Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring is Here! Right??

The first week of April has brought an interesting array of weather! Josh, Kimmi, and I went to a show in Manitowoc, WI, leaving warm spring weather in Illinois and arriving to wind, rain, cold, and snow over the four day stay. Back at home on Sunday, the temps were a wonderfully warm 76 degrees -- and the temps went down, down, down from there! Ah April!

Show Results

The show in Manitowoc was our second show of 2016. In spite of the weather, we had a great time at the show with our friends. The great news of the weekend for me was that Kimmi (10 months old) came home a champion. I am so proud of her. She was shown only 2 weekends, the first being in December 2015 when she was just 7 months old. She was shown a total of 5 times under 5 judges and they each awarded her a major. Of course, we took a picture after each win. I'll post them once the photographer gets them to me. Kimmi is now Ch. Joyslyn's Heart Song!

In the meantime, here are a couple pictures of Kimmi.

Generally we take some photos after a win when we are back at our grooming set up. We did that for all of our dogs except Kimmi! I suppose that was because we had the show photographer take the photos.

GCh. Joyslyn MLS Dakota Wind Breaker (aka Josh) took Best Opposite Sex, and Best of Breed Owner-Handled at Thursday's show and went on to take a 3rd place in the Non-Sporting Owner-Handled Group. Here is a photo of me (with my eyes closed!) and Josh after the Group. (That is Bob Alexander in the background.)

On Friday, Josh took Select Dog and Best of Breed Owner Handled. He went on to take Group 1 in the Non-Sporting Owner-Handled Group. Thanks, Karen Schlais, for taking the pictures. Saturday he also took Best of Breed Owner Handled, in spite of how awful he was showing! It was embarrassing, to say the least! We did nothing in the Owner-Handled group that day. He was just not into it! Since he was not showing well and since Kimmi was finished, we skipped the Sunday show and arrived back in Macomb about 6:00 PM, instead of the "closer to midnight" arrival time if we had stayed.

Kimmi's half brother and half sister, Stewie and Penny, also earned points toward their championships. Both were bred and are owned by Karen Schlais and Jan Graunke. Stewie took Winners Dog and Best of Winners on Saturday and Sunday, and Penny took Winners Bitch on Saturday and Sunday. Each just needs a few single points to finish.

Here is Penny (Karlyn Golden Tu Sing Soft Kitty To Me) after taking the Owner-Handled Group 3 on Sunday.

And here is Stewie (Golden Tu Karlyn Tattle Tail), after winning Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best Puppy in Breed, and Non-Sporting Puppy Group 3 on Saturday.

Pictured below is Mon Ami 'N Joyslyn's Shades of Summer (Misty). This was her first show weekend at age 7 months, and we were proud of her showmanship and attitude in the ring. Misty took Reserve Winners Bitch on Sunday. She is owned by LaVonne Bennett and co-owned by me.

Other winners that weekend included Orlane's Blowin' My Mind, Winners Dog and Best of Winners on Thursday and Friday. He is owned by Linda Kendall Smith and Bob Alexander. He also finished his championship that weekend. GCh. Black Boots Pardon Me Boyz won Best of Breed on Thursday and Sunday. She is owned by Polly Naumann. GCh. Shoyu Blowin' My Horn at Orlane won Best of Breed on Friday. He is owned by Bob Alexander and Melissa Papke. Mike Reinke's male, Ch. Oakwynd Paint By Number won Best of Breed on Saturday.

Greta and Jenna Update

Little Greta accompanied Kimmi, Josh, and me to the show. She is a shy girl and did not really come out of her shock at the sights, sounds, and smells of a dog show the entire weekend. It was a bit disheartening since she will be old enough to show late this month, and I intend to enter her in some May shows. She was a good girl in her crate at the show and in the hotel room, and she did not mind using the exercise pen. She just was unhappy and had her tail down most of the time. However, she was not so unhappy as to skip eating! She is a food inhaler! Greta's registered name is Joyslyn's No Regrets. I am hoping not to have any!!
Greta relaxing on the bed in our hotel room.
Greta and our other puppy, Jenna (Joyslyn MLS Dakota Je Na Sais Quoi) are doing okay with their lead breaking as we practice being "show dogs" up and down our street. I'm hoping all this transitions to walking on the mats in the rings at the shows. One step at a time...

