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April!! Spring at Last?? Maybe This Time!

April is a reminder that something better is always around the corner.”~Unknown

Hello again! The days are once again flying by. I hope your March was a good month for you, your family, and your Lhasas.

We had a great time at the show in Louisville in mid-March. I was still recovering from whatever "bug" I caught at the Madison, WI show. The Covid test came back negative, but my symptoms were certainly Covid-like. 

I traveled with my friend Jane in her RV. My goal for the show was that Deacon would have fun and show it by getting his tail up and keeping it up as he went around the ring! He did.

The Louisville show is amazing. For one thing, the venue is huge. We counted at least 34 show rings, not to mention the vast expanse of grooming spaces! Our grooming space was next to the bleachers for the dock diving competition. Very noisy there! (We did not get splashed.) Also, that show is a shoppers paradise! The vender booths were plentiful and I managed to come home with plenty of purchases for me, my dogs, and friends.

One of the booths we visited was the one for Latifa, the "Animals Can Talk" person. I took Deacon to talk with her on Thursday. He has no issues but I wondered how he was feeling about showing, the new kitten, traveling with Jane, and life in general. It was all good.
Latifa took one look at him and said. "You are an old soul."

Jan and I co-own Gabby, a female I bred who is a litter sister to Bekka and Chance. Gabby has been bred but has never had puppies, so we were interested in Latifa communicating with Gabby to find out why. Gabby was more than happy to express her opinion on puppies. She did not like them. She does not want them, and if she ever had them she would not take care of them. Ta-da and so there!

Besides showing, a main reason I was at that show was to give a Lhasa seminar to a group of people interested in judging the breed. I forgot to get an exact count, but I think we had at least 15 people attending the seminar. By "we" I mean myself and Jan, my co-presenter. I really enjoy teaching people about our breed.

One question we were asked was what we considered "hallmarks" of our breed. Our answers were (1) head (for sure!), and (2) balance, and (3) coat. 

Back at home there was a short week to get ready for a show in Maquoketa, IA. Only 4 Lhasas were entered
on Saturday: Deacon, a class bitch, and two specials. (for those of you who do not know dog show jargon, a "special" is a dog that is a champion and is competing for Best of Breed.) Deacon took Best of Winners and earned his first point.

Here are some pictures of Deacon at almost 9 months. Yes, he has a lot of coat. He has started his coat change. So far the matting is not terrible, but I know the day is coming.

Easter came and went and the next big thing was my cataract surgery, which went well. I became adept at putting drops in my eye. I had a hard time remembering NOT to bend over! It amazed me to learn how many times a day I caught myself about to bend over! 

I decided not to enter any shows in April even though we have some shows very close by. There is never much of a Lhasa entry so I chose to stay home and save some entry money!

I suppose the other big April thing was the total eclipse, but since we were not in the path, watching it on tv was sort of anti-climactic. Really cool for those who got to see it in person though.

April is our anniversary month. This year is our 52nd. Here we are on the evening of April 15, 1972. It was the end of our finals week at Wayne State College. Our mothers feared a catastrophe because our friend and Lynn's college roommate, Ron, offered to make our wedding cake and we told him "okay." It turned out just fine, much to our moms' relief.

I mentioned our new kitten. He is a Russian Blue, as was our previous cat (Boris). The new guy is Yuri and he is a "pistol!" Many item in our family room have wound up on the floor, some of them broken.
Here is the culprit:

Our next shows are in Davenport, IA, at the fairgrounds on May 10-12. Normally we would also enter the shows in Bloomington, IL, over the Memorial Day weekend, but this year our granddaughter is graduating that weekend. I plan to drive to NE to pick up my mom so she can attend the graduation also. Then I will take her back home. It's a bit over 8 hours each way, but worth the drive to have Mom with us.

In June we will be at shows in WI. The first is a 4-day show in Manotowoc from the 6th-9th.

We expect to have puppies soon. Due date is April 18.

On To Notes and Photos From Others 
(my favorite thing to share)

Michelle wrote, "Traveling is tiring...Sunny had a good trip! The first day we went to the ocean and he thought the seaweed would be nice to roll in so we went back to the camper for a quick bath! I'm guessing his idea of a spa treatment! I'm glad we were able to take him with us!"

Later Michelle posted on Facebook: "We got the best! Joyce Johanson you have dedicated your life to this beautiful breed and we appreciate you more than we can ever express! I just wanted a beautiful dog to love and you certainly gave me that and so much more!"

Thanks again Michelle for your kind words!

From Dawn about Ollie: "I am touching base to let you know how Ollie is doing. He is doing great and is growing like crazy. He loves to play with his toys and enjoys running around outside. We are still potty training him, but he is getting better.  Our other dog, Bailey (Lhasa) has turned into a puppy again with him around even though she is 10 years old. He currently weighs 11 pounds. We got his hair cut last week...We are very happy we were able to get a puppy sooner rather than later. He has definitely been a welcome addition to our family!

From Kathy about Sophie's reaction when she sees Kathy's friend Marilyn: "As you know, Lhasas can be very wary of people approaching or entering the house they “protect.”  Such is the case with Sophie, with 99% of the people (even those she knows well).  Barking, backing up, and a little growling while the tail is wagging is the usual “greeting” that Sophie gives, even if that person stops by frequently. Then there is Marilyn—who only stops by when we are going somewhere and we are meeting at my house (every 4 months or so)."  

