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"There abideth three things: Faith, Hope, and Love; and the greatest of these is Love." ~ 1 Corinthians 13:13

Happy February everybody! We think of February as Valentine month but there are also many other celebrations this month. We know it is Black History Month and Presidents' Day Month, as well. In Illinois, we celebrate (if you can call it that) Lincoln's birthday. Here are some celebrations you might want to consider also:
14th - Library Lovers Day
18th - National Drink Wine Day
22nd - National Margarita Day
26th - Tell A Fairy Tale Day
Whatever you decide to celebrate this month, have a good one!

I've been hibernating this month and did not emerge to see or not see my shadow! 

Actually, I have been focused on getting the new puppy, Ebony, ready for the spring shows. She will soon be 5 months old so I'd like to enter her in some of the AKC Beginner Puppy classes before she is 6 months old and ready for the regular classes. She and Rusty have been going to training classes in Peoria on Monday nights. They don't start until 8 PM, so the drive home is a long one!

This is Ebony (Joyslyn's Night Wind), taken last month.

Since we are in the process of training her, not only for the show ring, but also for the very important process of being groomed, I thought I would share with you an article I wrote about training a puppy for grooming.

Training for Grooming

by Joyce Johanson

Regular grooming is a necessity if you plan to keep your Lhasa Apso's coat free of mats and tangles. Therefore it is necessary to teach your Lhasa puppy--when he is young and before he really requires a lot of brushing--to accept grooming as part of his routine.

First teach him to lie on his side or back while he is being brushed. So many of the trouble spots for mats, such as the insides of the legs, the chest, the "arm"pits, and the stomach, are difficult to reach unless the Lhasa is on his back or side.

Begin your grooming training as soon as you get your puppy. Hold him on his back on your lap and gently rub his tummy until he relaxes. It's best to do this during the puppy's quiet time and not when he is full of boundless energy and wants to play.

Even though the puppy has little coat to brush at this age, accustom him to the feel of the brush by using a small pin brush to groom his legs, feet, chest and stomach. Then allow him to lie on his stomach, sit, or stand while you brush his sides, neck, head, and face. Constantly reassure him and praise him when he is still. Be sure to tell him how gorgeous he looks when the grooming is done.

Keep these sessions short. Their purpose is to familiarize the puppy with the routine of grooming and the feel of the brush.

Of course, not all puppies tolerate lying on their backs or sides and cooperating with you. At times you will be amazed at how stubborn and strong a puppy can be when he is determined not to lie on his back! Be persistent and patient. Do not strike the puppy. You are training him for future grooming sessions that both you and he should come to enjoy. Don't spoil the future by letting your temper flare when the puppy gets uncooperative.

Some puppies will try to convince you that you are "killing" them by making them lie on their backs. Don't be taken in by a con artist. These same puppies are the ones that you will later find sleeping soundly on their backs in their crates with all four legs spread wide.

Once the puppy accepts lying on his back or side, move him from your lap to a grooming table. The transition may cause some regression in the puppy's behavior since he may feel less secure on a table than he felt on your lap. Again, be persistent and firm. Don't be abusive, but insist on the behavior you want.

From the age of six months on, your Lhasa puppy will need grooming on a regular basis. That's when your early training sessions begin to pay off. Depending on your puppy's coat texture and stage of development, mats and tangles will begin to develop behind the ears and on his underside. You're in for a terrible ordeal if you have not taught your puppy what grooming is all about. Sometimes it hurts when mats are taken out. Sometimes you need to use both hands to loosen the mat and remove, and if you have to hold the puppy down, try to reach one of those hard-to-get-at mats, and remove the mat all at the same time, you are in for an unpleasant grooming session. Neither you nor your puppy will enjoy it. And, for the puppy at least, the unpleasant experience will be remembered the next time and the struggle will begin again.

Both you and your Lhasa will enjoy the grooming sessions which will be so much of your lives if you take time now to teach the puppy what is expected of him when it comes time for grooming. The younger you start, the more accepting the puppy will be. The old sayings about an "ounce of prevention" and a "stitch in time" may be trite but they are certainly true in this situation.

Please note: Permission to reproduce and/or circulate information in this article is granted. However, the article must be disseminated in its entirety and credit must be given to Joyce Johanson, Joyslyn's Lhasa Apsos. Thanks!

