Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some History

Today, I decided to go back in time and give you a peek at some photos from the album of our first champion and first Special, Ch. Joyslyn's Piece of the Rock. At the back of his album is a one-page clipping from Dog World's June 1978 issue. This issue was an annual issue published by Dog World which featured the "Ideal" of each breed. The offer was extended to us for Rocky to appear as the  "Ideal" and we were thrilled to accept. (However, I must admit that we had to pay a hefty advertising fee for the privilege!)

First note that the issue includes the old standard which lists color preferences. It says, "Golden, sandy, honey, dark grizzle, slate, smoke, parti-color, black, white, or brown. This being the true Tibetan Lion-dog, golden or lion-like colors are preferred. Other colors in order as above. Dark tips to ears and beard are an asset."

Now, of course, under our current Standard, all colors are equally accepted with or without the dark tippings.

The picture is of our multiple-Group-winning American Canadian Champion Joyslyn's Piece of the Rock. Rocky's photo was taken by Steve Newell for that issue.

I doubt if you can read the copy, so here is what it says, "With great pride we accepted the offer for our multiple-Group-winning Ch. Joyslyn's Piece of the Rock to represent the Lhasa Apso in this issue. Rocky is a young dog who is upholding the fine traditions of winning and producing for which his line is noted. Rocky's great-grandsire is top producing BIS Ch. Everglo's Spark of Gold ROM; his grandsire is multiple-BIS Ch. Arborhill's Rapso-Dieh (ROM pending ALAC approval), and his sire is BIS Ch. Arborhill's Rah-Kieh ROM.

Rocky is a light golden, well-balanced compact dog. He is 10 ½" tall and weighs approximately 18  lbs. His outline—level topline, long arched neck, and tail perched atop his back—is impressive, as is his smooth effortless movement.

Used at stud on only a limited basis, Rocky has clearly indicated his potential as a great producer. He passes on his elegant outline, straight front legs, tight reverse scissors bite, lovely expression, and easy-going, lovable temperament.

Pointed at 7 months, Rocky went to handler Marjorie Lewis at 13 months and finished in 5 straight shows with three majors. He began his specials career two months later with Marge. Together they have become the top winning Lhasa team in our area of the Midwest. Our ultimate goal is, of course, a Best in Show, for it is our dream that Rocky be the fourth consecutive dog in his line to win the top award.

Rocky's breeders are Lynn and Joyce Johanson, JOYSLYN'S LHASA APSOS, and he is owned by Joyce Johanson and Ethel Hines.

At Joyslyn's we breed with the Standard as our guide and strive for high quality in confirmation and temperament. We proudly offer Rocky at stud. His fee is $150."

Unfortunately, Rocky never achieved the BIS goal we set for him, but he was our first champion and his show career plus the careful mentoring given me by his handler Marge Lewis, set Joyslyn's on a course I would never have imagined when we first decided to show our dogs. Now, almost 36 ½ years after Rocky's birth, I look back at his photo album and relive a lot of memories.

Thanks for letting me share them with you.

Pictures from Rocky's album include the one of his first point, taken in September 1975 when he was 7 months old (and I was a young 24)!  Note the scruffy tail! The next is of Rocky and Marge after his first major win in March 1976, age 13 months. Notice if you will how much his coat grew in those months. The third is of Rocky and Marge, taken after a group win in September 1977, age 2 years, 7 months.

Rocky & Joyce, Sept. 1975

Rocky & Marge, March 1976

Rocky & Marge, Sept. 1977

Life is good when you have a Lhasa to love you!


P.S. In case you did not know, if you click on a photo you can enlarge it. If you want to read the entire page from Dog World, just click on it and you can magnify it from there.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sharing A Picture

Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,
Is our destined end or way;
But to act, that each tomorrow
Find us farther than today.
~from Henry Wadsworth  Longfellow's A Psalm of Life

I don't know if teachers make children memorize classic poems any more, but "back in the day," we had to. The quotation above comes from one whose lines have stayed with me many years.  Too many times we "wish" we had this or that or we "want" this or that to change. How many times do we act by setting goals and telling ourselves not "I wish" or "I want" but "I will" and then "I can do this!"?

Ch. Joyslyn's Heartbreaker
In my last post, I said I would share the picture of Breaker taken when he won the Group 4 placement at the Iowa City show. So…here is the picture. Note that I cropped it to show only Breaker because, as usual, the picture of me was not-so-good. In this case, eyebrows up in a questioning fashion, I was looking at the photographer, asking, "How's this?" However, given a choice, I'd rather the dog looked great. The photo is about the dog, not about me.

When I posted the picture on Facebook, someone sent me a private message asking about the products I use on his coat. I have to confess that there is nothing special or no single product/brand to which I have sworn allegiance.

One belief I have is that if you want to grow coat, you have to keep the coat clean. Brushing a dirty coat causes damage. While I do not bathe the dogs weekly, I do make sure to wash their feet, skirts, bellies, ear fringes, and faces before they are groomed. I fill the utility sink with about 4" of warm water to which I add about ½ cup of rinseless shampoo. The dog stands in the sink, and I work the soapy mixture into the coat. No rinsing is necessary. I squeeze as much moisture from the coat as possible, then let the dog air dry for about a half hour or so then groom him/her. If I'm in a rush, I'll use the hair dryer.

