Saturday, July 6, 2019

Happy Independence Day!

 "We, the People, recognize that we have responsibilities as well as rights; that our destinies are bound together; that a freedom which only asks what's in it for me, a freedom without a commitment to others, a freedom without love or charity or duty or patriotism, is unworthy of our founding ideals, and those who died in their defense."~ Barack Obama

Okay, Okay....I know the 4th of July was two days ago, but we can still celebrate, right? I hope you all had a relaxing and patriotic holiday to celebrate our freedoms.

I actually spent a good portion of July 4 at one of Macomb's Coin Operated Laundry facilities. Ugh! Our washer started leaking, probably a result of over use when we had all the puppies here and three or more loads of laundry each day were the norm. I have a Sears maintenance agreement on the washer but getting a repair person here took ages. He discovered the problem (a $3 gasket was shot), ordered the part, set up an appointment (for two weeks later!!) on July 1 and left. The day before the appointment, I received an email saying to call to reschedule. Over 1/2 hour on hold, a dropped call, another 1/2 hour wait, dropped call (yes, again!), and, I am serious here, a 20 minute wait and another dropped call. It was not my cell phone, I was using a land line. 

While I was waiting, I followed the advice of the recording that kept telling me to go online and chat with a representative. Well, I  tried. Even online "All representatives are currently helping other customers. Please try again later." The 4th phone call was the charm. A new appointment was scheduled, this time for July 11th. It was not even 15 minutes before I received an email saying that appointment was cancelled and I needed to call to reschedule. By now, I am basically beyond my boiling point. 

Skipping over the resulting wait and conversation with yet another customer service person (to whom I was very nice--it was not his fault!), I now have an appointment for July 16.

Thus the trip to the Coin Operated Laundry. We were out of clean clothes! It was a lovely, clean facility that was used by some really strange people while I was there. Enough said. 

I am eagerly awaiting having a working washer at home again.

Show Results
Finally after a month of not attending shows (too much work and time needed for the two litters of puppies), I was able to get to the Kettle Moraine show in West Bend, WI, the last weekend of June. The Greater Milwaukee Lhasa Apso Club was hosting a designated specialty show. My granddaughter was visiting from IA that week, so she and I went to the show and stayed the weekend with friends Jan and Karen in Jan's motorhome. 

I had entered Autumn, hoping she could earn some points toward her Grand Championship. Winter went along with us so she could get used to the sights, sounds, smells of a show. Her first point show is coming up on July 20.

Winter 5.5 months old
I do not have the pictures from the weekend because my granddaughter who took the informal photos has not sent them to me and because the show photographer has not yet sent the formal photos. However, just as a reminder of what Autumn looks like, here is a photo of her taken in early May when she finished her championship.

She had a great weekend, coming away with new letters in front of her name. She is now BISS (Best in Specialty Show) CH Joyslyn's Wind Song! Autumn won over 3 other champions on Saturday and repeated that win on Sunday over 5 other champions. It was an exciting weekend for me, for sure. On Saturday she made the cut in the Non-Sporting Group and on Sunday she was awarded a Non-Sporting Group 2 and a Non-Sporting Owner Handled Group 3. You can bet that I am proud of her. She has earned two majors toward her Grand Champion title and has defeated champions twice. She has a way to go yet. She needs to earn one more major and to defeat another champion at a show and to earn 15 more points before we can add GCH to her name. She will have a chance to earn more points at the next show, the Burlington Kennel Club show on July 20-21 that is being held here in Macomb.
It was great to be at a show again, especially because there were Lhasa exhibitors there from so many states (IL, MO, MI, MN, WI, OH). We Lhasa exhibitors are few and far between any more, so traveling long distances to shows is becoming more normal. We are all looking forward to getting together again in Albuquerque, NM, at the end of October for the American Lhasa Apso Club National Specialty week. Another nice surprise at the show was that Barbara from WI came to see me and brought her Joyslyn's Lhasa, Daisy (Joyslyn's Heart's Desire), with her. Daisy is 9 years old and has been a great companion for Barbara through the years, seeing her through illnesses and the loss of her husband.

Puppy Photos
The Breaker x Onyx puppies have all left for their new homes, but here are some photos of them, the last ones taken before they left.  






In addition to Winter (Joyslyn Mon Ami Winter Wind), we have a new up-and-comer in Millie. She does not yet have an official AKC name. Sometimes a name will come to me out of the blue. That has not happened yet with Millie.

Millie practicing to be a show dog

"Stop taking pictures already! I'm serious! Just stop!"
 This is Joyslyn's Moonstone (aka Stone). Love that face! This guy is in need of a special home. If you know someone who has no other pets and few visitors, and who loves to sit in a recliner watching tv hours on end, this is the dog for him.
"Who me?
We recently took some photos of Chance (CH Joyslyn's Moon Shadows). Here is one of them. Chance has such a beautiful coat! He is sort of a dope that mostly wants to lay on the sofa. We are debating about trying to find a pet home for him, but it would be hard to give him up, thus the debate. Pros and cons, pros and cons...

  Notes and Photos from Others

Mary sent 4th of July greetings and photos. Here is one of Rafe (GCH CH Joyslyn's Inherit the Wind). He is Autumn's sire. 

Jim sent photos of Daisy and a funny video of her watching cartoons and ignoring Jim's mother-in-law as she tried to get Daisy's attention. She must be quite a character! Here are two of the photos he sent.
 I know she is yawning in this picture, but it looks to me as if she is laughing!
The joke's on you!

Judy G sent an update about her Izzy (Joyslyn's Is It The Wind). "Izzy will be 13 on December 15. She attends rally class with Winny, and could be just as good IF she wanted to. In November, I may take her to a WCRL rally trial. You can bring treats in the ring with you. She will do anything for baked liver sausage. She's fun in the ring and a show off!…She's our entertainment. She was my doctor and comforter for years, but since the procedure, she no longer checks my face. I had a miracle performed on me and she knew it right away."

