Friday, October 31, 2014

Part II: American Lhasa Apso Club National Specialty - Results and Some Pictures

Wednesday (continued)

The Top 25 Competition featured an entry of 16 of the Lhasas eligible to compete. Of those, five were absent. The Competition was judged by three judges, AKC Judge JoAnne Schullier, Handler Judge Wade Koistinen, and Breeder Judge Ida Watts.

The Winner was GCh Ch Kumi Kian Mion Parti in the USA

The Runner Up Award went to  GCh Ch Windwick Hylan Shotru Hidden Talent

And the People's Choice Award went to GCH CH Ha-Lee Kiki-Ari Captain Morgan


Thursday's judge for the ALAC Regional Specialty was Craig Grein.
  • Best of Breed was GCH Kumi Kian Strike A Pose
  • Best of Opposite Sex was GCH Ha-Lee Kiki-Ari Captain Morgan
  • Best of Winners was Mokiemas Once Upon A Time from the 9-12 Month Bitch Class
  • Select Dog was Ch Sundancers Rinchen Jimmer
  • Select Bitch was Ch Black Boots Stars and Stripes
  • Best Puppy was Mokiemas Once Upon A Time
  • Best Bred By was Sundancer Gypsy At Heart
  • Best Owner Handler Ch Black Boots Pardon Me Boyz
  • Winners Dog was Ta Sen Westgate Michel Gonet
  • Reserve Winners Dog was Riverview Hylan Shotru Our Wildest Dream (the dog pictured in the front of the line in the photo below)
  • Winners Bitch was  Mokiemas Once Upon A Time
  • Reserve Winners Bitch was Sundancer Gypsy At Heart

Josh took second in his 9-12 Month Class
Here's the lineup. The placements 1-4 were as the dogs are standing in the photo.

 Thursday evening was the Awards Banquet, Awards Video Program, and Auction. It began with a nice video presentation of the Top 25 Lhasa as puppies. Very cute! A second video featured the Lhasas who earned titles in 2013. Marsha Susag, pictured below, was awarded the Member of the Year Award.

The judge for Friday's ALAC National Specialty was Stephen Campbell.
  • Best of Breed was Ch Black Boots Stars and Stripes
  • Best of Winners was Ta Sen Westgate Veuve Clicquuot from the 6-9 Month Bitch Class
  • Best of Opposite Sex was Ch Monarchs The Messenger
  • Select Dog was GCh Red Fox Strike It Rich
  • Select Bitch was GCh Kumi Kian Strike A Pose
  • Winners Dog was Riverview Hylan Shotru Our Wildest Dream from the 9-12 Month Dog Class
  • Reserve Winners Dog was Joyslyn MLS Dakota Wind Breaker (my own Josh) from the 9-12 Month Dog Class
  • Winners Bitch was Ta Sen Westgate Veuve Clicquuot from the 6-9 Month Bitch Class
  • Reserve Winners Bitch was Sundancer Saskia Ladybug Fly Away Home from the 12-18 Month Bitch Class
Yes, you read correctly that Josh took RWD. The great thing about that is that there were enough males entered in this show to put into effect the AKC ruling that RWD earned a 3 point major! I was thrilled! I told friends (well, actually, anyone who was within earshot) that that is the first time in all my years of showing that I was thrilled to get reserve to the major. For those of you unfamiliar with dog shows and point awards, usually reserve is like 1st runner up in a Miss America contest. It's nice to be recognized but doesn't get you much unless the winner is somehow eliminated on a technicality.

This is the first year that ALAC has been able to present the 3 point major to a male. Last year there were not enough entries to make it happen.

Another nice thing that happened to me during the week was that Bobbie Wood asked me to show one of her Specials bitches in the Best of Breed class. She gave me her Lily to show and I just fell in love with Lily. She is beautiful and a dream to show. Here's a picture of me with Lily during Friday's Best of Breed. We made the first cut!

For those of you who want more information about the results - the placements in each class, the Awards of Merit, names of breeders and owners, etc. please go the the website of the American Lhasa Apso Club. The results are posted there.

So, the show is over but the day is not. After the show ended, I ran back to my room, changed into comfortable clothing, and helped tear down and clean up the ballroom area and storage area.  Then I began packing items and taking them to the car. A nice meal with friends at Ruby Tuesdays, followed by a long talk, some popcorn, and wine with my roommate, it was time to sleep.

Saturday (the 7th day)

On the 7th day, I did not rest. Up at 5:30 I continued packing, taking things to the car, removing things I'd thrown in on Friday evening, reorganizing things so they would fit again, and shushing Josh whose cries could be heard down the hall because he was certain I was leaving him behind whenever I walked out the room's door with another load. Once the car was loaded, I drove to a nearby filling station, gassed up the car, set the GPS for my son's house in Edwardsville, and Josh and I headed north. A quick stop to see my son and give Josh a chance to romp and chase Trevor's cat, and then we were back on the road.

Josh with Trevor (the cat was hiding)
Trevor is a member of the metal band Black Fast. You can find them on Facebook and hear their music if you go to the Bandcamp website. I have to put a plug in for them because I am proud of the guys' accomplishments. Buy their album online and help support four "starving" young musicians.

Finally, I wanted to point you to an interesting article I found while I was whiling away the time at the agility trial on Tuesday. Check out the Canine Chronicle's article beginning on page 230, "Ancient Breeds: Shih Tzu, Tibetan Terrier, and Lhasa Apso" by Amy Fernandez. It's in the Volume 39, Number 10, October 2014 issue that has a Shar Pei on the cover. I hope this URL works to get you there. If not, google "Canine Chronicle" and you should find it.

The End!

Life is better when you have a Lhasa to love you!


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