Monday, December 5, 2022

Welcome December!!!


"You will find the road to Christmas where all your hopes and dreams come true, and your heart will know the magic that the season brings to you.~ Ann Garnet Schultz

Well, November sped by fast enough, and here we are, preparing for the Christmas holiday season. I have to tell you that I already received the gift I have been wishing for -- a new AKC champion! We attended a show in Grayslake, IL, on November 19 and 20. Pearl won Winners Bitch both days, earning 2 points and bringing her total to 13. Fifteen points are needed for a championship.
Hurray for Miss Pearl, who, on the final day of the shows last weekend in Belleville, IL, won Winners Bitch for 3 points and then went on to beat the Specials Bitch for the Best of Opposite Sex award, which gave her yet another point! And, we went into the weekend needing 2 points. The extra two were the gravy! So Pearl is now officially known as "CH Joyslyn's Satin and Pearls."

Notes and Photos
So many of you have been kind enough to send me notes and photos that I am going to go straight to sharing them! They are all wonderful and I am so grateful that you took the time to think of me and send updates and pictures.
Debi sent photos of Lacey and Lacey with her new kitten friends. She wrote about adopting a cat that turned out to be pregnant. Now Lacey has lots of friends! Debi wrote,"Lacey is just wonderful!  She is always a joy!  She still loves to steal things, especially reading glasses and dryer softener sheets, but she gives them up a little easier than before, lol.  She also loves all critters.  There was a guinea pig at the pet shop, so every time we went there, she remembered where it was and had to go see it first thing when we walked in, lol.  She was very bummed when it was not there anymore.  She was looking everywhere for it..." 
Later in her message Debi wrote about the new kitten. "When it was finally okay to properly introduce the kitten (we named her Luna) to Lacey, they got along great. Lacey just loves Luna and Luna really likes Lacey.  She rams her head into Lacey and Lacey loves to groom her. When Lacey gives us kisses, she always sneaks in a gentle "love bite" especially on our eye brows, lol.  So she does the same to Luna. They really like to lay next to each other." 
Debi also wrote about Lacey's reaction when she (Debi) was recovering from a surgery: "Lacey would not leave my side!  Not even to eat or go potty!  We had to convince her that It was okay to go with daddy to eat and go outside, lol.  She finally did, but came right back to me afterward.  She now sleeps in bed with us and is loving that!"

Lacey watching over the kittens

Maria wrote about Ella: "She’s now 10 years old!  So hard to believe. She is our 3rd Lhasa Apso for us. Dan and I talk about how they have all had different personalities but all have had what we call that Lhasa strong. Ella is a very sweet pup and Lhasa strong! We like that!  She insists on and loves her long walks. And she travels with us. She’s always the first ready to go. Loves it when her suitcase comes out of the closet!  Ella is very compassionate and gives lots of hugs and kisses. Even during Covid while visiting our parents through a window. She joined us every time. And sent her puppy love right through the window. She gives such joy!We think of you often and are happy to have Ella with us!"

Cathy said that Willow has taken over her heart and house. Willow's favorite morning romp is running laps up and down the hallway.

Vicki wrote to let us know what they named their puppy. "Quincy is his name, and Joyslyn’s Quizzical Quincy is his registered name. He was a dream traveler and has already given us many kisses. Best Christmas present ever! Thanks again." 

Shannon sent photos and an update on her Minnie. "Happy Holidays! I hope you are doing well and had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
I wanted to send a few updated photos of Minnie- I truly can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years since bringing her home. She is sassy, talkative, SO cuddly, and follows me everywhere! She isn’t a big fan of meeting new people/dogs but loves her “core people” fiercely! Her favorite things are ice cubes, treats, and being held by mommy! (she is spoiled rotten, I can’t help it! 🤣) I just can’t thank you enough for bringing us together. She is truly my best friend and greatest blessing ❤️"

Doreen wrote about how her puppy (Henry) and her Augie are getting along. "Took a couple of days, but I think these guys might actually like each other 👍Henry is not intimidated by Auggie’s size-he walked up this morning and pulled a bone away from him. Anyway, lot of compliments on how beautiful Henry is and his sweet disposition. Thanks for such a great guy." 

Connie sent a picture of Kiara.

