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A Birthday, Puppy News, Show News, Photos and Notes...And More!

“This morning, the sun endures past dawn. I realize that it is August: the summer’s last stand. " ~ Sara Baume

Birthday - Mine!
August is my birthday month - go Leo! 
"Age is just a number."
"You are as young as you feel."
"70 is the new 50 (or is it 40?)."
 I just keep telling myself those things!

Show Results
At the beginning of the month, Rusty, Emmy, and I went to Marion, IL, for the Crab Orchard Kennel Club's show. The venue was wonderful! The weather was hot and humid. Rusty did not show well on either day. Emmy took Winners Bitch on Saturday and earned 2 more points. Now she needs only one for her championship. She did not show well on Sunday. What would life be without challenges?!

My dogs know how to keep me humble, that is for sure!

Congratulations to LaVonne Bennett, whose Lhasa Cooper, earned his final points for his Grand Championship title at that show.

Cooper is the son of our GCH CH Joyslyn's Inherit the Wind (Rafe). 

Our next shows will be over the Labor Day weekend in Amana, IA -- four days of showing outdoors. Ugh...I hate outdoor shows. At that show, the weather is either super hot or rainy! Keep fingers crossed that Emmy gets the last point she needs to finish her championship!

That will be it for shows in September for us. Our next big trip will be to the American Lhasa Apso Club's National Specialty in MA in October.

Here is the agenda for that busy specialty week. If you live close, you should stop by and see all the lovely Lhasas that will be competing!

Puppy News and Photos
We have been staying home since we returned from the Crab Orchard shows. One reason for that is that we finally have puppies.

Onyx has three puppies, sired by Archie: a dainty black female, a dainty gold female, and a hefty dark gold male that looks black but is gold under all that dark overlay. Here are their photos:

On the Wednesday before the Crab Orchard show, Misti was obviously going into labor. I stayed up all night with her. No puppies. By Thursday morning it was obvious that something was very wrong. "No problem," I thought, I'll call the vet and get her in, probably for a C-section.

Well, that did not happen! My vet had the day off and was out of town. The part-time vet did not do surgeries. I panicked. I've only always gone to one vet clinic in the county. I finally swallowed my embarrassment and called the other vet clinic in town. God bless all who work there. They did not know me or my dogs but took me in and took great care of Misti. Yes, she had a C-section and, sadly, we lost puppies as a result of our long wait, but the remaining puppies are doing great. 

Here are photos of the Misti x Archie puppies - 4 females and a male.

Notes and Photos 
Thanks again to all who take time to keep in touch and send photos of their Joyslyn's Lhasas. It is fun to read about them and see their pictures.

Michelle sent this photo of Sunny and wrote, "Hi Joyce, just wanted to send you a cute picture! Our beautiful boy, just look at him, it doesn’t get any cuter than this! And he enjoys lounging in his bed! LOL!"

You might recall me telling you about Seng Kye, who wandered off and was lost and eventually found, but in really bad shape. Debra sent an update on Seng Kye: "I thought you would like to know that Golden Seng Kye is growing hair in the rear scraped off areas. He looks adorable. His coat is getting longer and is beginning to sway when he walks.  <Our vet> calls him a miracle dog."

Jessie wrote, "San is doing so well! We all love him so much. Him and my older dog are getting along pretty well too. He has been such a delight that we will definitely be getting our next puppy from you, when that time comes. Thank you!"

Kassia wrote about Miss Loo, "All going well! Getting bigger and better and behaved"

Kris wrote about Ti and his behavior around one of his special people: "Grandma fell down all alone at home one night and hurt her hip. We found her the morning after still on the floor. Her life changed a bit and she’s using a walker till she can walk safely again. When she’s exercising around the house - doing laps - he walks by her side the entire time. If she stops…he stops. No one taught him that. He is so responsible and respectful. He never goes in front of the walker, he never trips her and he’s not afraid of the walker either. We can’t speak highly enough of Titan’s temperament and personality. Thank you, Joyce!"

Sally wrote about Ginger and Jaxon, "A few silly pictures. Jaxon is so adorable and a good puppy! Ginger as you see is in his little bed- she has claim to everything but as I look out in the living room he is sleeping in her bed😂 . She doesn’t love him yet but he is a stinker and aggravates her quite a bit. As he gets older I know it will calm down- they walk great together so we do that a lot. Hope you are well and have time to relax although I imagine you have new puppies by now!" 

Note Ginger clear at the other end, keeping her distance from Jaxon!

Mary Reese, who owns Rafe and Belle, sent me this cartoon and wrote, "I think can apply to any aspect of training with our dogs. Congrats on your full retirement. Good for you. I know you will be busy with other things.Take time to enjoy your “free time”  if any. Your car breakdown was quite an adventure. Sure glad there were others there to help you and the dogs. Your Rusty sure has a beautiful coat--the red you wanted. Take care , enjoy the rest of summer."

Mickey on FB about Biddy: "Every night Biddy waiting for her dinner....watching my every move."

Rebecca wrote, "Happy Birthday!!  Hope your day is filled with love and sweet Lhasa kisses! Here is a pic of Carso pretending to be distinguished" ðŸ™‚

Carso is Archie's litter brother

From Violet, "Sometimes when I look at Shadow, I say to myself, I love him so much."

Debbie wrote about Sparkles: "First Professional Grooming ! And hours later the topnot with yellow bow is still on her head! She poses for pictures. Love, love , love this dog! Thanks" 

Paul wrote about Joey's new lifestyle (his and Pam's too!): "Hi Joyce, 
Joey really likes living in the motorhome.  He is getting used to helping me, going for wagon rides and meeting the neighbors." 

Here is one photo he sent.

Chuck sent a photo of his and Steve's Cooper and wrote, "Just saying hi and thanking you for breeding such sweet pups. Have a good night."

Cooper is another Rafe son. Such a beautiful face!

Congratulations also go out to new GCH Joyslyn's Beethoven's Fifth West, owned by Gwen West, and handled by Sue Cannimore. Beethoven recently finished the requirements for his Grand Championship!

Here is the 'More'...

#1 Check the ingredient list on your dog food and read about a study done on grain free foods with peas as an ingredient. 

#2 Here is the link to the August issue of Showsight magazine. See page 458 for the Joyslyn's Lhasa Apsos ad.

Showsight also has breed specific issues. Click this link for The Lhasa Apso online magazine.

apologies...I can't seem to delete the duplicate!
And for those readers who have other breeds or are interested in learning about other breeds, here is the link to all the breed magazines available from Showsight. 

#3 The American Lhasa Apso Club (ALAC)! You have read about it before and, again, as the club's membership chair, I invite you to join the club! 

ALAC is the AKC recognized parent club for the Lhasa Apso.

Membership dues are only $35 a year, less than a dime a day! That is a small price to pay to support the Lhasa Apso breed by supporting the organization whose efforts go toward breed preservation.

What do you have to do? Just email me at and ask me to send you an application form. If you know two ALAC members, you can ask them to sponsor you. If you do not know any current members, then just ask me to send you an Associate Member application form. No sponsors are required!

That's it for today! Thanks for reading this post. I'll be back with you again in September, probably after the Amana show!


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  1. Happy B=Day again. Always enjoy your blog. I hope to read the articles you included at some time. Love the puppers. You seem to have more pups close to Biddy's coloring. Biddy is Biddy. She just blew through the invisible fence this morning. She defies anything she can. She does not obey on the lose outside. I have to get her collar adjusted this week. She is on the lowest setting. Enjoy the shows and good luck. Biddy & MIckey