Sunday, July 11, 2021

Celebrate July!

"I only deepen the wound of the world when I neglect to give thanks for the heavy perfume of wild roses in early July and the song of crickets on summer humid nights and the rivers that run and the stars that rise and the rain that falls and all the good things that a good God gives."Ann Voskamp

Ahh, July! We tend to think of it only as a month to celebrate Independence Day, but did you know International Joke Day, Chocolate Day (I say YES! to that one), National Majito Day, National Junk Food Day, and Paperback Book Day are among the July "celebrations"?

Puppy Coat Change!

Well, it is finally happening. Emmy has started going through her coat change, a period in a young Lhasa's life when the softer puppy coat comes out and the harder adult coat replaces it. This is a time that often catches owners unaware. 

This is the pile of undercoat that came out of Emmy this morning! It's the first pile of many to come until her coat change is complete.

Below is an article I wrote about puppy coat change. 


Coat Change in Lhasa Apso Puppies

by Joyce Johanson

Each Lhasa Apso puppy should come with a warning label, "Attention: This puppy will undergo a coat change. Be prepared!" The alternative, of course, is for Lhasa breeders to inform their puppies' new owners about the grooming required to see a puppy through his coat change without having to resort to clipping him down.

The owner of a Lhasa puppy should be prepared for the puppy's coat change anywhere between the ages of 9 to 14 months. Since individuals differ, the time frame may also vary somewhat: some Lhasas may begin as early as 6 months, while others may hold off until 16 months. One thing you can be sure of, unless your Lhasa puppy has a really sparse coat, the coat change WILL happen.

What's so scary and all important about watching for the coat change? It has to do with matting and grooming.

Remember, a Lhasa's coat does not shed as most other breeds' coats do. What happens during the coat change is that the softer puppy coat is being replaced by the harsher-textured adult coat. As the adult coat comes in, the puppy coat "dies" and needs to be brushed out or it will tangle and mat terribly. At this time, your puppy may need daily grooming to remove the soft, "dead" puppy coat. You will be surprised at how much loose coat can be brushed out during coat change time. You may remark that the pile of hair on the floor by the grooming table would easily fully coat another dog! And you may wonder if your little Lhasa will have any coat left by the time you've finished brushing him! Don't worry, if all you are getting out is dead, loose hair, there's no problem.

While grooming difficulties may vary, depending on the amount and texture of your Lhasa puppy's coat, keep in mind that the coat change is a natural part of a Lhasa's development, and when it is over, your Lhasa's softer puppy coat should have given way to the harder-textured adult coat, which is usually a lot easier to take care of. Now that's something to look forward to!

Knowing what's going to happen is only part of "being prepared." The other part of the preparation lies in training. Since getting through the coat change requires that the Lhasa be groomed, start your preparations by teaching the puppy to accept grooming as part of his routine and to lie quietly on his back or sides while you comb and brush him. Prepare yourself also by learning how to groom your Lhasa properly. Refer to any of the books (by Herbel, Helf, Brearly, Nicholas) written about the Lhasa. Most contain excellent grooming suggestions or entire chapters devoted to grooming.

When the coat change does begin, don't get discouraged. It usually lasts less than a month. Set aside time each day to groom your Lhasa. If you don't have time to brush him completely each day, then at least do some spot grooming in the troublesome areas (neck, insides of legs, behind the ears) on a daily basis. Don't go longer than two days without a complete brushing, though. Those darn mats surprise you -- a puppy may not look matted, but his undercoat may be a real mess.

My best advice is to be aware of what will happen, be prepared to do some heavy-duty grooming for about 3 weeks, train your puppy early to accept being groomed, watch for and take care of tangles and mats as they appear, and do not put off grooming thinking the mats will disappear by themselves (they don't!). Finally, don't be discouraged; just hang in there until it's over -- the coat change period really does end!

You can find more of my grooming articles at


Here are a two photos of Emmy (Joyslyn's Embrace the Wind) after today's grooming.

Busy Weekend!