Debra wrote about her Seng Kye: "He is frisky.  He loves to play with balls and squeaky toys.  He sleeps the entire night.  He is very protective of me.  I have made an effort to get him socialized and he is responding beautifully. When I take him to Lake Cumberland, people can stop and pet him. He is incredibly beautiful. The groomer handles him without a problem. He is not friendly to strangers at the house but with reassurance he warms up to them and remembers them. He is unbelievably bright. He understands many words. He knows what "puppy prison" means and I put him in his cage (which is very large, padded and contains a bed) for his safety. He understands "comb out" and jumps into the chair. He comes when he is called. He understands "to see Jenny" and many other phrases.  He likes to tear up magazines. He has almost housebroken himself. He is the wonderful companion I was hoping for. He rides quietly in the car for five hours.

Seng Kye
Carolyn wrote about Paddy: "He is growing into a strong healthy Lhasa and I want him to have a long and healthy life…Paddy exhibited fear of many things early on. We worked through his discomfort and he would be back to a happy,playful, energetic puppy. Then, something else would unsettle him…I will also comment on his adult hair; there is no courseness to top layer. His hair is soft, cotton-like, and extremely thick, which mats so easily. I've never had a Lhasa with this type of coat. Regardless of bouts of timidity and different grooming methods, we love our Paddington and wouldn't change a thing…This wonderful, mischievous, intelligent, playful being is very much an important member of the family."

From Judy L about Gus: "Every day it is a challenge to help Gus learn something new. He is enjoying exploring things in the big yard with Whisper and Raven. Sophie remains aloof. Gus is so funny when he now takes GIANT leaps off of the sidewalk. He nails the landings. But jumping UP onto the sidewalk is still a challenge for him sometimes.  He is such a boy. It cracks me up. Nothing girly about Gus. He moves with purpose and curiosity about everything he comes across. Best part? His tail is always up and over his back, except when he is eating or sleeping. That means he is one happy boy. I plan to nourish that happiness…"

In addition to Gus, Judy owns two other Joyslyn Lhasas, CH Joyslyn's Midnight Enchantment (Raven) and Raven's litter sister, Joyslyn's Midnight Confessions (Whisper). Raven is Gus' great grandmother.

Here are some photos of them:
Gus sporting his first topknot

Whisper with her favorite toy, a tennis ball


 Raven's daughter, Luna (CH Joyslyn JaMa Dancing By The Light of the Moon) is Gus' grandmother. Luna recently left us to live in her "retirement" home with Molly Ann in Arkansas. Molly Ann recently send me a list of all the things that Luna has been experiencing and learning since she left us. Luna loves sleeping on the bed and exploring her new environment. Here are two of the photos Molly Ann sent.

Violet keeps in touch regarding her dog, Shadow. Shadow is a littermate to our Bekka and Chance. Here is a recent photo that Violet sent of him. She describes him as devoted and quite, seldom barking. He enjoys meeting and playing with other dogs. He gets carsick!
I have received a few updates and photos from owners of puppies from the Josh and Bekka litter.

From Stephanie, "Addison is adjusting well. We thought about keeping [the name] "Pippi" but "Pippy" and "Tiffy"sounds too much alike. To incorporate Heart, we were going to call her Addison Sweetheart. Watching her play with the others we decided she’s fearless so we were thinking more on the lines of Addison Braveheart. But, since Lhasa Apso translates to bearded Lion dog, we’ve decided her name is Addison Lionheart ❤️...Here she is cuddling with Tiffy."

Addison cuddling with her new friend, Tiffy, a Havenese
"Eddie" wrote me: "Dear Grandma, I am settled in very nicely and bonding with Mommy.  I am a little bit  standoffish with Daddy, but we will get there. I object to being in my crate if Mommy and Daddy have to leave for a little bit but my objections are becoming less and less each time I go in. I had my appointment with the Vet today and he says that I am
a really great puppy and he also loved my name."

From Kathy: "Jampa is doing great. The routine for feeding and going potty is getting better and better…He seems to like the grooming. Getting him to lay quietly on his side is another story!  Once in a while, now, he will relax almost on his side.  It will come. We've been to a few puppy classes locally, and in early July we start an 8-week puppy class that is more structured.  He will already sit, lay down, "speak", (and sometimes, "leave it". :-) at home. Loves to chew on his toys, and always wants one of us around!"
Michele wrote, "Trinket has really captured my heart and is a very sweet, sociable, playful and happy dog. Everyone who meets her instantly falls in love with her."
 Janet wrote about Pebbles [aka Gracie here], "Good morning Joyce, Thought this was way to cute not to share with you. She is doing great.  We are so PROUD of her.❤️ Hope all is going well with the rest of your puppy’s. More later."
Nick wrote "My parents and I made it safely back to Indiana with our new puppy, who we have named Zoey. [formerly Rosie]  Zoey was an amazing car rider and slept most of the ride except for a few times she woke up and wanted to play.  She had a good first night, too, as she seemed exhausted...Zoey is doing great. She and Lilly (our existing dog) are getting along great and pretty inseparable. We are so happy that we picked her—she’s a personality and a half."
Lilly cuddling with Zoey

That's it for the updates! As you can see, a lot has happened since I last posted in mid-June -- not one free weekend...and this weekend is my only open one in July. People ask me, "How do you do it?" I respond, "Ask anyone who is busy how they do it. You just do. You do what has to be done and then go on to the next thing. Sometimes you regret your choices. Sometimes you congratulate yourself on being so smart! Sometimes you wish things were different. Sometimes you would not have it any other way."