That article, as well as many others, is available at

Notes and Photos from Others

Each month's blog reminds readers that "Life is Better When You Have A Lhasa to Love You." What follows are notes and photos from people who have Joyslyn's Lhasas to love them. Thanks to those of you who took time to write and share photos of the Lhasas you love in return!

Mark sent this photo of Lili and Yo-Yo and wrote, "Lili I think is 12 ? Yoyo was 2 In September, IDK time flies. They are both still a hilarious pair, I feel like I have two teenage daughters, Lili is still the dainty princess that has to sniff and delicately decide if she is going to take her treat (The same dried Liva Snap ever time), and Yoyo is the total opposite that scarfs it down .They are such good company for each other, they constantly growl and bicker at each other, a 20x a day occurrence. When one gets a little more attention from Mary our cleaning lady, they get a bit jealous, and can get into a bit of a scuffle, the sound of my or Collins voice puts a stop to that quickly (of course they have Mary totally buffaloed, she gives them treats all day) . Yoyo still has an overbearing  puppy personality that gets her in trouble. she has been a bit more trying than the others LOL."

Stephanie wrote about Augie: "I finally chose Auggie's registered name, Joyslyn's Forest Frolicker.  I thought that was more appropriate than Joyslyn's Bouncy, Trouncy, Flouncy, Pouncy, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun - Auggie!  (which is what I really wanted to use)  haha.  It still has a spirit of his Tigger-like bounces, which he is still doing, but is much easier to remember - and say...He is still just the best little fella, although, he continually works to position himself as King of the Roost... But, overall, he's a happy-go-lucky active pup that loves to play.  He has the best personality.  He's not a huge fan of being brushed - especially now that he's blowing his coat...He has a new best friend, Olaf the Corgi.  They wrestle, run zoomies and play until they fall over with exhaustion, then start it all over again."

"Auggie enjoyed picking decorations off the Christmas tree as well as playing with bows and wrapping paper at Christmastime.  I attached a picture of him "helping" me wrap gifts this year.  I should have taken his picture by the feather garland he pulled off the tree and shredded!  And one afternoon, I came down from the office to find he had plucked a feather angel's wings ornament from the tree and totally demolished it - there was a trail of wet feather clumps from the den all the way upstairs to the office!  I had to laugh. Thank you, again, for the joy of this little fella.  I can't imagine life without him!"

Nanda wrote, "Gigi is a good eater and plays all day with toys. Ty is terrified of her. It’s been hard to take pictures and when we manage to capture one, the quality is poor because he’s moving so fast away from her. She LOVES him. She wants to play and cuddle. She copies him. Every time he jumps on the couch she attempts to do the same with no success. One thing that’s giving us hope is that he LOVES to be chased. We can tell. Sometimes he barks at her asking to be chased. It’s a Tom and Jerry thing. Thank you for our amazing healthy and happy puppies 🐶"

Nanda later sent an update to tell me Ty and Gigi are now best friends! Whew!
Vickie wrote this about Quincy: "Quincy is great! Everyone falls in love with him. He had his last set of shots Saturday and weighs 9 lb. He’s good for his bath and tries to join me in the shower. He’s the king of the house, plays with our other pets, and likes to collect all the toys in a circle near the back door."

Judy G. wrote, "Nyx moved to Monday night agility ready class. I worried that she would be behind everyone. What a mistake! She was the best dog in the class of 7. I only have one small problem. Odie knew left and right so he only ran ahead of me. Ty only ran on my left side so that he could see me. I started training Nyx to run on my left side and now she won't enter the weave poles from the right side. It's always something with Lhasas. Ty is now practicing off leash in rally class. He has "forgotten" how to stand. He looks great in the ring, but ask him to stand and he has never heard the word before! Senior girls are fine."
Shelly wrote about Tucker: "he is such a character too!! Keeps us smiling and laughing everyday!!"

Doreen wrote about Henry: "Henry got his first “real” haircut yesterday. What a handsome boy-such pretty coloring. He reminds us of Winnie-feisty just like he was."

Stacey sent pictures of Enzo and Lola.

Larry sent this photo of Marco in the snow! 