Our weekend was busy since it was "leave for new homes" weekend for the Winter and Archie puppies. It was great to finally meet the puppies' new owners with whom I had been communicating for weeks. All the puppies will have wonderful new homes with these owners who have owned Lhasas previously.

In case you are wondering, no, it is not hard to let the puppies leave, especially when we meet the families who are buying them and know they are going to great homes where they will be loved and cared for. 

So now we will have a few weeks respite before the next litter is born. Onyx's puppies are due at the end of the month.

Because we were busy preparing for the puppies' leaving, we did not take time to get photos of them. However, here is the last set of pictures we took a couple weeks ago.

In order of appearance: Harper, Jaxon, Sparkles, Honey, Jempa, Rascal, and San.

Puppy Fear Periods

Many people who buy puppies are unaware that puppies go through two "Fear Periods," 8-11 weeks and 6-14 months. 8-11 weeks is the time when most go to their new homes. For those of us who show, the 6-14 months is also critical because at age 6 months is when puppies can begin showing.

Among the materials I gave the new owners was information about puppy fear periods. If you are interested, check out this link or just google "fear periods in puppies."

Here are two links that explain the why of the fear periods and what you can do to help your puppy through them. 

Ultimate Guide to Dog Training

Some of you might find this link about dog training helpful. 

From Ultimate Guide to Dog Training: "Turns out, dog training is really about learning how to communicate with your loyal companion so you can share the strongest bond possible. When you and your pooch understand each other, it leads to a harmonious household, which benefits everyone!"

Notes and Photos From Others

Michelle about Sunny: "Can you see him? Poor boy hates the fireworks, I hate them too! Looks like it’s going to be a rough weekend! Thundershirt and CBD oil may help? All we can do is try!"

Mary R sent photos of Rafe. I love that dog!! I posted my favorite of the photos she sent. Mary wrote, "Joyce:puppies are adorable and I am sure keep you busy. Attached 3 Rafe pics. think it shows his soft side. couple with his favorite bud “Spot” the sloth. Of all his toys, that one is a favorite."  

Chuck wrote and sent a photo of his Cooper, who is a Rafe son. "We hope you and yours had a nice holiday weekend.  Cooper was super cute this morning.  Steve walked him at 5:40 AM. They came back in and Cooper jumped up on the bed and gave me kisses. First time he jumped on the bed. Steve said what is up with that? I said he is celebrating independence day.  Have a great week." "Cooper is turning 5 soon. He is a perfect boy."

Kathleen sent this adorable photo of her Mel. (I always called him "Marsh-MEL-ow."

Kris sent a cute photo of Titan (aka Ti)

From Victoria about Honey: "S
he is settling in just fine! She slept well last night. She is a lover, giving constant kisses, snuggly, and is already getting used to grass…Potty training is underway!"

Celina sent this picture of Dora, Miss Adorable as I always called her! They have been having some matting problems recently. "Hello, I hope you had a very Happy 4th of July! I wanted to share these pictures of Dora. She had some mats and we brought her to the groomer to remove them. They were successful in getting out nearly all of them and then we cut out remaining ones at home. We are trying to work with her hair because we did not want to shave her. ..."

Dora is Emmy's sister. Sounds like she is going through her coat change too!

It doesn't happen until it does. I heard from a wonderful woman who bought a Lhasa from me a few years ago. He recently was lost. Here is a bit of the story she told. "It was my practice to take him with me without a leash when I watered flowers on the portico. He usually never left me. This time he ran around the corner to sprinkle his favorite shrub. I never saw him again until he was found. No more - without a leash. 

I was devastated that he disappeared. He was gone ten days. Men who are hunters told me that he had been carried off by a coyote. Eight women at the golf course found him in the bushes and immediately knew he was my dog as my nephew had put his disappearance on Facebook and 126 people were hunting for him. I immediately took him to <my vet>. He had a deep wound at the neck and his entire rear was bald and bloody.  He had three bacterial infections. 

