Saturday, June 2, 2018

Catching Up; Sharing News and Photos

Happy June! 2018 is half over! It amazes me each month how fast the weeks fly by! Here in Macomb we've gone from winter right into summer. Temps yesterday were in the low 90's. I miss spring.

Two of Rafe and Kimmi's puppies left this weekend. We are keeping Autumn and hoping that she'll enjoy being in the show ring when her time comes. We've been practicing standing on the table for exam, and she is doing really well! Lead training will start soon also. 

Macomb hosts the Burlington Kennel Club dog show on July 21 and 22. This year the club is offering a beginner puppy competition. The puppies have to be at least 4 months old to one day less than 6 months old to compete. Autumn will be exactly 4 months old on the 21st and will make her ring debut then. If you live close, come to the show. It's always a good time for exhibitors and spectators alike.

If you have never been to a dog show or have gone to one and wondered what in the world was going on, here is a link to an article that might help you understand.

Greta's puppies are a week old. I'll write more about them at a later time. This first week has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs - puppies not nursing well and losing weight, Greta refusing to eat, multiple trips to the vet with Greta, Greta having mastitis. All the puppies now seem to be doing fine. Pray they continue to flourish. I'll post photos once they become a bit more photogenic! Each will be some shade of "gold" eventually, athough some will be darker than others. I was hoping we might get a puppy that was the color of his/her grandsire, Ch. Joyslyn's Highly Classified (Duncan).

Josh and I went to a 4-day show in Bloomington, IL, over the Memorial Day weekend. Bloomington is only two hours away, so we drove back and forth each day. The drive was stressful on only one day when our ring time was 9:05 AM. We both appreciated being able to sleep in our own beds each night. Josh was the only Lhasa there, so of course he took Best of Breed each day. He did not place in the regular groups but placed in the Owner-Handled Groups each day. We took a photo on the day he took OH Group 1, and I'll post that when it arrives.

In the meantime, here are a couple photos of Josh's wins at the WI shows in early May.

Josh: Regular Group 2 under judge Lisa Warren

Josh: Owner Handled Group 1 under judge Steve Hayden

Bekka and Chance were also entered in the Bloomington shows but since no one else entered, they were each the only Lhasa in their respective classes, so there were no points. They got to stay home that weekend. I think Josh enjoyed having all my attention for 4 days!

Here is the photo of Jenna after she won the last point for her championship at the Scott Co. Kennel Club show in Davenport, IA, Mother's Day weekend. (That was a great Mother's Day gift!)

Jenna: New Champion under judge Elliot Weiss

Here are a couple photos of our two new champions, Jenna and Onyx.
Ch. Joyslyn MLS Dakota Je Na Sais Quoi

Ch. Joyslyn's Onyx

Photos are now all we have to remember Onyx's long coat! I clipped her down the day after her championship certificate arrived from AKC!

 Onyx and Jenna are both Josh's daughters.

I received a photo of Cooper, a Josh and Luna son who belongs to Chuck and Steve. He is such a pretty Lhasa - beautiful expression! Chuck and Steve say he has a great personality too!

 If you are waiting for puppies, I'll start contacting people on the list in a couple weeks or so. I've got some travel for work coming up in June, so contact may be delayed.

That's it for now!


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