Friday, January 29, 2021

January Doldrums - Part 2

 Well, it is "one of those days!" I pushed a wrong/random key as I was working on the January Doldrums post and "presto" -- everything disappeared. When I got it back, low and behold, Blogspot did not give me an edit option. 

Messing around and (I admit) a few swear words later, I gave up trying to edit and just decided I would make a Part 2 to finish posting the photos and note from others. It just is not worth the frustration. Blogspot keeps changing things, but taking away the edit option irks me -- a lot!!!

So, as I was saying, back to

Notes and Photos from Others

Sally wrote about Ginger, "My tomboy before and after some play time 😂" and sent these photos:


and After

Here is Emmy's brother Tucker playing with his friend Rosie. Shelly wrote, "He weighs 9.11 lbs and loves wrestling with Rosie, chasing Scout who hisses the entire time (I secretly think he likes it as he looks for Tucker), barking at Pearce and giving lots of cuddles and kisses. Couldn’t imagine our family without him!

Joey (via owner Paul) sent me this message: "The sun hit my hair and it had a reddish tint to it. You can only see the red when the sun hits my hair just right. For some reason I love to bark a lot, which mom and dad don't like too much. And of course I am still biting and chewing on mom's and dad's arm and hands. I sure hope this stops soon. I really love the snow on my deck behind the house. I go out there by myself as much as I can to play and do go back in before I get too cold...As of Sunday morning I weighed 11.4 pounds even with all my running around the house and on my deck. I did get a phone and chewed it all up, I still have to have Dad send out the emails for me."

The phone Joey chewed!

Judy wrote about Ty: "Ty has started something new. He walks the first 2 or 3 jumps in agility and then starts running! Yikes! I am working on the basics of rally with him so maybe this summer I will move him to rally.  The hardest part for him is walking. He is always trots or runs everywhere."

Sharon wrote about Chance: "Jim and I both love Chance and consider him a part of our family. Chance is the best medicine I could have, he's so sweet and affectionate, and petting him is better than seeing a therapist!"

Lynn sent a photo of her Amie.

Kathy wrote about Jampa, who is a litter brother to Millie. As a matter of fact, the puppies we have now are from a repeat of the breeding that produced Millie and Jampa (and others!).  

She wrote, "Jampa is healthy and happy.  This is especially so since I have been home so much over the last 6 months.  He gets play time with me and taken outside to play in the snow (BRRR!). He has his favorite toys and we name them.  Once he knows the name, sometimes he'll actually bring the right one back to me. There is "Wombat" which you can see in one of the pictures below, and "Bunny", his absolute favorite.  When I have to mend Bunny because a leg is torn off or the stuffing is coming out, Jampa sits and watches me until I'm done and is too excited when I give the mended Bunny back to him.  (Don't tell him, but he's actually on Bunny #3 since some things just can't be fixed with needle and thread!)...Jampa has been shedding undercoat for about a month now.  I think it's finally over.  I'm not finding mats all over him any more (shoulder, his mane, and all the usual places).  I also think he's decided to change color--again. The new coat is black again."

I totally understand what Kathy is going through with Jampa because Millie has been blowing undercoat like crazy lately. I groomed her one day and it took about an hour. Four days later, I started grooming her again and what a mess. In four days she blew coat so bad that it took me 3 and 1/2 hours to groom her! I was afraid she would not have any coat left! Here is the pile of undercoat that came out of her!

She did have coat left and that scuzzy undercoat does have to come out, but oh my, what a mess.

Speaking of grooming, the other day I received a request asking what kind of basic grooming tools were needed for a Lhasa. My response was 1) a greyhound-style comb with narrow teeth on one end and wider set teeth on the other; 2) a pin brush (it should not have those little balls on the ends of the pins); 3) a face comb; 4) a boar bristle brush with nylon pins. I use the boar brush on feet. I do not use a slicker brush. I never learned how to use one the right way and not knowing (or caring to learn!) means I don't use them because if a person does not use one correctly then the results are not good.

It is also important to have a good grooming spray as well as a mat/tangle spray to help with mat removal. 

I have a lot of articles about grooming on my website. Go to  if you care to learn more.

As you know, our adults who are retired from breeding are available for pet homes. One such dog was our Maggie, CH Joyslyn's Moonlight Magic (the mother of Kimmi, who is the mother of Autumn, who is the mother of Emmy). Here is a photo we took of Maggie when she finished her championship.

Beautiful, right!!??
Well, Maggie's current owners had an artist do a painting based on that photo. The result was gorgeous!

Special congratulations go out to Gwen West (owner) and Sue Cannimore (handler) of Joyslyn's Beethoven Fifth West, who is a litter brother to Bekka and Chance. They are all Luna's offspring. Beethoven is pictured below after winning Best of Breed and taking Group 3 and Group 4 placements.

That's it for now! Stay safe and healthy! Wear a mask!!


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