We currently have some construction going on in our utility room, so all the dogs are getting used to hearing the unusual sounds of hammers and drills and saws. I am eager to see the results of the contractor's work. I've wanted that room updated for 26 years (that would be since the day we moved in!)

Notes and Photos from Others

Denise wrote this about Duncan (Greta's litter brother): "Hi Joyce, Duncan got his first grooming last Saturday! Look how beautiful he is. They said he was a very good customer."

From Judy L: "Joyce, I just opened the front door and Raven/Whisper were playing and fake growling at each other, and Raven was hopping while doing this. Cracked me up…Raven adores Whisper, and can't wait to be with her. She goes to the kitchen gate to nose-to-nose with her, and when I let Raven out the front door, she races around to where the doggie door is, hoping Whisper will be there…The Whisper and Raven reuniting has been wonderful for both of the girls. As you witnessed when Whisper was still there, both of them love to antagonize the other one. When they run and walk, they appear to be glued together. What a fabulous brace they would have been... Thank you again for allowing these two beautiful, loving, and awesome sisters to share their lives with me. I love them both so much and love them equally. They have such different personalities and each personality fits into my life in different ways. Whisper is my bouncy kissy cuddly girl, and Raven is my stoic, calm, and watchful companion."

From Judy G about her two Joyslyn's Lhasas, Ty and Izzy:  "Ty, our golden boy, isn't enjoying going to class by himself yet. I have thought about bringing Izzy back to class, but she now has decided she is above such lowly activity as agility.  I am back at Rush for another series of shots and IZ doesn't like the bandages. Rush is beginning to ask patients about 'healers' just as the University of Chicago does. Rush began this program when they found out about what dogs can do for their nurses and patients in the hospital. Dogs help lower blood pressure, heart rate, etc., and like Izzy, some can find where the pain is located. I was asked last Monday if I had a dog who knows where the facial pain is. Our Izzy is now registered at 2 hospitals as a healer. Unfortunately, no one has been able to prove this in a scientific study.  Ty, practices agility daily with me and runs several times a week with Odie and John on his bike. He knows left and right.  He is also visiting 2 homes on my 'Meals on Wheels' route."

 From Kathy: "Attached is a picture of our community college co-ed Sophie at her graduation ceremony for receiving her AKC S.T.A.R. award.  When not attending classes, Sophie enjoys Mountain Goat Leaping, Ironman Twig Relay, and Olympic Puppy Wrestling Competitions.  After a brief sabbatical to see the beach and get the “big operation,” she will return to school for the Basic Skills and Manners curriculum. She is guarding the neighborhood from a front bedroom window as I write this.  We love her to pieces, and she certainly has become part of the family."

The following is a note from Carol about a terrible experience she had when she took Sadie to a new groomer last summer. Carol keeps Sadie's coat long and mat-free. She had problems with groomers who only wanted to shave Sadie bald, even when all Carol wanted was for Sadie to be bathed and get her feet and nails trimmed.

Carol wrote: "Sadie was still in her full coat so I asked her Vet for a recommendation for a groomer that didn't just want to shave all dogs.  He gave me the name and number of the groomer who does his Yorkie and 2 Golden Retrievers, all in full coats.  I made the appt and Jack & I took her for a bath, nail trim, clean up feet & make her beautiful because I didn't have the time to do it myself with Mom in such bad shape in the hospital.  Well, when Jack and I went to pick Sadie up 3 hrs later we didn't know it was Sadie!  That awful woman shaved her to the skin.  To the point she was bleeding.  Jack burst into tears and I was livid.  She had No Explanation as to why she did that to Sadie.  She never had a single mat on her.  I refused to pay her and went immediately to the Vet to have Sadie's chip scanned to make sure it was her.  He didn't know what to say.  Gave her an antibiotic injection and sent us home with more antibiotics and shampoo to bath her in 3 times a week.  That so called groomer must have bathed her in a sewer.  She ended up with skin infection, eye and ear infection, staph infection.  Even her feet were infected.  I had just had her to her Vet the week before for her yearly exam and shots.  He could hardly believe it was the same dog that he had seen 5 days before."

