Saturday, May 7, 2022

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

 “May, it’s full of all the things that make spring and the brighter part of the year so special. Flowers bud, the sun shines, and new seeds are sewn into the fabric of our lives. May is awesome.” – Jenna Danchuk

First, thank you to all who sent email greetings and cards on the occasion of our 50th Anniversary. We had a nice day.

Puppy News and Photos

Last week, five of the puppies from the Archie and Millie litter left for their new homes. People came from IL, MI, NY, FL, and WA. As always, it was great to finally meet the people I'd been communicating with for so many weeks. The two puppies that are left will be leaving after mid-May. They are Flynn and Nellie.



Puppies from the Josh and Autumn litter:





You might recall me telling you about Minnie, the 2.7 ounce puppy that my husband has been bottle feeding since she was born. She has recently started eating from the communal feeding dish, but she still likes the milk and the bottle. At age 9 weeks, Minnie weighs 1 pound, 9 ounces.

Here is a video I took of Minnie toddling around the family room.

Which puppies are still available?
We have a male, Griffin, who can leave here anytime now.

By the end of May, we will have one female (either Nellie or Aria) available. 

When Will We Have A New Litter?
I have no idea! Late summer or fall, I guess.

Messages and Photos from Others

From Debi: "Hi Joyce, Hope all is well and that you had a nice Easter! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  To you and Lynn on your 50th wedding anniversary!  You both look just as happy today as you did on your wedding day. So glad to hear that Pearl did well at your dog show.  All of the new puppies are adorable! We are so happy to hear your little "Minnie" is still hanging in there!  She must be a little fighter!  Adorable of course.  Lynn is doing a great job!  Hope she continues to do well.
Lacey is doing well.  She is quite a picky eater though.  She has mostly boycotted eating the Bill Jac adult blend since I switched her from the puppy blend. I bought another bag of the puppy blend and mixed it with the adult blend and she actually picks out, piece by piece, and eats just the puppy blend. She will eat the rest eventually if she gets hungry, but I have to leave it out all day for her to pick at...She is also picky with treats.  She loves freeze dried liver though, and will do almost anything for that.  I cut it into tiny pieces so she isn't getting too much liver. She will still toss up and play with other treats like she did with her siblings when we first met her, lol.  She can be a goof ball sometimes... We still take her to doggie daycare once a week and she just loves playing with the other dogs...We have our last day of beginner training today.  She is doing well and we have learned a lot.  We are working on loose leash walking.  She does very well with walking at her pace, but we are learning to walk better at my pace, lol.  She is also doing much better with the "wait" command. Everything is going well.  We take her almost everywhere they allow dogs.  She is very good when we take her anywhere.  She is a perfect fit for us! We have so much fun with her! I sent a few new pictures.  One is of her stealing one of my grandson's plastic Easter eggs, lol. I will send more updates soon.

Ginny wrote, "Joyce, I enjoyed reading your blog this month as always. It was good to hear of your adventures with Pearl. I remember how lovely she was the day we visited, as were all the puppies we got to meet. Our little Maple isn’t so little anymore! She is a sweet addition to our crew and as always, we are most grateful for her. She’s our baby❤️This Tuesday she will have her first grooming. I have taken care of her coat at home thus far, and have really enjoyed it, she has done well. I do think that we will choose a medium length coat at grooming  however, as warmer weather is approaching and she will be outside for greater lengths of time. Including a photo of Maple on her perch along with one of our oldest daughter’s cats.
Take care."

Ginny again: Coming home from the groomer after her first visit. The sun through the window really brought out her golden tones.She did wonderfully!Maple🍁Eight months❤️

Stacey, who owns Lolo and Enzo, wrote, "Hope you are doing well. The pics of the Archie & Millie puppies are so cute! Lola and Enzo are both doing well. They are best buds now!
I enrolled Enzo in the Dog Aging Project so we are now citizen scientists!  Here is the link. if you are interested in being involved in the project also.
Mary sent a photo of Rafe and an update on the health of her Lhasas. (She has 2 Joyslyn's Lhasas -- Belle and Rafe.) Her two Lhasa girls are both getting up there in age, with Rafe trailing a few years behind. Rafe still loves his sloth toy and doesn't mind the girls coming by when he plays with it, but the cats are a different story! Mary ended by writing, "I am so glad your dogs learn to drink from bottles. I tried with Moka after seeing Belle using bottle—no way. She doesn't get her face soaked from water dish. it's ok but debris still gets in dish.  Bottles are just so much cleaner....Between puppies and are busy! Take care."

