Saturday, March 25, 2017

Sick and Tired of Being Sick

“How do you feel?” she asked, trying to fluff his pillow. “Other than terrible, I mean.”
He moved his head slightly to the side. It seemed to be a sickly interpretation of a shrug.
“Of course you’re feeling terrible,” she clarified, “but is there any change?
More terrible?
Less terrible?”
He made no response.
“The same amount of terrible?”
~Julia Quinn, Just Like Heaven

For the past two weeks - now going on three -  I've been sick. The worst part was that I became sick the day my granddaughter and I left during Spring Break week to travel from Illinois to Nebraska to visit relatives. I did not have the flu. I did not have a fever. All I had was a cough—a terrible, hard, dry, hacking cough that would not stop. It totally saps all my energy. I dread the thought of hearing news that I passed this "thing" to people I came in contact with during our visit. And my poor granddaughter had to ride 8 hours in the car with me to and from Nebraska!

Many kleenex, many cough drops, many doses of cough syrup and NyQuil, and many miles later, I returned home and immediately crashed. The next day, the ladies at the clinic found a way to get me in to see the doctor. No sympathy from him ("Yeah, this stuff is going around." "We're seeing a lot of patients.")  However, he did proclaim I had bronchial infection, and he gave me three prescriptions (an inhaler, an antibiotic, and high octane cough syrup). The cough syrup did not live up to its reputation. By Wednesday, I had to go back to the office and just told everyone to stay away from me, which they were all glad to do!

Jenna, Josh, and I are supposed to go to WI for our first shows of the year next weekend. I have 4 more days to get well!!

Speaking of dog shows, I received the wonderful news from Greta's handler this afternoon that Greta took Winners Bitch today at the show in Ft. Worth, TX and won a 4 point major —an answer to my many prayers! She now just needs one single point to finish her championship. I am so grateful to Greta's handler, Sue Cannimore. Here is the photo Sue sent of herself and Greta after today's win. I'm hoping the official show photo looks as good as this one. Greta look lovely!

Joyslyn's No Regrets (Greta) with her handler, Sue Cannimore

If you are still waiting for news regarding our next litters, all I can tell you is that the girls were supposed to come in season in March. Nothing is going as planned. It is now March 25 and no one has come in season yet. 

Otherwise, I don't have much news. I do have one photo to share and it is a great one. This puppy is owned by Lynn Adcock. Her name is Amie, and I think this is a super adorable photo of her. She doesn't even look real! Amie is the daughter of Ch. Joyslyn's Highly Classified (Duncan) and Ch. Joyslyn's Moonlight Magic (Maggie). She was one of the puppies from the July litters. You can see by looking at this photo that she is full of personality!

That's it for now. I hope by the next post I will have more good news about Greta and can fill you in on Jenna and Josh's first shows of the year. Wish us luck!

Life is Better When You Have A Lhasa to Love You!




Monday, March 6, 2017

March Already?

 "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb."

Good ol' March can never decide if it wants to be winter or spring, so it tries to alternate days so we get a taste of both!

So here I am, back with the blog. Thanks to those of you who sent me emails saying you missed me! As you read from my last post, most of February was spent with my daughter and her family in Florida, where I went to help her with the toddler so she could focus on the newborn. The baby is a boy! Now the grandchild count for gender is even at two and two! For the women reading this, because women always want to know these things, the baby weighed just a few ounces short of 9 lbs. and was 20 inches long. It'd be fun to post a photo, but my daughter and her husband do not post photos of their children on social media.

I learned while I was playing with our 2.5 year old grandson that I need to do some exercising before my first dog show of the year, which will be later this month. He and I did a lot of playing on the floor and this grandma found getting up to be a bit difficult. Oh ... and he taught me more about construction vehicles and their parts, as well as about Monster Trucks, that I might ever need to know.

So, yes, time does fly and by the time we returned home, went back to work, got caught up on dog grooming, laundry, etc., what was left of February was not worth mentioning, and suddenly March is a week gone too!

