Sunday, April 15, 2018

46 Years!

April 15, 1972
Yes, today is our 46th Anniversary. Don't ask me where all that time went. Ah...the memories!

So, 46 years of marriage and 45 years as Lhasa Apso owners, lovers, breeders, and exhibitors. Ah...the memories. 

And we're still making them. Below are the latest photos of the new litter, now 3 weeks old. These puppies' parents are Rafe and Kimmi.
Male, age 3 weeks

Female, age 3 weeks

Female, age 3 weeks
 As I pointed out in my last post, I am planning to keep a puppy but don't know it it will be a male or female so until I decide I am not going to let anyone on the waiting list claim a puppy.

Some More Photos
Here is the photo of Onyx's win at the Manitowoc show at the end of March.
Joyslyn's Onyx
This photo is of LaVonne Bennett's male, Cooper, take the same weekend when he finished his championship. Cooper's sire is our GCH CH Joyslyn's Inherit the Wind (Rafe).
New Champion! Mon Ami's Breezy Autumn Sunrise (Cooper)

We received a couple emails with notes and photos so I am also sharing them.The first is from the Johnson family:
"Hi!! Hope you are doing well. We love looking on your blog to see the puppies and dogs. We thought this was another cute one of Snickers. He loves his toys and this is his safe zone as when kids play tag. LOL Again he is amazing and full of love. Also he is so smart and brings us joy every single day!!! Hope you breed for a few more years to come. We alway toss around getting a female. Thank you!!! "

Snickers in his safe zone!
The next is from Jennifer about Grace:
"Hello, I wanted to let you know that I have finall3y sent in Grace's registration paperwork. I'm sorry it took so long, it's been a long winter for driving and doesn't want to let up. We are on our way back to Montreal again. On the good side of things Grace loves snow, the more the better. In the pictures Grace is in my backyard last Saturday. We've had snow the first of March but I don't remember it snowing in April. Before I forget I chose the name Joyslyn's Shadow Dancer. She is doing really well."

Grace enjoying the snow
Annie wrote: "Hi, Joyce ...this is my FB post. I thought you would enjoy it. Thank for the gift of this dog.  I know you wanted to keep her and I understand why.  She's amazing. All the very best -Annie"

From Annie's FB post about Phoebe: "Bosom buddies. I thought a puppy would be tough. I was right. But in the best way. Phoebe knows not to mess with Sadie. That old girl laid down the law immediately. Finley is still struggling a bit with the puppy attacks but more I think with the shifted dynamic of the pack. We're working on that to elevate him back to confidence. Jacob Marley however seems to have found his calling - nursemaid and playmate. He is so patient with Phoebe's razor sharp teeth clamping on to his legs and occasionally his penis. He corrects her with yelps and yips but never hurts her at all. He puts a paw on her and makes her yip which makes her dial it down. Every member of the pack has a function. Jacob, the Omega, is the nanny - the teacher - the connection. He is blossoming."

Phoebe with Jacob Marley

That's it for this week, folks. Thanks for reading this blog! 

As always:

Life is Better when you have a Lhasa to Love You!


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  1. Congratulations to you & Lynn. Back in the 70's we considered getting a Lhasa, but our kids were very young & we read they were not good with little kids. So we got a beagle, unfortunately we had to find a new home for him because he was just too hyper. He got the boot when he chewed on Charlie's good wood in the basement. Ten years later we got our first Lhasa & loved them ever since. You breed very nice dogs keep it up. Biddy is #3.