Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Life Is Better When You Have A Lhasa to Love You!

High, high amongst the mighty Himalayas
A small guardian stands, listening in sacred places;
Eyes dark and wise, an elegant sentinel;
Undaunted in a harsh and forbidden land
Stand you, ancient guard, Lion Dog...
Lhasa Apso
Cherished Bearer of Good Fortune

Now, if I knew who wrote that, I'd give him/her credit. But I don't. All I can tell you is that I did not write it, although I wish I had!

Show Photos

I have many photos to share with you this week. When I last wrote, we had recently returned from a Wisconsin show. I have since received the photos from that show. This first one is of Kimmi when she won the major on Thursday, March 31. The judge is James Brown.

Kimmi went on to win her fifth major on April 1. The judge was Susan St. John Brown. This win changed Kimmi's name to Ch. Joyslyn's Heart Song.

Josh is now a multiple Owner-Handled Group winner. Here he is pictured after his Group 1 win at Manitowoc under judge Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna on April 1.

May will be a busy show month for us. We have shows every weekend and, yes, I am spending Mothers Day at a dog show. It's "my" day and that is where I want to be!

Greta and Jenna have been going to some classes and are making progress. We held the last practice session in my driveway. I would not say they are ready for the upcoming shows, but at least they are lead broken and walk with tails up. There's time for the rest to come. Greta will be in shows all four weekends. Jenna will be old enough to show after May 22, so she will get in two shows before the month is over.

 Emails and Photos from Others

I love receiving photos and updates from people who have purchased our puppies. Here are some I'd like to share with you. First, those of you who have puppies out of Windy (Ch. MLS Dakota Dancing in the Wind at Joyslyn) or out of Charli (Ch. MLS Desiderata Flight O' Fancy) might be interested in the news from Marsha Susag. (Marsha is the MLS and the MLS Dakota in the dog's names.) Marsha wrote last week: "It is with great pride that I report that AM/CAN CH Desiderata Mustang Sally ROM, RA, NAJ, RATI, RATN, ALAC Versatility finished her Barn Hunt Novice title today with a first place finish!"

Sally is Windy's grandmother and Charli's mother. Here are Sally, Marsha, and the judge after Sally's big accomplishment.

 LaVonne sent a photo of our puppy bitch Misty with the Non-Sporting Puppy Group 3 ribbon Misty won on April 24th. Misty is Mon Ami N Joyslyn's Shades of Summer.

 Mary wrote that Belle earned a new title. She is now Joyslyn's Beauty Secret RN NJP.  I had to ask what all that meant. RN = Rally Novice and NJP = Novice Jumpers Preferred.
Mary's advice to anyone training a Lhasa is this: "Harsh correction doesn't go well; positive reward or no reward is the best."

Kathy shared a quotation from Erma Bombeck: "I know that you sometimes like to start your blogs with a quote, and I found one you might like.  I know that you are extremely well-read, so you may have come across this one already.  It is from the late Erma Bombeck.  Actually, she was referring to her youngest child, but it reminded me so much of life with a Lhasa, that I wanted to pass it along to you: 'You quicken our steps, square our shoulders, restore our vision, and give us humor that security, maturity, and endurity can’t give us.'” 

Thanks Kathy, because that Bombeck quotation really does reflect what Lhasas bring to our lives.

They also, like children, bring us some frustration, as hinted at in Marilyn's message about her Maci.
"Maci had her check-up and shots last week. She weighs 12lbs. 6oz. and the vet said she is full grown and very healthy. Here is a pic after grooming yesterday. I worked and Dennis took her. When I asked how she was, he said Vicki didn't say she was bad, but there were no gold stars on her crate!!! You can read that any way you want."
I heard from Barbara about her Daisy: "She just gets more Precious everyday - just when you think her personality cannot get better, it does.  Everyone still wants to steal her from me.  Like Tom called her his "PP - Precious Puppy" she will remain that forever!!!!  Last December I took her to a professional groomer who has been grooming for 25 yrs….She said she has NEVER had a dog like her nor a coat like hers.  She asked me how I wanted her groomed and told her, like a stuffed animal, and that is exactly what I got...She absolutely loves her grooming.  We still walk our 2.2 miles everyday, weather permitting.  In winter she still wears her red latex boots and sweater and lets me put her boots on with NO crabbing.  She lays on her back on the sofa and gives me one paw at a time.  Friends tell me that if they did not see it with their own eyes, they would think I was crazy!…thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart, for my Precious Daisy.  Oh, forgot - took her to a nursing home and the patients went absolutely crazy over her.  Going to try to do that once a month. My three neighbors are there. Took us 45 minutes to get from entrance door to the friend we went there to visit cause everyone wanted to pet her and put her on their lap.  Another example of the love she gives.  If she could only talk but her eyes do all the talking for her.  She still does NOT bark - only when she and I roughhouse with her toy!…Who ever said you cannot accent a daffodil garden with a "Daisy" !!!!!  Miss Daisy Mae is definitely my  precious big helper.!"


Kristi wrote, "Hello Joyce, I hope this email finds you well. Kimmi is stunning and a huge congrats to you both!  Vader is doing amazing!  I decided to cut his long beautiful coat. I might say I regret it, but he is a licker. Tricki is short, and Vader was just licking matts into his coat daily. It broke my heart but it was becoming a burden on us both...Good luck on the shows this spring and summer I know you and your babies will do amazing. "
Vader is the dark Lhasa in front, Tricki is the gold Lhasa
Cindy wrote, "Charlie is all Lhasa, independent and likes running things but is very sweet and loving.  He is playing well with Maizen and it is amusing seeing their continual chases and tug of wars." 
Charlie strutting his stuff

Links of Interest

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Don't forget to check out the articles, links, and many Lhasa photos on the Joyslyn's Lhasa Apsos website.

Life Is Better When You Have A Lhasa to Love You!



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