Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sharing Pictures: "The Three Girls"

The news is slim around here, so without further adieu, here are the latest pictures of Mira's puppies. They are now 5 months old. All are beautiful and have sweet personalities to match.

One of them (I have not yet decided which one) will soon be entered in a dog show, so I had to register them with AKC last week to ensure that they would be registered by the time I filled out the entry forms. What delayed the process was the fact that I couldn't decide on their names! Now, I realize that I have had 5 months to make the decisions; nevertheless, my list was a full page, two columns of possible names for girls.

Here are my final choices and the names by which AKC will know the girls: Maggie is Joyslyn's Moonlight Magic; Raven is Joyslyn's Midnight Enchantment; Whisper is Joyslyn's Midnight Confessions.

The girls send their greetings and hope you all like the names I chose. If not, oh well. It's done.




Life is good when you have a Lhasa to love you!



  1. I think the names are fabulous.

  2. All 3 look adorable, good luck picking.

  3. Glad you like the names. I worked hard to come up with them. It's like trying to name a child -- and that was hard enough the three times I had to do it. I've certainly named many more dogs than kids over these past 37 years!

    As far as choosing which one to enter in a show, I have until the 20th to decide. I may have to draw straws or something!

  4. Do you have any problems w/your 3 girls fighting? I have 3 female lhasa's and 2 of them hate each other all of a sudden! To the point of a BAD fight last night. I love my girls, but am a little afraid for the one that was injured?

  5. So far, not these three. They get into little spats now and then over a toy or bone that one has and the other wants, but no huge fights. Fortunately, all my girls get along well with each other now, but that has not always been the case over the 37 or so years of us having Lhasas. The Lhasa girls do tend to fight with each other, especially until the pecking order is truly established. And even then you sometimes get one who wants to see how far she can push the leader.

    We had a female a few years ago who refused to get along with any of the other girls. She hated them all and led a lonely life without friends. Even the boys were afraid of her! We did not breed her because of that personality. She loved people and was so sweet with people that you would not believe it was the same dog, but she did not get along with other dogs at all!

    In a case like yours, you need to be creative about how to keep them apart. I had a friend who insisted her dogs get along and all run together. That backfired the day the two that hated each other got in a fight and one lost her eye as a result.