Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things are Rather Dull Around Here!

What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out. Alfred Hitchcock

What's going on at Joyslyn's Lhasa Apsos? Sorry to say, not all that much.

However, in the interest of keeping this blog active, I'll fill you in on the hum-drum aspects of life around here since the last post. Well, Lynn and I had our 38th anniversary on the 15th. Note that I said "had" not "celebrated!" The big day seemed to pass unnoticed by two of our children. The other one sent a card a week early, but hey…at least that one remembered. My sister sent a card. My mom forgot. Heck…even my husband forgot. In the morning, we discussed going out to dinner but neither of us cared where we went, so we decided to decide later. When we got home from work I asked, "What do you want to do for dinner?" He said, "Oh you don't have to fix anything, I went out to Aurelio's (our favorite pizza buffet) for lunch, so I am not hungry!" Hmmm…that got the evening off to a great start.

We haven't been to any dog shows, but I did send entries for Belle to go to the Badger and Janesville shows on May 8-9 in Wisconsin. Zach and Desi are growing. Teeth are coming in and I'm not really thrilled with either of their bites but gums are still swollen and both have a mix of baby teeth, adult teeth breaking through, and big gaps where there are no teeth. Time will tell, but right now I'd say she is going to be undershot (not horrendously, thank God!) and he may be scissors. (YUCK!) I am hoping that his lower jaw grows just a tiny bit. The two have been going to training class every Tuesday night. Desi gets car sick and either throws up when the car stops or drools all the way there and I have to get her cleaned up so the trainer can at least touch her on the table without getting grossed out. Zach always gets to go first so Desi has time to dry off. Zach likes class and moves right out. Desi not so much. At home she prances down the street. He puts his tail down and takes tiny steps. (Picture me beating my head against a wall!)

One thing I am very thankful for is that both puppies are totally amenable to lying on their sides to be groomed! A couple times on the table and they were into it! Compare that behavior to Breaker's. He still thinks I must be trying to kill him if he has to lie on his side to be groomed. He is a brat, but you can't help but love him. He is full of such joy and good will. What he needs is something to do with all his energy. Unfortunately, I am NOT a person interested in training for and competing in performance events; otherwise, I'd have him in agility training for sure.

Other than working and coming home to groom dogs and train puppies what have I been doing with all this down time? I've been spending more time with our granddaughter. Thankfully, she thinks that visiting grandma and grandpa is special and fun. I decided to re-read the Harry Potter books. I've also been reading some political blogs. However, I may have to stop. I am getting totally irritated with politicians who are putting party before country, with those in the Tea Party who think fascism and socialism are synonyms and who misspell words on their stupid posters, and with a certain screechy-voiced ex-governor whose blatherings incite people who can't think for themselves. Enough about that.

Today, I discovered a website that made me laugh. First, remember all those motivational posters with the lovely nature or animal photos and the nice quotations that hung on the walls of your high school or perhaps still hang in your workplace? Well, if you have a warped sense of humor (as I evidently do) you might enjoy a visit to Despair.com to view the "tell it like it is" posters there. For example, one poster has a lovely picture of a salmon swimming upstream, jumping a waterfall and aiming right for the jaws of a huge bear. The poster is titled "AMBITION." Under the photo are the words "A journey of a thousand miles sometimes ends very, very badly."

Evidently, the company sells t-shirts and other products in addition to the posters. If you have a pessimist in your life – or someone with a warped sense of humor – this site may be of help for Christmas and birthday gifts.

On a lighter note, family is headed to town this week. My mom is visiting from Nebraska and arrives tomorrow. Our daughter is coming from Florida on Thursday. Our son is coming home from college to spend the weekend. The big event is our granddaughter's 4th birthday. It will be great to see everyone and have some much needed family time. There will be lots of laughter. We always have fun when we are together.

Life is good when you have a Lhasa – and family – to love you!


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  1. Hi Joyce, with your dogs, work and husband, I love it when you say things are dull LOL!! Funny website and I agree with your view of the pundits, politicians and tea party nonsense! NOt sure about Tashi's bite..I need to look up undershot and scissers :D