Frank wrote about "Goldie." She is beautiful and a very happy puppy.  She ran around a little and followed everyone around whenever they walked.  Ultimately, she cuddled with my daughter until she fell asleep.  No whimpering, whining, or barking all night.  We can't believe we were so fortunate in your selection and there is immediate love in the air.  Everyone is so happy! Providing this puppy has changed our family environment and filled our hearts with love once again.  She reminds us of our Lola is so many ways, but definitely has her own distinct personality.  We look forward to learning about each other and creating new and exciting memories. I don't know how to express my gratitude for all that you have done, other than to say, thank you and we will love and care for her always."

Debbie wrote about Sparkles: "
She is just wonderful. Great temperament. Beautiful coat. Prances on a leash and loves to cuddle in my lap. My sweetie."
Victoria wrote about Honey: "We are grateful to have Honey apart of our family! Honey’s thanksgiving recipe:1-1/2 years of love, natural sweetness, play, cuddles, and a tad of spoiled.

Gwen posted this photo of Mozart, fresh from the groomer.

LaVonne sent this picture of her Cooper doing some window gazing. Cooper is the son of our (now Mary R's Rafe) and the sire of our Archie.

Snickers' mom wrote: I thought this picture shows he is so adorable with his toys. I bought new slippers and they have bells and he was “mommy bought me a new toy” 

Judy wrote, "I picked up Lippy's rabies license tag at the post office this afternoon. A few minutes ago, I removed Lippy's collar and proceeded to attach his license to the ring that hold his ID tag. Lippy was so excited! Seriously. He was joyful and leaping up and down, as if the most exciting thing in the world was happening. I guess he felt like an outsider without the jingle-jangle of the ID tag and license together. Funny boy!"

Here is a nice picture of Judy's Gus and Lippy.

Larry wrote about Marco's first experience with snow, "Wasn't too sure at first, but loved it now. We have booties for him when it really gets cold." And sent a Christmas photo of him. Marco is an Archie kid.

Michelle wrote. "I just wanted to thank you for our beautiful boy on his 3rd birthday! It’s been a good day except he’s been stuck inside all day except for potty time because of the cold and snow. So I got some of his interactive toys out, the snuffle mat is always something he likes. Unfortunately his birthday toy didn’t last long, he got the hat off and it’s tearing open in the back! Maybe I can sew it back together to see if it will last a bit longer. I hope all is well with you and your family and the dogs and puppies as well! I still really enjoy reading your blog, it always makes me smile to read about the shows and puppies and of course all the other Joyslyn’s Lhasa’s out there that we are lucky to have to love!"

Sally sent pictures of Jaxon looking so regal and of Ginger after her romp in the snow.

Becka sent pictures of Karma and an up-date. "Karma is blossoming into a sweet girl with lots of attitude and spunk. She loves playing with Donnie(AND waiting to try to steal his food...). 'Leave it' seems to mean lay really close to brother and stare longingly at his bowl while he slowly eats his food. It's a work in progress."

Nanda sent this photo of Ty.

Remember our tiny girl Minnie, who weighed just a bit over 2 ounces at birth. Owner Raquel says she now is just 7.9 lbs. Here is a photo of her.

Jill sent this picture of Shadow (the black dog in the background) and Breaker. She got them both from us as adults. 

Here are photos of Duncan, who will soon be leaving for his new home and of his sister, Ebony, who will (I hope) be our next show dog. Both are black and tan. Both are now 10 weeks old. Their sire is Archie, and Emmy is their mom.

And here is a picture of something I bought myself for Christmas:

Got it from Amazon. I think it cost $10.

From the Lhasa Apso Standard: Hindquarters: Well-developed rear assembly. Angulation of hindquarters should be in balance with forequarters to provide equal reach and drive. Legs - Heavily furnished with hair. Hocks - Well let down, set slightly behind the point of buttocks, perpendicular to the ground and turn neither in nor out. Feet - Same as forefeet.

Speaking of the Lhasa Standard, Jan Graunke and I will  soon be on our way to Orlando during the AKC National week to give the Lhasa Apso seminar for 29 (at last count) people who would like to someday judge the breed. It is a long trip at a very inconvenient time of the year, but judges' education is really important, so we do it.

The America Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has information on pet safety during the busy holidays. Check it out at,curious%20pet%20chews%20the%20cords.
Well, you have to see this twice because it refuses to be deleted! Yeah technology!!
That's it for today. Thanks for reading the blog. A special thanks to those of you who own our Lhasas (or maybe they own you?). We appreciate your trust in us!

Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas. May all your Christmas wishes come true.

Joyce and the Lhasas at Joyslyn