He has recovered and is growing hair at the rear.  <my vet> calls him a miracle dog. I diligently applied the topical antibiotic to his rear and gave him the oral antibiotics. I forced him to walk when at first he could stand only about three steps.  He had lost three pounds. He has now gained back his weight and can run easily and jump onto chairs and into the car. He isn't as beautiful as he was but he is getting there. The beautiful face is the same."

Imagine how awful that experience was! I felt so bad when I read her story and that was after he had been found alive! It is a lesson for us all that no matter how well trained we think our pets are, the temptation to chase a rabbit or squirrel or to see what's going on across the street can be too strong. Keep your dog leashed when he/she is outside in an unfenced area. 

That brings me to another topic: retractable leads! Many people do not use them correctly, often letting their dog range far afield, losing control over the dogs, and giving him/her enough "freedom" to run into a street, get wrapped up in the leash, or get into a fight with another dog. I have used them, but I take precautions, as do many others. Here is an article on the disadvantages of using a retractable lead, especially if they are not used correctlyThey certainly have their place, but used incorrectly, can be so dangerous to both people and dogs. 

Dog Shows

Over the 4th of July weekend I attended shows in West Bend, WI. As always, a positive aspect of the shows is being able to see friends again. Many of us live states apart, so at shows we have opportunities to be together again and catch up on each others' news. Lhasa people attending came from IL, MN, MI, and WI.

On Saturday, Rusty took Reserve Winners Dog. He showed well and I was so proud of him! Then on Sunday, he humbled me by deciding to dance, spin, and flip around instead of walking correctly around the ring. I guess he had fun. I did not. He likes to show but his exuberance that day was excessive, to say the least! 

On Saturday, Emmy was not comfortable or happy in the ring. She showed with tail down, except for a brief moment. On Sunday, she was comfortable and happy and won a 4 point major! Hurray! If the photographer ever gets the photo posted, I will buy it and post it to the blog. Like her sire and dam (Josh and Autumn), grandsire (Rafe) and Great Grandsire (Walker), this young Lhasa started her winning ways as a puppy. 

Millie was there also and took Best Opposite Sex both days and Best Owner Handled on Saturday.

Then came the part of going to shows that I am not fond of -- the long ride home! In this case, 5 hours.

That's it for today!

Remember: Life is Better When You Have a Lhasa to Love You!


Monday, June 28, 2021

Hi Again! It's Been A While...


"Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August." ~Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty

Whoa! Where did June go? I was thinking that I needed to post to the blog and then realized the last post was June 1. Busy month! (Procrastinator??)

You know we have puppies that are now almost 8 weeks old. The last time we took photos below, they were 6.5 weeks. As cute as they are in these photos, they are even cuter now. They will be leaving around July 10.

We hope to have a new litter at the end of July, so if you are on the waiting list, it might be a good idea to contact me to let me know you are still interested in a puppy. If any of you want to be added to the waiting list for a future litter, the contact email is

My June involved no dog shows. We went to 3 weekends of shows in May, so I took a breather. Part of the "breather" was a trip to Florida to visit our daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons (ages 6 and 4). I took our 15-year old granddaughter with me. It was a trip we had planned for June 2020, one that was cancelled due to COVID. Other than sitting on the plane for 3.5 hours in Chicago waiting for a thunderstorm to pass and then flying another 3+ hours to Miami, the trip was a good one, even if we both came home with sunburns! 

Once home, I needed the rest! Those two active boys wore this grandma out!

Our town celebration was this past weekend: "Macomb Heritage Days" with car shows (my husband's won an award), bands, a carnival, and lots of food vendors. Our son Trevor surprised us and came home for the weekend. It was great to have him home for a few days.

Congratulations go out to owner Gwen West and handler Sue Cannimore for the success of CH Joyslyn's Beethoven's Fifth West in the show ring this month. Here is a photo of one of his recent wins, a Group 3 placement.