Rebekah wrote about Karma. "The first night home she was barking a lot in her enclosure at bedtime. I got up around 2am and just rocked her a bit then put her back. The little stinker somehow figured out, between 2am and 4am, how to get out and Rick woke up to her curled up in his clothes next to his side of the bed."

Escape Artist Karma!

Paula wrote that Eleanore (formerly known as Echo) had her first vet appointment. "...all good they love her  they say she is perfect."


DJ wrote about Charlie's (AKA Max) homecoming, "We arrived safely. Some pictures are attached.  He’s a little stressed which I expected since the other dogs, especially the 8- and 4-year-old are all over him.  He slept most of the car ride home.  He was really anxiously initially.  It just turned out he needed to pee outside of a Starbucks.  He was a good boy with that long car ride. 

I can’t thank you enough!  We know we got a great addition to the family.  You and Lynn are such great people.  I will of course keep you posted and send you lots of photos over the months and years!  I’m sure he still misses his original mommy."

Charlie meets one of his new brothers

One tired puppy!

Ruth wrote about Dani, "I just wanted to let you know that everything went well at Dani's vet visit yesterday.  She did very well and the vet said how calm she was during the visit.  She is doing much better with the crate and her snuggle puppy is her best friend.  It really helped her.  She does growl at the dog she occasionally sees at the sliding glass door (her reflection).  I am hoping we can go outdoors this weekend if the rain ever stops."

Marianne reported on her and Kaiju's (AKA Mick) trip home to NY. "Kaiju made it home after a very long day.  We had some weather related delays and didn't get home till 4 am. He was such a good boy!  Took your advice for a wee wee pad in the family bathroom and he did his business. Didn’t make a peep on the plane until after we landed and were lining up to get off.  Then he barked and startled other passengers who had no idea there was a pup on the plane...Now he is meeting the rest of the family and playing.Thank you he is such a joy!"

Debbie M. wrote, "Hello. Hope you are well. Just an update on Sparkles. She turns one on May 6 and we have an appt for her to be spayed in June. I will email the paperwork to you from the vet. She is absolutely fabulous!! I love this dog. So much fun So cuddly. She sleeps with me and has taken over the bed. Thank you so much!" 

Victoria wrote about Honey, "Greetings Joyce! I just wanted to share that today’s Honey's birthday and she got a haircut- the full spa treatment! HaShe continues to be such a good girl and is oh so playful. She is spoiled with love, enjoys playing with & fetching her toys when thrown by her family. She’s all about the fun. We just adore her!"

Judy G. wrote. "Congratulations on the wonderful article in the monthly magazine. You were very positive about the breed,but saddened for it's  future. I especially liked the pictures by the decades.
Well little Nyx (Note from Joyce: that is Onyx, Pearl's mom) starts a new career in 2 weeks. We will be trying  'fast cat' the 100 yard dash.
She loves to run so I hope she will enjoy it. Last year only 3 Lhasa's had qualifying times, and in 2018 only one.  We need 3 qualifying scores to  get the title. If she is good on Saturday then we will go back on Sunday. The hard part will be me running the dash! It's only judged by qualifying time and by breed.  She loves agility and hopefully this fall we will be ready to trial.
All the other Lhasas are doing fine. TY won't do a down in rally, but he can do everything else with his flair. He still thinks he is  in agility class, so we move quickly through the obstacles."

Violet sent this photo of Shadow enjoying a nap!

And Rafe wrote a note asking why I had not included him on my list of favorites! Poor guy was overlooked! Talk about a dog easy to show and quick to finish! I started him at a show in early July as an older 6 mo. old, and he finished in mid-August, even taking a BOB over adults.

Apologies to Rafe. Here is the photo of his first Best of Breed!

This is one of my favorite photos of the two of us, him because he looks so regal and me because I was young and slim then!

Some Explanation
So, you might be wondering what Judy and Rafe were referring to by mentioning "the article in the monthly magazine" and a "list of favorites."

I was invited to fill out an interview questionnaire for the monthly ALAC Online magazine. What follows are the pages from that interview.


American Lhasa Apso Club National Specialty
This year the ALAC National Specialty will be held in St. Louis. Here is the flyer that has the schedule for the 4 days of the National.

If you love Lhasa Apsos and live anywhere near St. Louis - and even if you do not - you should mark these dates and plan to attend. You will see Lhasas from all over the U.S. as they compete in a "Lhasas Only" show!
I'll be there!

Thanks for reading the blog and special thanks to those who wrote and sent pictures. Remember - I have some beautiful puppies left so if you or someone you know is looking, have them get in touch at