Saturday, June 23, 2012

Puppy Pictures (8.5 Weeks) And Other Musings

Flash, 8.5 weeks
What a wild and crazy week! Between work at work and work at home (which is often harder than work at work), I accomplished a great deal. That's always a good feeling!

Noah, 8.5 weeks
One of the at-work activities was a seminar on Tuesday about team building which involved a survey to help us determine which "type" of group member we were. I turned out to be a "Contributor" and must say that the survey pegged me correctly. I focus on details, am organized, make sure people have the information they need (whether they think they need it or not!), tend not to see the big picture (the details get in the way), and am not very tolerant of people who (in my opinion) waste time.
Our Center at Western Illinois University is mostly funded by state grants for early childhood. We provide workshops, training, and consultation services to teachers and families of young children with special needs. One big "oh no" this week created some panic and havoc when I found out I had to recalculate the budgets because the fringe benefit rate had been increased more than anticipated. Ouch!

Rain, 8.5 weeks
The at-home work this past week has involved a lot of grocery shopping, meal planning, and cleaning in preparation for a visit from our daughter who lives in Miami and who has not been home for a visit in 14 months or so. Our youngest son will arrive sometime today for a visit today also. We haven't seen him for a while either, and he lives only 3 hours away! It will be good to have the whole family together again, even just for a few days.

Rafe, 7 months
Rafe, 7 months
We managed to get a couple cute pictures of Rafe this week. He's 7 months old and looks so big...I think it is all that hair! Lynn caught him yawning just as he snapped a picture. I think it looks like he's yelling "stop with the pictures." He is not the most cooperative dog we've ever had when it comes to posing. He is a also a big momma's boy. It's nice to be idolized, but he's become my shadow! His next shows will be this coming weekend. I'm excited about being in the ring with him and Maggie again.

And, as usual scattered throughout this post are the latest pictures of the puppies. They had their first baths yesterday, a process that was not traumatic for any of them and actually I made it through the 5 of them without getting wetter than they were. I consider that a successful outcome.

Cooper, 8.5 weeks
Boomer, 8.5 weeks
Last night I had big thrill. There's a carnival in town for Macomb's Heritage Days celebration. Klara, our granddaughter, wanted to go on some rides, but when it came to the Scrambler, her mom said, "No way" to accompanying her. She's only 6, so no way was she riding on it the first time by herself,  so Grandma volunteered! (I was secretly itching to do it!) I haven't been on a Scrambler for years. What fun! Klara loved it and I confess that I did too. (I think we're going back downtown tonight and riding it again!)

Life is good when you have a Lhasa to love you! (and add to that...the joy of family togetherness and the thrill of sharing a carnival ride with your grandchild!)



Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Pictures - Finally

Flash, 7 weeks
Thanks for your patience! I know I am late with this week's update. Last Saturday I, with three co-workers, traveled to Indianapolis for the National Association for the Education of Young Children's annual Professional Development Institute. We returned home on Tuesday evening after three grueling days of conference sessions. Most were great; some were a waste of time.  This institute is one we look forward to every year. It travels to various cities around the country. Last year it was in Providence, RI. Next year it'll be in San Francisco.

Cooper, 7 weeks
By the way, conference attendees were totally impressed with Indianapolis. It's a clean and lovely city. The monuments are HUGE and numerous. The architecture is amazing. The conference was in the JW Marriott, which is across from Victory Field.  It is also near the museum, White River State Park, the zoo, and the canal. We took some nice walks in the area in the evenings.

Wednesday and Thursday I turned my attention to the to-do lists and chores that had piled up at home and at the office during my absence. Friday I attended a workshop sponsored by one of our Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood projects. That was a 10-hour day by the time we left Macomb, traveled to Lincoln, attended the workshop, and drove home again.

Boomer, 7 weeks
Noah, 7 weeks
So...while we managed to take pictures of the puppies the day they were 7 weeks old, I have not had time nor inclination til now to get them posted. The puppies had their first car ride, vet visit, and vaccinations on Thursday. They managed all with ease. No one got car sick, and no one screamed during the vaccination process. All were happy and compliant, tails wagging, as the vet examined them.

Rainy, 7 weeks
As usual, the puppies antics have been fun (and sometimes annoying). This group walks through the large communal food bowl, scattering kibble in all directions. They do the same with their water bowl. They enjoy finding and tearing the piddle pads, and they love the various stuffed toys, balls, and chew bones they have to play with. They don't engage in too many puppy battles, all seeming to be content either to share or simply to choose another toy or bone. They love it when our granddaughter Klara comes over to play.

I've also included pictures sent recently by the owners of four of Rafe's littermates. These siblings are all six and a half months old now. That time has sure gone fast! I know I should take and post some photos of Rafe too! I just groomed him last night so it would have been a great time for a photo! No excuses...I was just so grateful to finally get through all that coat he has that I just wanted to be done! From the photos I can certainly tell that the puppies must have inherited the profuse coat gene from Walker! Even in the puppies sporting puppy cuts, the thickness of the coat is apparent. Zora's coat is much like Rafe's -- red and profuse!

I hope you enjoy the pictures. 

Oh, just to let you know: We have family visiting from Florida next week, so I may be late posting the next set of pictures also. I'll try to get them posted as soon as I can.

Our next show is coming up in two weeks.

Life is good when you have a Lhasa to love you.


Griffin 1
Griffin 2
Rafe's sister Zora with Zeus

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Puppy Pictures and Not Much Else

Boomer, 6 weeks old

I haven't been to any shows and there aren't any coming up in the next two weeks, so there is not much news. I know some of you are waiting for the "release" of new puppy photos, so here they are! You will notice some wet faces and feet. That is because a couple of the rascals decided to wade in the water bowl this morning. No one told them they had a photo session coming up! Evidently putting toys in the water bowl then standing in it seemed like a fun thing to do.

Rain, 6 weeks old
We've started weaning them, much to Mira's delight. She's enjoying some away time, hanging out with the other Lhasas now for most of the day and spending evenings and nights with the puppies. They totally mob her and she looks at me with tolerance and exasperation—long-suffering looks that ask, "Really? Really?" She's playing with her babies and teaching them. They are investigating their surroundings and all the toys at their disposal. They are experimenting (e.g., the water bowl – see first paragraph). They are mischievous ("What do you mean piddle pads are not for shaking, playing tug of war, and ripping up?"). Rafe is curious about them but doesn't seem to pay too much attention to them unless he thinks I am paying too much attention to them. He is jealous and lets me know that my attention belongs only on HIM. The puppies are eating well and enjoying their food experiences. People always ask what brand of food I feed the dogs. Bil-Jac. 
Cooper, 6 weeks old

Noah, 6 weeks old
Flash, 6 weeks old

Flash again, showing off his white collar
I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Life is good when you have a Lhasa to love you!