Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Photos, Photos, Photos!

I'll tell you one thing and that is that I am so very glad that I have no long distance driving to do in the next couple of weeks. In the last ten days I drove 12 hours on a Friday to Wichita, KS, for a wedding and 12 hours back home on Sunday; six hours each way to take my mom to visit her sister in IN on Tuesday; 3 hours each way to visit my son and granddaughter in IA on Thursday and to drop Chance off with friends at the Amana, IA, fairgrounds so they could show him for me the Labor Day weekend. Then on Friday came the call and the unwelcome news that another exhibitor would not be coming to the show, which meant that there would be no points, so on Saturday (you guessed it), I drove 2 and a half hours each way to Amana to pick Chance up and take him home.

My mom, who lives in NE, came home with me from the wedding in KS to spend 10 days of her vacation time with us in IL. We don't get to see her often, so it was a treat to have her here that long. Here is a picture of my husband (Lynn -- the "lyn" part of  "Joyslyn's"), my mom, and me (I did not inherit the tall gene!), taken while we were at my son's home in Iowa. Mom will soon be 86 - and she still works full time, not because she has to but because she wants too! I hope I am as active as she when I am her age!

Fortunately, I see no more long distance travels until a show at the end of the month. Whew!

Now to pictures, emails, and puppies. Puppies first!

The following photos are of the Chance and Jenna litter at age 5 weeks. They are growing fast, eating their mom's food (she is not too happy about that), playing with toys, and starting to roughhouse with each other. That wears them out and then they go to sleep in a big pile. When they are in the family room playing, I've been pleased to note that quite often, most will go to the piddle pad if they have to potty. Not always, but enough to indicate that there is hope. They are only babies after all!

Black Female - 5 weeks (I love the way she hugs my hand.)

The two gold females - 5 weeks

The two gold males - age 5 weeks

The two black males - age 5 weeks
 Yes, we have to look closely at markings to be able to tell those of similar color apart. Six of the seven have been spoken for. One of the black males is waiting for someone who will love him too!

I received some cute photos and emails from others since the last post so will share them also.

The first is from Lynn from CO: "Hi, Joyce, As you probably remember our little angel turned 2 on July 26! We all celebrated in the mountains on the day, and it rained like heck….good for our drought, but not so good for Miss Amie…..she was not a happy camper. So we did a replay of her party on a sunnier day in August and we got a sunnier Amie...We adore her to pieces….the light of our lives."

Amie enjoying the lovely scenery

Amie (I smiled at the way the hair on her mustache sticks up. Our Kimmi's does that also.)

Amie's Favorite Sleeping Position
Cindy from Springfield, IL, sent this picture of Luther and wrote, "Can't believe he's 3 already! And....all boy!"
Luther -- what a pretty, thick coat!

Mary from MN sent a cute description of how her Ragdoll cat leaves toy offerings for Rafe. "Since Rafe joined my crew...Gretta the Ragdoll started a "funny" habit...she fetches dog toys, sometimes as big as she. While holding the item in her mouth..she does a high pitch vocal sound....then drops the toy where some person or dog will notice. I started to think I was loosing my mind..all items picked up until I stumble on a toy I know wasn't being played with. I caught her traveling up basement steps with one. Her latest victim is Rafe....she has grown cautious as he has lunged if she jumps over him but will bring him toys. I got a troll doll--years old--a nurse troll doll that was on a basement shelf dropped on my bed.  So....some "thought" must cross her mind. Pic above this past week [I]walked into the kitchen–-prizes waiting for Rafe. Rafe has improved with cats..they can watch tv with him as long as they stay on the couch..he is usually laying on floor. I hear her now...delivery being made...off to see where it landed."

And here is the beautiful Gretta, the cat who leaves presents for dogs!
Here is the photo Mary took of the gifts Gretta left in front of Rafe's crate for him.

Kathy from MO wrote, "Hi, Joyce! I hope that your September isn’t quite as busy as your August was! Here is a current photo of Greta’s sister Sophie, on the deck swing with her collection of ice cubes. Mike tosses them, she catches them, and then hoards them on the swing cushions!  She brings new fun to us everyday."
The lovely Sophie with her ice cubes. She and Greta look a lot alike!
 That's it for today! More photos next time! Thanks for reading!



  1. Cute puppies. Your mom is amazing. Biddy wants to know if she is going to have siblings. Enjoy your time at home. Mickey

  2. Yes, Biddy has some new siblings now. One week old.