Sally sent photos to show how shiny Jaxon's coat is and one that shows how handsome he is. 

Sally also sent this photo of Ginger in the snow and one of her nice and warm in the house.

From Paul: "We thought that when we added Josie to the family,  she would lay with mom and Little One would lay with me when we were in our recliners. Boy were we wrong. In the morning after breakfast,  mom lays in her recliner with both kids for them to sleep. In the evening after dinner,  mom is pretty much left out.  When I lay in my recliner Little One falls asleep on my chest with his arm under his chin and Josie falls asleep between my legs. They will sometimes stay there for a couple of hours. They then switch places and sleep until I take them outside for the last walk. We are so happy to have both of them." 

In a later message he wrote, "
Josie has found another way to tell us that the water dish is empty.  She usually lays down and pulls the dish out and onto the floor. Little One will come by us and continue to bark until one of us gets up to fill the dish." And he sent a picture labeled "Josie the Frog."

Jill wrote, "Breaker is doing well, wears his red fleece coat on walks, eating good, seems happy. Shadow is healthy and very protective of me. They play together and we all sleep together. All is well."

Violet sent a photo of Shadow hiding in the closet during a thunderstorm.

Lisa wrote about Duncan, "Two days ago he started following Dresden down the stairs. He is cautious but hasn’t fallen. I am right beside him if he falters. He has been going up the stairs without any problem. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by loud noises outside - so long as his big brother is near him. If he hears an unfamiliar sound, he runs to Dresden for comfort... Thank you so much for my wonderful Duncan!  I truly appreciate all that you did to make certain your puppies are healthy and well- adjusted..."

Duncan is Ebony's litter brother.
Cathy sent this picture of Willow. What a cutie!

Our 5-year old Bekka "retired" after her last litter. Julie and Jerry recently took her into their home and hearts. Julie wrote, "Bekka is the sweetest dog!... She has been happy and polite in every way. No problem at all with the cats...Bekka is interested but not at all aggressive toward any of them. Bekka seems to enjoy being with both of us, but I think she is partial to Jerry. She seems to light up when he is around... We certainly have a winner here.  Thank you so much."
This is a photo of Bekka when she was a year old and before all her long hair was cut off! 

Here is a still shot taken of a movie Jody sent of Bernie at his swimming lesson.

Here are photos of Judy L's Gus and Lippy. Gus is a full brother to Nanda and Kris' Ty and Gigi. Judy tells me that the boys are good buddies and that Lippy was just what the very serious Gus needed!

What Can You Do With Your Lhasa?

You all know that I am involved in showing my Lhasa and I am well aware that the sport of dog showing is not for everyone. AKC knows that also and offers many other activities you and your dog can enjoy. For example, Sue Ridgley is involved in training her two Lhasa to earn Trick Dog titles. Here is a link to the YouTube video of Sue and her Lhasa Gigi (TDCH Mon Ami & Joyslyn's Wind Racer Gigi Villoresi) as he performs tricks for his new title.

This awesome Trick Dog is a litter brother to Winter. Josh is his sire. Congrats to owner Sue Ridgley! Lavonne Bennett and I are his breeders. For those of you who have Josh sons and daughters, Gigi is also a Josh son. He is Winter's (CH Joyslyn Mon Ami Winter Wind) litter brother.
So, if showing and trick training is not for you, what is left? Consider: AKC S.T.A.R. puppy program, Canine Good Citizen, Obedience Trials, Rally Trials, Lure Coursing/Fast Cat, Dock Diving!, Barn Hunt, Scent Work, to name some activities you and your Lhasa might like to try. Check out the AKC website for more ideas. 
Just remember that the Lhasa personality does not respond well to harsh training methods. Praise and rewards work best when training a Lhasa for anything (including training to be groomed!). Also know that a Lhasa gets bored quickly with repetitive training. At some point he may shut down and look at you with that, "Okay, okay, we've done this enough" look.

Thanks for reading this month's blog. 
Joyslyn's dogs' owners: keep those photos and notes coming in. I hear from many who tell me how much  they enjoy reading them and seeing dogs related to theirs. I love getting them and sharing them with other readers.
However you decide to celebrate February, have a good one. Every day is Library Lover's Day for me, so I believe I will celebrate Margarita Day!