 So, here are some updates on the dogs. The disappointing news (let's get that out of the way) is that the breeding we did in January did not result in a pregnancy. I know many of you are waiting and hoping we’ll soon have puppies available. We were too. We are hoping that one of the girls will be in season this sometime this month or next. She will be bred. I’ll certainly announce on the blog when the next litter is born.

Greta's handler has not had show photos taken, but Greta is doing okay. She is still a bit unsure in the ring, but she now has 10 points. She needs a three-point major and two single points to get what she needs to be a champion. I think there are majors where she is entered this coming weekend, so keep your fingers crossed for a day or two of judges awarding her Winners Bitch. It would be great to have her home again.

Speaking of Greta, an older sister of hers may be available. The owner is not sure yet what she wants to do, but is thinking that she cannot keep her because she and her older Lhasa have begun to fight. Obviously, if she becomes available, I'll help her find a home that has no other dogs. You can contact me if you are interested.

This past weekend we finally had a photo session for our Kimmi (Ch. Joyslyn's Heart Song). This photo was the one I liked best. Kimmi will be two years old in early May. It was just last year about this time that we were getting geared up for the shows in Manitowoc, WI. She finished her championship there at only 10 months old. She is a very pretty girl with an upbeat disposition and definite joy of life attitude.

I'm in the midst of trying to lead break our Onyx. My being away for over half of February put her training back. She is not especially thrilled to have a lead around her neck! The other girls at our house are having a good time playing with her. Kimmi and Luna especially enjoy racing and jumping and playing chase. Surprisingly, Shadow, Onyx's mom is much more sedate and less interested in romping with her puppy.

Updates and Messages from Others

As you might imagine, I have a lot of news and photos that have been emailed during the previous month. 

Renee wrote a note regarding a comment made in the previous post: "Hey Joyce:  Yes, we notice a lot more Lhasas in France than we see in the States. That's too bad. So often I meet people who say they knew someone that "had" a Lhasa. Namri is about to turn 16 on March 6 I believe.  He's aged a lot of late and it's sad to see (he's the love of my life). Luckily I have a wonderful groomer and great vet. Was thinking of taking him to France this year but the fact that they can't fly in cargo makes it really difficult. He has the old dog tests and does really well, but eyesight and hearing not too good, although he seems to know when I'm pulling into the driveway. Stands at the back iron gate and barks. He does love his mommy. Did I ever tell you I'd like a bumper sticker that says "I May Be Without A Man Some Day, But Never Without A Dog!" Will send photos of the gang soon."

Stacey and Lisa wote, "Hi from Miss Lola on her 6th b'day! Lola is still the most affectionate and social Lhasa we've ever known!  She is also incredibly cute, but still hates being photographed and runs from the phone. LOL." 

Judy sent this update: "Hi Joyce,I have missed your blog this month.  You always have so many interesting articles and puppy news. Well today little Miss Izzy earned her Canine Good Citizen! Yeah. She is working on rally, and I found a nearby dog sport group that offers a TDI. So maybe this summer she can become a therapy dog. She was the only dog today to take the test… Ty was entered on Saturday and Sunday at our trial and jumped 8 obstacles each day.We will add more each trial we attend. He and Odie were the only Lhasas entered. I will start jumped him at 4" as he loves to practice that low."

Mary sent a note about Belle: "…Here is a little agility title for Belle. It’s the intermediate title for this organization. The NDAL is an organization started by Bud Houstin, the owner of the Teacup League (agility). It’s a simple little event every month;  one course;  all run the same;  you can practice it. It’s suppose to be “non threatening” and fun. Bud was at one of our events not long ago and commented on my Lhasas….It’s not AKC  but it’s fun, simple, and easy. Belle’s weaves have improved in performance and speed…still working with the teeter woes;  we have a small plank I use in the kitchen;  my cats will tip it, trying to persuade Belle. Here’s our last video from NDAL:

Chuck wrote: "We are one Happy Family.  Cooper is so much fun.  He has so much personality. Thanks for breeding such great dogs."