Regarding rinseless shampoos: numerous brands are on the market. My favorite is Kenic's product, but all the major dog product brands carry a rinseless shampoo (also known as a dry shampoo): Bio-Groom, Kote-Glo, Chris Christensen, PurePet, Nature's Miracle, to name a few.

So, Kenic's Dry Shampoo is a favorite, as is the Kenic Grooming Spray. However, I also like Nature's Specialties' Quicker Slicker grooming spray. Nature's Specialties also carries a re-moisture product that can be diluted to be a light conditioner, used full strength with dog wrapped in a warm towel as a deep conditioning "hot oil-type" treatment, or anything in between.

Right now I use the JB Golden Almond Mat and Tangle Removing Spray, but it is no longer available so it's treated as a valued resource at our house! So far, I haven't found a replacement, but I have a half-gallon left so it is not time to panic yet. It gets pulled out only in cases of severe mats and, fortunately, those are few. JB Golden Almond Shampoo and JB Golden Almond Conditioner have also been favorite products for bath time. I found a Tea Tree Oil Shampoo at Sally's Beauty Supply that I tried on my hair and then decided to try on the dog's coats. It and the Tea Tree Oil Conditioner have been giving good results too.

At the shows and for grooming after a full bath, I use the Crown Royale grooming spray. It smells great, goes on light, and makes the dogs look great too!

On another topic: Puppy update…everyone from the February litter has a new home or has been spoken for. The next litter is in the planning stage. We'll be breeding Belle to a friend's champion. She was due to come in season in June but, being Belle, is doing things in her own sweet time, so we're just waiting…

Life is good when you have a Lhasa to love you.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Great Day!

It was a long day but a great day! I'm talking about Saturday, July 2nd, which began when I got up at 4:30 and left home at 6:30 for a 5 hour trip to West Bend, WI, with Breaker, Raven, Maggie, and Dreamer in the back seat of the Impala.

One of the first people to greet me upon arrival was Karen's granddaughter Emma, who is one of my favorite people. She helped me unload the car and laid claim to Dreamer. Dreamer thought it was a good plan!

The exciting thing about the show was that it has been a long, long time since 22 Lhasa have been assembled for competition in this area. Lhasa exhibitors were there from IL, MN, MI, and WI. It was so nice to see some people I had not seen for a year or two—Melissa, Val, Mary, Taiya, Jeanne, Stacey, Lisa, and Joyce, to name a few—and so nice to be with the usual group of friends again. We get to see each other only once a month on average. We compete against each other but are also supportive of each others' efforts. It is nice to have such friends.

The count was 6-12-1D-3B, and all of us were excited that there were majors at last. In addition, the Greater Milwaukee Lhasa Apso Club (GMLAC) hosted its specialty that evening, so we had the opportunity to show the dogs twice that day.

I showed Maggie in the first show. She moved nicely and took first place in the 6-9 month puppy class. There were two entries in that class. It's the first time she has had competition. The other few times she's been entered, she's been the only puppy. Breaker took Select Dog and earned a major toward his Grand Championship. I was not happy with his showing. We showed in mid-afternoon while the group judging was taking place. He was uncomfortable with the roaring and applause and became very skittish. (Sigh) His days as a special may be numbered if he keeps that up. It's so hard not to compare him to Walker, yet I know that is not fair to him. I guess I've had it easy too long and God decided I needed a challenge.

I'm one of those people who seldom win at raffles or Bingo.  That's one reason I never buy lottery tickets. However, fortune smiled on me yesterday when my $20 worth of raffle tickets yielded four nice prizes! (Given a choice I would rather have had Breaker show well!)

(And yes, I do know if you keep saying, "I never win" that you never will.)

I showed Raven in the 6-9 class that evening. She took first place out of two. Then the little darling went on to take Winners Bitch over the 9-12 Month Puppy, the Bred By Exhibitor, and the Open Bitch winners. What a wonderful surprise! She won 5 points toward her Championship with that win, so now she has 7. That win also earned her the title of "Best Puppy" in the specialty. It was only her third "real" show. She'd been at a match in late May and took best Lhasa puppy then Non-sporting group 1.

Although Breaker was calmer when he was shown in the evening, he was still not sure he wanted to be in the ring and was very antsy. He took Best Opposite Sex to the female who won Best of Breed, so he earned another major toward his Grand Championship. If anyone has a suggestion about calming capsules that actually work instead of simply claiming they do, let me know. Do they make a doggie version valium?? Maybe I'm the one who needs it!  LOL! 

Of course, we had pictures taken to commemorate the event, so I will post them in a few weeks when the photographer sends them.

Dreamer had a great time being passed from person to person. It was good for her to meet new people, and her tail never stopped wagging as people held her. 

By 8:30 I had all the dogs and equipment packed in the car and was on the road for home. Arriving at 1;30, I was grateful to have had a good day at the show and a safe journey home.

Once again, I have to thank the many friends who stepped up to help me, starting with Emma who helped me unload the car and who took charge of Dreamer whenever someone else was not holding her. Thanks to Stacey and Lisa who watched one dog for me while I was in the ring with the other and to Melissa and Joyce who did the same that evening. Thanks to Jan for taking Raven back in the ring while I was in with Breaker. Thanks to the GMLAC members for being so hospitable and putting on a great specialty show. Finally, thanks to Jane who called me while I was driving home to chat for a while and keep me awake.

Life is good when you have a Lhasa to love you -- and good friends to support you!