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Part I: American Lhasa Apso Club National Specialty - Results and Some Pictures

ALAC Specialty Week is chock full of activities. Of course, everyone attending has a different experience depending on their role in the club. A member who is only attending and showing a dog has a different experience than a member who is helping to put the show together, or one who is in charge of the raffle baskets, etc.


This year, Specialty Week started for me on Sunday. The Greater Milwaukee Lhasa Apso Club members (of which I am one) were hosting Monday's sweepstakes and specialty shows. Thus we and a few other ALAC member volunteers were responsible for setting up the hotel ballroom for the show. First we had to roll out plastic to cover the carpet for the grooming area. Let me point out that there are no "spring chickens" among the people who did this. We were on hands and knees rolling out and smoothing adhesive-backed plastic. Below, Karen and I make our first attempt at the job. We later perfected our technique and things went much faster (and smoother). The award for Fastest Plastic Layers went to David and Marsha Susag.

Once the grooming area was covered, we all proceeded to the storage room where we began loading the hospitality bags with goodies for Lhasas and people. Afterwards, some of us stayed to help the show chair and her husband set up the ring, lay the matting, and tape the matting down. Once the matting was in place, the show chair and I taped the corners, while her husband kindly offered the hotel staff a hefty tip to finish taping the rest of the mats' sides. Thank goodness they agreed to do it! My legs and back are still "feeling it," but by golly the tape held all week! Later other GMLAC members set up the trophy table for Monday's show. It looked great.

Trophies for Best of Breed, Best of Winners, and Best Opposite Sex

Ribbons and Prizes for Winners, Reserve, Select, National Owner-Handler Series, Best Puppy, Best Bred-By, Award of Merit


The GMLAC Sweepstakes on Monday was judged by Joan Lester. Winners were
  • Sashellie Sundancer Rhapsody's What About Bob from the 6-9 Month Dog Class
  • Joyslyn MLS Dakota Wind Breaker from the 9-12 Month Dog Class
  • Apsolutely Red Red Whine from the 15-18 Month Dog Class
  • Bodnath Maharani from the 6-9 Month Bitch Class
  • Riverview Hylan Shotru Oh What A Dream from the 9-12 Month Bitch Class
  • Sundancer Sakia Ladybug Fly Away Home from the 15-18 Month Bitch Class

From among those class winners, the judge chose Riverview Hylan Shotru Oh What A Dream as her Best Puppy and Grand Sweepstakes Winner
The Best Junior was Sundancer Sakia Ladybug Fly Away Home

And thus the week of competition began!

Here is a short video taken of Josh during the judging. He's the second dog.

That afternoon, Karen McFarlane judged the GMLAC Specialty show.
  • Winners Dog was Black Boots Pimp and Shrimp from the Bred By Exhibitor Dog Class
  • Reserve Winners Dog was Ta Sen Westgate Michel Gonet from the 6-9 Month Dog Class
  • Winners Bitch was  Ta Sen Westgate Veuve Clicquuot from the 6-9 Month Bitch Class
  • Reserve Winners Bitch was Sundancer Sakia Ladybug Fly Away Home from the Bred By Exhibitor Bitch Class
  • Best of Breed was Ch Black Boots Stars and Stripes from the 7-10 Year Veteran Bitch Class
  • Best of Winners was  Ta Sen Westgate Veuve Clicquuot from the 6-9 Month Bitch Class
  • Best of Opposite Sex was GCh. Ch Ha-Lee Kiki-Ari Captain Morgan
  • Select Dog was GCh Furchila Autumn Breeze from the  7-10 Year Veteran Dog Class
  • Select Bitch was GCh Kumi Kian Strike a Pose
Josh took 4th in his class (of four) at this show.

Here is a movie of Josh's grandmother, GCh. MLS Desiderata Lindy, who competed in the 7 - 10 Year Veteran Bitch Class. Lindy is being shown by Marsha Susag, Josh's Co-Breeder.


Tuesday was a different story. Instead of conformation judging, this day was set aside for Companion Events, held at the Purina Farms Event Center. It's a wonderful building, designed especially for dog shows and companion events.

This was the first year that ALAC has held an All-Breed Agility Trial during our specialty week. The trial was a great success. The day was long for those of us who volunteered to help with the trial, starting long before 8:00 and lasting until shortly after 5:30. It was wonderful watching the dogs run the courses. The Lhasas did not do so well but provided some comic relief for sure. I took a couple turns as a leash runner and as a pole setter.

A Joyslyn's dog, Ty (half brother to Josh) was running in the trial. He gave up early on and decided to run the course the way he thought it should have been designed. Here he is with his owner, Judy.

Obedience and Rally were judged by Virginia Kinion.
  • Obedience Novice Class B first place went to GCh Alasara Northwind Anbara Maestro BN, PCD, Rn, CGC with a score of 188.
  • Beginner Novice A was Ch Sterlings Diamond in The Ruff NR with a score of 190
  • Rally Advanced A was Ch Sterlings Diamond in the Ruff NR with a score of 85
  • Rally Advanced B was Ch Kumi Kian Forget Me Not CD RAE with a score of 98
  • Rally Excellent B  Ch Kumi Kian Forget Me Not CD RAE with a score of 96

Here's a photo of one of the Rally entries, Ch Takashi's Handsome Heartbreaker, who earned a score of 95 in the Rally Advanced B class.
Purina Farms is set in a lovely hilly countryside. Here are some photos taken from the parking lot in front of the Event Center. The fall day was lovely. Sadly, the photos do not do justice to the colors of the trees.

 Later Tuesday evening, ALAC held a Cut-Down Sweepstakes, an event featuring Lhasas with hair clipped to less than 2".  This Sweepstakes was judged by Donald Schwartz. The winner was Ch. MLS Dakota The Man in A Suit. Best of Opposite Sex was Ch. Hi Tide Evening Star.

Are you tired yet? We've just finished Day 2!
Josh -- Joyslyn MLS Dakota Wind Breaker


Wednesday's events included the Futurity,  the Maturity, and the Top 25 Competition.

The Futurity and Maturity were judged by Catherine Marley.
Futurity Results
  • Best Puppy was Ta Sen Westgate Vueve Clicquuot, from the 6-9 Month Bitch Class
  • Best Junior was Westgate Monogram Samara Murphys Law from the 12-15 Month Bitch Class
  • Grand Futurity Winner was Ta Sen Westgate Vueve Clicquuot

I'm proud to say Josh won the his class (9-12 Month Dog Class).
Maturity Results
  • Best in Maturity was Furchila Sasha De Oro from the 24-31 Month Bitch Class
  • Best of Opposite Sex was Ch. Apsolutely FFT Tell Me No Lies from the 24-31 Month Dog Class

I'll post more results in the next installment.

Life is better when you have a Lhasa (or two, or three, or....) to love you!


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