I don't even know what to say about that except that I am glad she waited so long to tell me or I'd have been tempted to track down that groomer!

Sad News for the Lhasa World

Marilyn Lucas, a long time Lhasa breeder and exhibitor, passed away in late March. She was a friend and a respected Lhasa breeder. Her kennel name was Cozmos, and she produced many champions and noteworthy Lhasas. You might remember seeing photos and reading my blog posts about Luna. Luna was the result of a breeding that Marilyn and I did between her male, Logan, and my female, Raven. And Luna is only one of many beautiful dogs resulting from Marilyn's Cozmos dogs. She will be greatly missed, as will be her contributions to the welfare and preservation of our breed.

Puppy News

Sadly, there is no news! We are just waiting, waiting, waiting...for the girls to come in season. If you are on the waiting list and grew tired of waiting and found a puppy from another breeder, please send me a quick email message to let me know.

If anyone is interested in purchasing one of our retired champion adults, we will have adults (male and female) available to pet homes toward the end of 2016. These dogs will be available only to people who have owned a Lhasa Apso in the past.

National Specialty News

The 2016 American Lhasa Apso Club National Specialty will be held in Loveland, CO, October 24-28. I've attached the flyer with the preliminary schedule of events. If you live nearby or are looking for something to do in October, make plans to be there, even for a day. The dogs are beautiful and the event is fun and interesting.

 Purebred Breeders Are Such Snobs!

Seriously?? Yes, I was accused of being a "snob" because I breed purebred Lhasas. But, you know what, if that's the appellation, then I will wear it proudly. I am proud to be a purebred Lhasa Apso breeder of long standing and good repute. I am proud to be, as the new term for breeders such as I labels us, a "preserver" of the breed.

The Lhasa Apso has a long history and is certainly a breed that deserves careful preservation and appreciation. This is an ancient breed whose DNA has been traced back to the ancestral wolf. It deserves preservation by breeders who appreciate its roots and the culture from which it came. It deserves breeders who read the standard and breed to it. It deserves appreciation for its uniqueness and its history.

Those "breeders" who bastardize the breed by mixing it with Poodles or Cocker Spaniels or Shih Tzu, Maltese, or heaven knows what other kooky combination they can come up with and slap on a cute sounding "designer" label are doing no favors to the breed and are "in it for the money."  Do you see the asking prices? These breeders are not creating a healthier, sounder, better dog. Call it what you will, a mixed breed is just that. If you buy one, love it and take good care of it, but understand what it really is. A designer dog by any other name is just a mixed breed, a mutt.

Breeders who breed two Lhasas simply because "little Cha-Cha is so cute and everyone loves her and wants a puppy just like her," or because "the kids would love to see puppies born and experience raising a litter," or because "we need some extra money and the dog is our ticket" are doing the breed no favors. Breeders who breed without careful consideration of the potential sire and dam's pedigrees, their physical qualities and those of their ancestors, and their temperaments and those of their ancestors are doing the breed no favors.

So, yeah, you can call me a snob about my dogs. I've invested 43 years of my life studying and loving the Lhasa Apso and, as I and the majority of other members of the American Lhasa Apso Club get older and the end of our time as breeders and exhibitors draws nearer, the future of the breed becomes even more important to me. Who will take up the torch?

Life is Better When You Have A Lhasa to Love You!


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  1. Your Greta sounds like my late Keely. The breeder had hopes she would be a show dog, but she was too shy. She remained shy, but was a great pet.