definitely is her safe place."
Nanda sent a photo of Ty, who is evidently a fan of my husband's books!

Celina wrote: "Hello from Dora! She also wants to send her littermates, including Emmy, a happy belated birthday! She celebrated with a cupcake on the 8th. This was her yesterday on Halloween. A little scruffy from the humidity and drizzling after walking, but happy to be celebrating the day! It wasn’t easy to get a pic of her with the hat, but my mother Teresa captured her beautifully. Hope everybody is enjoying autumn and happy holidays ahead!"

Many thanks to all who sent notes and pictures. We enjoy getting them and seeing how the dogs have grown. And I love sharing them on the blog. Here are photos of our puppies.

Other Stuff
1. Dog showing is not the only thing AKC supports. Here is a new AKC title you and your dog can achieve,https://www.akc.org/sports/akc-family-dog-program/akc-fit-dog/akc-fit-dog-titles/
2. From the Lhasa Apso Standard regarding Hindquarters: "Well-developed rear assembly. Angulation of hindquarters should be in balance with forequarters to provide equal reach and drive. Legs - Heavily furnished with hair. Hocks - Well let down, set slightly behind the point of buttocks, perpendicular to the ground and turn neither in nor out. Feet - Same as forefeet."
3. Celebrate this month of gratitude by counting your blessings and reaching out in kindness to others.
4."What if they are not stars but holes poked in the top of the container so we can breathe?" (Seen on a T-shirt!)

Thanks for reading the blog!