My friend Vickie emailed me and commented: "
Got to see Beethoven in early June with Sue in Estes Park ... what a nice boy!  Loved his size, temperament and, wow, what a coat!  You should be very proud of him!"

I am certainly proud of him and thankful to his owner, Gwen, who fulfilled her promise to me to show him to his championship. She has taken it beyond and is now going for his Grand Championship. Congrats, Gwen!!

Some of you will have relatives of Beethoven's on your Lhasas' pedigrees. He is a litter brother of our Chance (CH Joyslyn's Moon Shadows) and Bekka (CH Joyslyn's Moonlight Beckons). If your Lhasa's dam is CH Joyslyn JaMa Dancing By the Light of the Moon (Luna), he/she is related also.

2021 ALAC National Specialty

If you live anywhere near Boxborugh, MA or if you feel like a nice trip to see fall colors and take in the American Lhasa Apso Club's National Specialty the week of October 18-22, come see us at the Boxboro Regency Hotel and Conference Center. Club members from across the U.S.--and sometimes from other countries--gather to show and to celebrate the wonderful Lhasa Apso. This year's theme is Lhasa Tea Party.

The events start on Monday, October 18, with a sweepstakes and specialty show sponsored by the Merrimack Lhasa Apso Club. Tuesday is ALAC's Eastern Regional Specialty. Wednesday is set aside for obedience and rally trials, a Futurity and Maturity, a celebration of veterans (dogs 7 years old and older), and a fun match sponsored by the new Sunshine State Lhasa Apso Club. Thursday is for seminars, club meetings, and the awards banquet and auction. Friday is big show -- the ALAC National Specialty.

You will see beautiful Lhasas, from young puppies to veterans, competing during the week. Breeders and owners will be proudly exhibiting their dogs. If you want a chance to meet people you have heard of and hoped to meet some day, this is a good opportunity to do so. 

For those of you who would like to attend a National Specialty but don't want to drive to the New England area, wait a year and attend the 2022 National that will be held at Purina Farms, near St. Louis. 

Helpful Article

The AKC website has many helpful articles. For example, here is a link to an interesting article from AKC about separation anxiety and how to handle it. It is a timely topic now that so many people are transitioning from working at home and being with their dogs 24/7 to once again going back to the office and putting in 8-hour days. 

Notes and Photos from Friends

GiGi wrote that she thinks Lhasa and Scotties make a perfect combination for a home that wants more than one breed. Her's get along so well together. She then added, "I also wanted to tell you about Cinder’s hugs. I’ve had big dogs that leaned on me and smaller dogs who sat beside and against me, but I’ve never before had a dog that hugged! It’s part of another “Cinder Procedure”. Each morning when I first sit down in my office chair, I have to pick her up. She puts her front feet over my shoulder, straightens out her back legs, and presses her chest into mine. It only lasts for a couple of minutes, but it is a wonderful way to start each day!" (Cinder is her Lhasa that is Josh's litter sister.)

Shelly posted a photo of the handsome Tucker sporting his summer hair cut. "Well it was so dang hard to part with his beautiful locks for summer but Tucker’s coat changing from puppy to adult made the decision easy…he is so happy and feels so good now!  Love our sweet Tuckerman!!" 

Jim, whose family recently moved to FL, wrote, "I am sorry for the passing of one of your dogs. You have raised so many wonderful dogs and are surely proud. And each of those dogs are bringing daily smiles and joy to people like me! It’s rainy season in Florida and daisy is not loving the thunder (she will hide in her bed, my bed, under beds, or wedge herself between pillows on the couch). We put her natural swimming skills to the test the other day (she also didn’t love that but swam really well!). We probably won’t be putting her into a pool again any time soon, as we are mindful of how too much pool water can dry out dogs’ skin and coats but it was fun to watch this one time.