Here is a shortened clip from the video Kathy sent of  Sophie's reaction when she saw Marilyn's car pull up. Sophie loves Marilyn! I seldom post videos bt this one was hilarious.

Judy G. let me know that Winter received a first place score and earned her second leg in Rally Intermediate. Way to go Judy and Winter!! Many congrats and thanks to Judy for training Miss Winter so well. Winter is a ball of energy and, although she earned her championship, I think she is having a lot more fun at Judy's house!

Paul wrote about Rusty: "So, Rusty has discovered that sleeping with his head on a pillow is much more comfortable than putting his head on the surface...
He is so curious about everything.  When we go on car rides the other kids sleep, while Rusty either sits or stands on the armrest in the back seat looking out of every window to see things as we go by.

Courtney, who is showing a puppy sired by Chance and out of Pearl, wrote to tell me, " First show in the books. 1st in breed (she was the only Lhasa) and 3rd in her group in 4-6 months puppy. Lots to work on but I think she had fun and was one tired puppy by the end of the day.
Congratulations Courtney and Amelia on now having experienced your first show. Thank you for showing her! She is a beauty and I am proud of you both.

Here is Amelia at her first show, doing the "Down and Back."

Another cute video came from Jody, Bob, their Lhasa Bernie and their human and canine friends who participate in the "Bernie The Science Dog" project in cooperation with a grade school classroom in Texas. The topic was Taking Tests and the dogs used agility equipment and their noses during an "egg hunt" for concealed treats. I couldn't use the entire video, so I took a couple screen shots to post on the blog.
Jody wrote, "Our latest video to give encouragement to all 130 of the 3rd graders before they take their first state test!" 
(FYI: Bernie is the black Lhasa in the pictures. A Joyslyn's Lhasa I am proud to say!)

Lisa explained about Duncan: "Now that temps are getting warmer, he is more wary to go outside when it is light out, birds chirping and people/vehicles more likely to be out and about. He seems much more confident when it is dark outside. He is becoming more and more loving and affectionate - always likes to give kisses (he aims for the lips for some reason)." 

From Valeree about Tia: "She is just the sweetest little thing. She’s so in love with me and MJ, following us everywhere. She’s so smart too, at the top of her class in puppy obedience school, and we can’t wait to move on to agility training next because she loves running the agility course. Next month we are taking her on her first plane ride, a quick getaway to New Orleans. If all goes well with that, she will get to travel to Cabo San Lucas with us in July. We found a resort that’s known for being pet friendly so she’ll get her own little doggie cabana to sit at the pool with us.
Hope all is well with you. Thanks for bringing this sweet little girl into our lives!

Nanda sent this photo of Ty and Gigi and titled it "Watching Papa."

Judy L. posted this photo of Gus on his 5th birthday.

And so I had to post a picture of his litter sister, Millie, because it was her birthday too.

Judy also posted this photo of Lippy -- ready for the Easter Bunny!

Thanks to Judy for being such a great supporter of purebred Lhasas and for posting this on Facebook:

Paula wrote that she was hacked and I can certainly sympathize with her. It is a terrible jumble of feelings: violation, fear, anger, concern for safety of money, identity, and piece of mind. 

And Now a Commercial 

By now you all know my husband is an award-winning playwright and author of the Joe Erickson detective novels. His latest novel, Sins Revealed, is now available. (and yes, the Lhasa Autumn is in this one also) Below is a great review of the book from Literary Titan:

"Detective Joe Erickson, a dedicated officer with the Chicago Police Department, confronts yet another challenging case in Lynn-Steven Johanson's latest novel. Tasked with investigating a potential crime scene involving a burned pickup truck and two charred bodies, Erickson and his team delve into a mystery fraught with intrigue and danger. As suspicions of murder arise, Erickson's meticulous approach uncovers a tangled web of relationships and secrets. The discovery of the victims' identities, Gina Whitmore and Perry Gardiner leads to revelations about their unconventional lives and involvement in illicit activities. With each twist and turn, Johanson skillfully constructs a narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. Johanson's background as a playwright shines through in the narrative's depth and complexity. The thematic richness of the novel, exploring themes of friendship, betrayal, love, and substance abuse, adds layers of intrigue to the gripping plot. The attention to detail displayed by Erickson and his fellow officers underscores their commitment to justice, making for a compelling read. Among the cast of characters, Detective Joe Erickson emerges as a standout, his blend of people skills and compassion endearing him to readers. Gina Whitmore, with her enigmatic persona, adds an element of mystery to the story, her complexities unraveling gradually as the plot unfolds. The impeccable character development, coupled with the novel's captivating storyline, ensures that readers are fully immersed in the world Johanson has created. Johanson's crime novel, Sins Revealed: A Joe Erickson Mystery, is a thrilling and thought-provoking read. It skillfully weaves together suspense, drama, and human emotion. For aficionados of the genre, this book is a must-read."

Ask your local library to get a copy or better yet, buy one! (Just so you know, it's a good thing we don't have to rely on royalties to buy food!)

And Some Help From the AKC Files 
The AKC website has many helpful articles. Here is one that you might like to read:

Thanks for reading! If you own a Joyslyn's Lhasa, please send photos and updates for all to enjoy. I love hearing from you!

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