Monday, June 25, 2018

Here We Go Again...FINALLY!

These past few weeks have passed in a blur. Here's an idea of how things have been going:
However, we need to add to those spinning plates items such as travel, dog show, grooming, puppies, guests...

I ran across an article about time when I was actually looking for information on the importance of children's play. The article on time really hit home. Here is a brief excerpt from it: "…being busy all the time does not increase productivity; it is instead a recipe for misery by taking the enjoyment out of everything…When you think, speak, and act as though there’s not enough time, your experience will reinforce that concept and continue to generate debilitating stress in a race of your own creation that you can never win." ~ Leah Kalish

She is so right. I can't seem to get off the hamster wheel though!

When I last wrote, we'd recently returned from shows in Bloomington, IL. I said I would post a  photo of Josh's Owner Handled Group 1 so here it is.

June has been a month of comings and goings. I was in Austin from  the 9th to the 13th at a conference for work, the annual National Association for the Education of Young Children Professional Learning Institute. I was home for a day and spent it getting Chance and Bekka groomed, bathed and ready to leave the next day for a show. We spent 3 days in Grayslake, IL at a show. Neither of my dogs showed well and I think it was probably my fault. I was so tired and just "not into it." Anyway, Chance took Winners Dog on Friday and Reserve Winners Dog on Sunday. (We did not show on Saturday). Bekka took Reserve Winner's Bitch on Sunday to the major. She took 2nd place in her class both days to her sister, Gabby. Readers of this blog might remember Gabby as Dottie, the gold and white parti-color puppy that is Chance and Bekka's sister. Gabby is co-owned by Jan Graunke, Karen Schlais, and me. We were very proud that she took Winners Bitch on Friday and Sunday for a 3 point major each day. All of the puppies from that litter that went to show homes now have points toward their championships. Beethoven has 4 singles; Chance has 5 singles; Bekka has 7 singles; and Gabby has both majors for 6 points. I am so proud of them all!

One of these days we need to take pictures of Chance and Bekka!

Once I got home from the show, I had to pack and leave again for a 2-day workshop in Galena, IL, that one of the early childhood projects that is part of my office hosted on the Project Approach. We held the workshop in the historic DeSoto House Hotel, which is a lovely hotel with a horrible parking garage. Parking spaces were small. (When I left I noticed that my car had a scrape along the back bumper on the passenger side. [$330 repair bill!!]) The ramps for each level were tight curves and served dual purpose as both exit and entrance ramps! Talk about scary! 

Our granddaughter is visiting and I am trying to keep a 12 year old busy and off her darn phone while I am catching up on grooming, laundry, etc. Our town hosted its annual Heritage Days celebrations this past weekend and I was nagged into riding the Tornado, the Scrambler, and the Ali Baba. I survived. Enough said.

She is going with me to WI to help me at the dog show this coming weekend. We will be in West Bend.

Here are photos of Greta's puppies, age 4 weeks.

Two girls

 These puppies were sired by our Breaker (GCH CH Joyslyn's Heartbreaker ROM). Their dam is CH Joyslyn's No Regrets. One of these days I will get around to matching people with puppies. They are so young, and I am in no hurry. All three are doing well and growing fast.

While we were taking pictures this morning, I  thought we should get one of Autumn, who is now 3 months old. She is a pistol -- very demanding and sure of herself. She is food motivated, so has been quick to learn the basics of showing (stacking, walking on a lead, etc.). She is cute and knows it! Her registered name is a combination of words from her parents' names. Rafe is GCH CH Joyslyn's Inherit the Wind and Kimmi is CH. Joyslyn's Heart Song. Autumn is Joyslyn's Wind Song.

Here are photos others have sent me of  their Lhasas. (If you sent a photo and I did not post it, apologies!!)




Rafe in front with Belle and Moka
Our son, Trevor, and his band, Black Fast, will begin their tour in July to promote their new album. We are very excited for the band and wish them safe travels and much success. If you are a fan of metal, check out their Facebook page and/or videos on YouTube.

As for me, the July calendar is not as crammed full as May and June's calendars were. I may actually find time to put  Leah Kalish's suggestions work for me, reminding myself that time is a friend and not an enemy.

Thanks for reading and for all your good wishes. More later...



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