Monday, July 27, 2020

Puppy Photos and Notes from Friends

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The puppies are all growing and getting cuter, smarter, and faster (when it comes to getting underfoot) each day. They love, love, love crunching plastic water bottles and batting them around the room. Here are the most recent photos of the older litter (sired by Chance out of Greta) at age 7 weeks. 





And this is Josh and Jenna's only puppy, "Solo," age 6 weeks. Her new owner has renamed her "Gemma" because "she is a little jewel."
Breaker and Onyx's puppies are now 5 weeks old. The first photo is of the "runt," although I hate to call him that. He is gaining weight each day, looking like he is about 3 weeks old but acting his age when it comes to playing and walking around the room. We have different names for him. I call him "Little Guy" or "Little One," and my husband calls him "Joey," and "Little Joe."

The second photo is of his litter brother, who - for lack of a better name - is called "Buddy." My brain just has not come up with anything else to call him, although "Socks" might be appropriate.
Little Guy

Notes and Photos from Friends

LaVonne sent this photo of her Josh and Misty son, Nelson, who finished his championship as a very young puppy and now resides in a wonderful pet home and sports an adorable puppy clip.

Sharon wrote about Chance: "Chance has been a very good boy, and we're really enjoying him!  We spent 5 days in Wisconsin over the Fourth, and he traveled really well.  We're out in the country up there, and he loved his long walks…Jim and I both love him and he feels more like part of our family every day."

Karen wrote about Kimmi, "The other day it rained real hard. I realized she wasn't in the house. John went out back and found her....completely soaking wet and totally a mud ball!!  She was pretty annoyed that we gave her a bath right away.  It was pretty funny."

Kimmi hanging out on the sofa with her new friend Huck
 Marilyn sent photos of Hunter and Maci and wrote. "Our bouncing boy turns 3 on Saturday. Happy birthday to him and to his litter mates. He weighs 16lbs, and is like a little bull. We are so glad that he was homeless for a day and that you let us adopt him. Maci loves him sometimes. Both are fresh from the groomer."
Happy Birthday, Hunter!


Here is Mickey's Biddy, enjoying her time in the sun.
Biddy - a Luna daughter

Michelle sent a picture of Sunny, staying cool with a wet beard!

Lynn wrote about her Amie: "Can you believe our gorgeous girl turned 4 yesterday? I don’t like that time is flying by.....but it just serves to make one realize that every moment is precious🐾 We’d be absolutely lost without this dearest love in our life. Notice how she’s eyeing the champagne? Thank you so much for this beautiful, divine little dog."

Happy Birthday, Amie!
Pat wrote about Archie's brother Teddy, "At 15 weeks, Teddy is definitely at the terrible two’s- he is into everything but keeps us in stitches.  Grandkids visited this past week and they fell in love!!  He was so good with them and they played for hours. He is a talker, lets you know what you should be doing when!  Doesn’t like to be told no - he will always argue.  Must be the red haired Irish coming out!!!  Almost housebroken and sleeping through the night (Always tells me good morning).  He’s finished his swimming lessons and has done very well. This after jumping into the pool a few weeks ago to chase a big turtle who had found his way in for a swim.

We cannot begin to tell you how much joy he has brought to our lives.  Chris keeps telling me he can’t sleep with me but we sneak a nap here and there.  He’s a good snuggler but likes to chew my hair to wake me up."


Teddy's personality sounds much like Archie's. He is full of energy, hates to be told "no" and sasses back with a screechy bark that he inherited from his mother (!), and gets into all kinds of things he should not be getting into.

Here is Archie.  Do you see the "ornery" in his eye?

In Closing...

Do you have a picky eater? As those of you who have purchased our puppies know, we feed Bil-Jac dog food. I use the Adult Select and Puppy Select formulas and have been very pleased with them for many years. When I was browsing through the other day, I noticed that Bil-Jac now has a formula for picky eaters. Most of mine chow down their food, but I thought that some of you might appreciate knowing about the food for picky eaters.

Stay healthy, stay safe -- and wear your masks! It's a simple thing to let others know you care.


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