Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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Oh the joys of fall. The leaves are all over our yard, yet we have but one tree. The leaves in our yard are "gifts" from the neighbors' oak and maple trees. So kind of them to share. Not!

 The Piddle Pad Saga

One day in mid-October, Value Pet Supply, sent me an email advertising a sale on its piddle pads.

With a possibility of two litters on the way and being a bargain shopping type of person, I was very interested! What a deal! These were the thicker, more expensive pads  than those I usually buy. (My thinking is that when the puppies get to "that age" when they determine that tearing piddle pads to shreds is a lot more fun than peeing on them, they might as well be shredding the cheaper ones.) Anyway, I quickly clicked the ad and the link took me to the company's site and the sale page. I explored a bit because there were other pads on sale - different dimensions, different absorbencies. I got out the calculator to determine just what kind of savings per pad I'd be getting.

Then I clicked on the best deal! 800 pads for $99.99! That was 12.5¢ a pad -- and free shipping besides. Now, that was a deal! So I quickly added the item to my cart and made payment.

Two days later I left for the national specialty. One night when I called home, I asked my husband if a box had arrived for me. He said two boxes had arrived so I asked him to put them in the spare bedroom -- and promptly forgot  about them.

Once home from the trip, I was unpacking and happened to open the door to that bedroom. Two huge boxes, that turned out to be four boxes stacked in pairs, awaited me. Eager to see the contents, I began opening the boxes. Piddle pads.

Lots and lots of piddle pads.

Do you know what 800 piddle pads look like?

Where does a person store 800 piddle pads?

Wherever she can find a space.

The closet shelves are full of piddle pads. Any empty space under the beds has piddle pads crammed in it. Pads are stacked on closet floors.

I do not think I will run out of piddle pads for a long time. When I am dead and gone, and my kids are cleaning out my house, they'll be finding piddle pads in odd places and questioning my sanity.

By the way, they are really nice piddle pads and I highly recommend Value Pet Supply as a source.

It Turns Out That I am a Big Winner!

Oh, and did you know that on November 1,  I was informed that I won $4.5 million dollars? Wow…that would buy a lot of piddle pads and dog food -- and pay for vet bills and entry fees -- and pay off the house and the car. I received the call on my cell phone from this number (876-583-6897). The caller referred to me as "Mrs. Joyce," asked me when I was going to be home because I had won a 2nd place prize of $4.5 million in the PCH sweepstakes. I replied "that was fast" because I had entered only once just that morning by clicking on an ad posted on FB! He asked me how I was feeling about receiving a check that afternoon for $4.5 million. I replied that I was feeling "skeptical." He seemed disappointed when he asked me why. I said because I had (1) never won anything in any lottery or sweepstakes and (2) because I never give my cell number when an online form asks for a phone number. But, I said, I would be very happy if it were true and not a scam. He assured me it was not a scam and the check would be delivered that afternoon. I said I just wanted to check to make sure he had the correct delivery address and asked him to read my address to me. He hung up! I'm still waiting for the money!  LOL

Does Your Dog Scratch All The Time?

Andrew Hillier, BVSc, MANZCVS, DACVD, Senior Veterinary Specialist - Zoetis, will present a webinar on "The Itchy Dog."
Topics include:
    •    Why dogs itch
    •    What pet owners can do to help reduce skin irritation
    •    New treatment options available to veterinarians
    •    Improving quality of life of dogs with chronic skin disease

The webinar takes place on Monday, November 23, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. EST.
Click here to register.
If you are unable to participate on the 23rd, this webinar will eventually be archived on the Canine Health Foundation site. There are currently webinars about canine cancer, joint health, and brain exercise on that site.

News and Pictures from Others

Violet wrote about Yogi: "Joyce, it was very interesting to read your blog. I still think our Yogi is the best handsome dog. He got such a pretty face with big brown eyes. God blessed us with him. Our neighbor's two year old granddaughter loved coming over to visit Yogi. Yogi was very gentle with her. I still can't believe he is 13 years old. Hope he still has two or three years of life in him. We don't have a fenced yard. Yogi trained himself never run away, always came back by the screen door. He still sleeps with me, always on the couch with me. Sometimes he would stay on the floor by my feet." 

Mary updated me on Belle's agility performances and sent me these links to photos of Belle running the course.
The first picture in this series shows Belle stopping at the tire. The look on her face says it all!

The last one in this series is a favorite of mine - it shows her going over the jump.

Mary wrote, "Belle is so much fun, has a fun attitude, happy when running. Today, 2 standard runs early, then a couple hours later we did a short game, very short standard run. One pic of Belle and tire, Belle has stopped on the take off of the tire;  she is looking at me…Really, I have to jump through?  She wasn’t as peppy except when she ran to inspect a piece of lint.   2 Qs a piece. Belle got a little title for the Standard runs, yesterday and today. Moka, first time ever, 10 sec. under coarse time for the game. All the dogs ran it in 20 sec, she ran in 40, so still slow but under the coarse time limit.  She was faster than Belle today;  Belle was faster yesterday.   Ran the 2 back to back last run;  very nice judge;  said she’d do a briefing if I wanted to rest….someone helped me with dog handoff.  Belle got a little perturbed when she saw I was playing games with Moka and she was with some stranger. [My friend] had to walk her away and learned of Belle’s 'putting on the brakes if you make the leash tight, lady!'”

It is Official

The certificate came from AKC, along with an invitation to enter Josh in the National Owner Handler Series in Orlando in December. I will not be able to go but was thrilled to have been invited.


Windy's puppies were born on October 28. Two weeks old today, they have just started to open their eyes. I have a very long waiting list so none of these puppies are available.

One of the two girls
The other girl
One of the two boys
The other boy

Life is Better When You Have a Lhasa to Love You!



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