Chuck and Steve's Cooper - a Josh x Luna puppy
Sarah wrote about Mick: "Mick has started going through the coat change. I love the long, beautiful Lhasa coat, but it was getting a little out of hand with the tangles, and, as he is so rough and tumble, constantly wanting to play and run around with Katie, we opted to get his coat cut down to one inch except for his hair on his head and tail.  He is so soft and his hair is so thick and fluffy--like a little teddy bear.  He is still adorable.  I hope/think you will agree.  Today, we took him to the Sugar Grove Nature Center and walked and explored through paths in the woods and prairie.  Mick had a wonderful time with us."
Sarah, Brian, and Katie's Mick - a Josh x Luna puppy (before his haircut!)
And here is a photo of Biddy, who is Cooper and Mick's litter sister. Biddy is a tri-color: Notice that she is black and tan with a white chest and white on all four feet. That's an unusual and lovely color!
Mickey's Biddy
Kyle and Holly sent a note about their puppy Riley, who is a daughter of Duncan and Maggie. "We wanted to give you an update on our sweet Riley girl. Riley has fit in perfectly with our family and everyone just loves her. She is full of energy and so much fun. We have enjoyed watching her figure things out in her own way and time. She is doing very well with potty training. As a true Lhasa she loves to boss around her BIG brother Reese but he doesn’t mind because that is the way it was with our first Lhasa. I've included a picture for you to see how much she loves him and how he is our gentle giant. She loves to play with her toys and boy has she already built a massive toy collection. At Christmas time her grandparents bought her over 15 new toys!!! She also loves to snuggle in bed especially on Holly's work from home days :) A week ago she had her surgery for her spaying procedure and she did amazing. She is already completely back to normal minus the E-collar which she doesn’t seem to mind because trust me it doesn’t slow her down.  Kyle and Holly"



Alicia, who owns Edison, Riley's litter brother, also owns the puppy from our November litter, the one we called Pearl. Alicia wrote, "I've been thinking of sending you an update but was hoping to get a decent picture of the two together. Alas, neither care to remain still for me.  We named her Quimby, after Ramona Quimby.  Much like her namesake, she is trying to be good!  The first couple of days were rough as Edison needed to make sure she knew he was here first. He is bigger but she is more agile so the puppy play is fairly matched. Quimby is a little bully though -- always taking Edison's toys and treats from his mouth. A playmate was just what Edison needed though; overnight, the chewing of shoes and nipping of ankles ceased (both things that occurred when we came home at the end of the day). Quimby is much more of a cuddly lapdog but is teaching Edison her ways. Most evenings end with exhausted puppies vying for couch space.  Both are incredibly spoiled and are loving the rough and tumble life of living with kids."

Quimby on the left, Edison on the right

From Mark: "Well this has been long overdue , I am admittedly a terrible picture taker. I just thought I would update you on one of the BEST of your beautiful  puppies!
You really hit it on the Nail—her name should be MIMI—everything is still Me Me and Play Play. Tam wanted to go out the other night at about 3 AM, so I let the both of them out. It is pitch dark, and Lili wants to try and get Tam to play with her ball ??? She is the Life of the Party and the comedian entertainer of our house, she is especially attached to TAM, our black/white Lhasa, she loves her to pieces, and of course Tam is the Boss and every once in awhile Lili oversteps her boundaries due to her overzealous nature and gets put in line quickly. Lili believes all of Tam's Nyla Bones and Toys are hers, and all of her Nyla Bones and Toys are hers as well. She is very vocal, a true Lhasa barking watch dog. She walks  around the house  constantly growling and grunting at God only knows what, but it”s funny ....
She is a perfect Dog, so loving and sweet in nature, she loves to meet new people and isn’t a bit standoffish. she does have the Lhasa arrogance. When she is busy, you can call her name 10 times she will ignore you but the easiest way around that is to, then call Tam, she will then come instantly, like didn’t you call me first as she of course is terribly jealous, She has to wedge herself between you and Tam, it is really funny AND she is very affectionate ,and loves to cuddle, she will jump in your  lap several  times an evening, roll on her back and paw at you so you get the right spot on her chest! She gets tons of kisses. She is attached to my son Collin, as he plays with her all the time. He has gone to college this year so she has to go check his room every night before bed, to see if he is there, when he comes home she runs in circles! She hates going to the vet , when we get in the car she shakes uncontrollably and stands up velcroed with her paws wrapped around my knee, its pathetic, but while we are in the waiting room, there isn’t a time that goes by, where somebody will say 'that is a pretty Dog!' All for now. Thanks again for allowing us to have LILI. What a personality!


