Friday, February 20, 2015

Weekly Puppy Photos

Happy Friday! Those of you in warmer climates: Count yourselves lucky. We're freezing here! Being hearty mid-westerners, no one complains. (Just joking, of course! We are all griping about it daily.)

I want to remind everyone that the Joyslyn's email address has changed. Contact us now at If you use the former email, it goes nowhere and no "undeliverable" message goes back to you. I know because I tried sending myself a message from the new account just to see what would happen.

Here are the weekly pictures of the puppies. Last week I reported that they were almost 100% as far as using the piddle pads. They then proceeded to make a liar out of me. Lesson learned. Never brag. This week they learned just how much fun it is to tear up piddle pads. They are very proud of themselves when they do! "Hey, mom, look what we did!!" They are a happy, fun-loving group of puppies -- and very, very charming too! Two of the girls are still available to the right homes.

Liam and Noah (Noah hates these weekly photo shoots! Can you tell?)
Cora and Abby
Mysti & Lacy
I received email this week from Renee in California about Jet (Raven and Maggie's litter brother): "Joyce:  just took this photo of Jet.  He had been working on making a throw comfy on the couch.  When u talk to him sometimes he'll move his head. Seemingly to look at us quizzically...He's definitely my most affectionate dog and his tail wags constantly.  We love him very much."

Ted and Ev in Canada sent me a photo and update on Lucky: "Hi Joyce. Time really flys by. In another couple of months Lucky will be 3 and he hasn’t changed a bit. Still as active as ever.  The big difference we have seen is that he listens and obeys most commands. Most of the time. Which is nice when he is let off of the leash in the park."


I received an email from someone saying he'd just launched a new book about Lhasas. I checked out his Amazon link and from what I could see, it was one of those template-type books where the publisher just sticks in photos of each breed and the author changes the narrative where necessary regarding breed history, appearance, etc. so that it relates to the breed the book is about. Otherwise, the health and training sections are the same template. Nothing new or exciting.

I strongly object to the author writing that Lhasas require DAILY grooming. Nope, nope, they do not! If I had to groom each of my Lhasas daily I would never get anything else done. The Lhasas I've lived with all my adult life, even the show dogs, are groomed every three to four days, with headfall put up daily if necessary. If the dog is going through a coat change, then I need to groom more frequently to stay ahead of the matting caused by the changing coat. While that might mean spot grooming daily, that period lasts only a few weeks, not forever!

Grooming takes at most an hour and a half. I do it while I watch TV. I get so irked at all the books and "About the Lhasa" blurbs I read that refer to DAILY grooming. It turns people off to the breed and that is a sad thing because the Lhasa is a wonderful breed and more people should own one!

Because we Lhasa lovers all know that

Life is better when you have a Lhasa to love you!


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