Judy wrote, "Our Zoie will be one year old on June 6th. I can't believe it! I know that I've said this before, but she is so smart. The first time that I told her to sit until I said it was o.k. to eat, she did. Now this is really amazing! From the time we brought her home, we have been watching a church service on U Tube. When we sit down I tell Zoie that it is time for church. She jumps up on the couch and does not move until I tell her that church is over. Everyone has trouble believing me until they see it for themselves. She is such s good watchdog. No one or animal can step on the property without her letting us know. The only problem we're having is that with COVID she has not had a chance to be socialized.  We are slowly working on this. My friend from Waukesha came for a visit and she barked at her for quite awhile, but by the second day she jumped up on her lap for some love. The funny thing is that if she meets someone outside, she is fine but if they come in the house she barks and barks at them.  Very protective! We have put up lattice all around the deck so that she can't jump off. She loves to be out there! She has filled a void that we thought would never happen. Thank-you! Pictures of her are on my phone and I have not downloaded them to my computer.  I will send pictures next time."

Mary R. wrote about Rafe, CH Joyslyn's Inherit the Wind, whom she got from us as a "retiree." She wrote, "All 3 dogs had their check up a couple weeks ago. The vet said Rafe was a perfect body score, labs great, and she said he has really come out of his shell. I never think of him like that, but owners are still unable to be in exam room. He would not walk back with tech. I had to lead the way to exam room. The vet said they sat on floor and he crawled in their laps."

Michelle wrote, "Our new adventure is bike riding. ..we put one of Sunny’s pillows inside and took his tie out cable and attached a clip to the center so he says in the middle for balance and can’t jump out but can stand up, sit or lay down. We just went for a short ride the first 2 times. I’m not so sure how he will do but we can take him with us if likes it." 

And later she let me know about his new training class: "
...Our training classes almost
completed. Sunny is the smallest dog in the class, there are 3 labs (one is still a puppy), a boxer, a 7 month goldendoodle, and a 12 week Australian shepherd who is just too cute, but already bigger than Sunny! Let’s just say in true Sunny style he’s doing his own thing, LOL! He has surprised us in many ways but we also have a lot of work to do! Before class is over I will ask for a class picture. I look forward to seeing puppy pictures on your blog!"

Kris and Fernanda wrote, "Dear Joyce, we are sorry to hear about Connor’s passing. Since Ti has a little bit of Connor in him, we hope these pictures- and his munchkin face - will brighten your day. We offer you our prayers, condolences and love. The pictures we are sending today are proof that Ti’s Grandma clearly has a problem: she cannot, for the love of God, visit him without bringing a new toy. Ti isn’t complaining but we believe she needs some sort of rehab. We are struggling to find him amongst his toys like “Where’s Waldo?”. Congratulations on the latest show’s achievements and thanks again for all the Titans and Connors you have gifted the world with."

Later Fernanda wrote, "
Titan had another grooming appointment. Too bad he’s wearing a harness. But you can still see how handsome he is. "Ti takes his job of watching our home very seriously. If we try to distract him he lets us know that he’s focused and he’s not here for our entertainment … unless he hears the bag of food treats being opened."

Sally, who will be adding the black and tan male puppy to her home, sent this photo of Ginger, who I am sure has been told that she is getting a "brother" but I am also sure she has no idea how her life will soon change! Enjoy your status as an only child now Ginger!!

Paul wrote, "
Joey decided to help me this morning to adjust the shower door in the motorhome. He even checked out what tools we might need."

At this point I just want to add how much getting these notes and photos mean to me. I love hearing about the Lhasas we have sold over the years and to see photos of them as they mature. They do indeed brighten my day!

Gift Idea (Repeated)
Last Christmas my friend Marsha made some beautiful ornaments for me. Here are the ones she sent me.

The one on the left is has a picture of Breaker on it; on the right is a picture of Josh; in the middle is the logo of our national club (the American Lhasa Apso Club).

Marsha and another member of ALAC are making ornaments again this year. If you are interested in having one (or more) made with your dog's photo on it, these ornaments are great gifts for friends, family, or yourself!

Here is ordering information if you are interested.

Thanks for reading the blog.

Until next time...Always remember that "Life is better when you have a Lhasa to Love You!"