Tam and Lili

I receive a yearly letter from Ken, who owns one of our retired champions, Davy. Davy and Ken make quite a pair. Ken loves Davy's long coat and refuses to have it clipped, much to the chagrin of his vet and groomer, who see no need for a Lhasa to have a long coat. It's been a running argument for quite a few years now and so far, Ken has won it! Here's one of the many photos he sent of Davy -- or I should say Davy and his pile of toys!

Davy and his toys

Other Things

Mary sent me this article and I thought I would share. The article is about putting a title at the end of a dog's name. Those titles are the companion titles for obedience, rally, and agility. The conformation titles are at the front of the dog's name. However, I think the article holds true for titles at either or both ends!

People often ask me why I show dogs. Yes, it is a sport but there is really more to it than that. The show ring is a proving ground for how well a breeder is producing dogs that meet the breed's Standard. That is a challenge--and besides, it's fun. Here is how AKC puts it. "What is the purpose of dog shows? For each breed the AKC registers, there is a breed standard which is a word description of the perfect dog of that breed. Standards describe the mental and physical characteristics that allow each breed to perform the function for which they were originated. The standard describes the dog's looks, movement and temperament. Breeders involved with each breed are attempting to produce a dog that most closely conforms to the breed standard. In this respect, dog shows are not unlike cat shows, bird shows, cattle shows, horse shows, etc. In fact, for almost every species bred by man there are competitions among breeders. AKC approved judges examine the dogs and place them in accordance to how close each dog compares with their mental image of the "perfect" dog as described in the breed's official standard." from AKC website

I've basically decided I'll show dogs until it stops being fun - or until I can't get up and down in the ring anymore!

When people come to my house to pick up their puppies, most comment on the water bottle adapters I have on a gate that separates the utility room from our family room. The dogs also have the water bottles on their individual crates. Why? Well, long ago I got tired of cleaning up messes caused by long coated dogs plunging their faces into water bowls. Not only did I have to clean up water on the floor around the bowl and wherever else the dog walked or shook, but I also had to clean up the dog (remember these are show coats and wet hair tangles). Certainly those of us with long-coated dogs don't want water bowl disasters at dog shows. Anyway, if you are interested in trying a water bottle for your dogs, here is where I get mine.

I would like to draw your attention to an article from Sheila Goffe, vice president for government relations of the American Kennel Club. The article, First They Came for the Big Top, Now They're After Your Puppy, is a wake up call for breeders and pet owners alike. The idea of no breeders, no pets seems to absurd that people find even the suggestion that that might eventually be the norm unbelievable. It is not just dog breeders who should fight the various anti-breeder legislations but also anyone who has ever purchased a puppy from a breeder. No more breeders due to strict and unreasonable laws means no more puppies. Look at the dogs you love and imagine a future without pets. It is no joke. PETA and HSUS have a goal not just to "save" poor shelter animals but to stop pet breeding altogether. And they have thousands and thousands of dollars to pay lobbyists so they can reach that goal. They know people find the idea absurd, but they are slowing introducing legislation across the US that makes breeding dogs very difficult. Read the article and comment if you'd like to.

Finally, another AKC resource you might like is this link to AKC's online publication, Family Dog.

And don't forget that Daylight Savings Time starts this coming Sunday! Wow...already!

 Life is Better When You Have A Lhasa To Love You!