Thursday, September 27, 2018

Show Results, Puppy Photos, Notes and Photos from Friends, and Some Other Stuff

A puppy is but a dog, plus high spirits, 
and minus common sense. ~Agnes Repplier

Show Results:
Chance, Autumn, and I spent last weekend at shows in Sheboygan. Chance took Winners Dog on Saturday for 1 point and took Winners Dog and Best of Winners on Sunday for a 3 point major. That brought his total points to 13. He needs two more for his championship. I'll post his photo when it comes.

That weekend was Autumn's first weekend for participating in point shows. She was apprehensive about being in the ring alone in the puppy class. We went to a training class on Monday night and she did well until the Mastiff puppy went around the ring and ended up behind her in the line up. She was a bit overwhelmed by such a big puppy!

Puppy Photos:
These pictures were taken of the puppies when they were almost 9 weeks old. They greet me every morning with a chorus of seven strong voices! Except for that, they are a joy!







Notes and Photos from Friends:

I love getting photos and updates -- and sharing them! 
From Jim about Daisy: "Hi Joyce, wanted to share some pics of this sweetheart. She is such a great dog and we get so many compliments about her. She got a light touch up grooming and the groomer said she was so well behaved and clearly well bred. She is very intelligent (sometimes difficult); good with other people and dogs and overall a great puppy. She handles city life great and loves to take trips outside."

My favorite picture of Daisy
From Kim about Snickers: "When Craig leaves in the morning he loves his spot on his [Craig's] pillow. We thought this picture we took this morning was adorable of Snickers. He is just amazing and I think you can tell he is very well loved."
From Lori about Finn: "Hi Joyce, Recognize this handsome guy? On the one hand, I can't believe it's been a whole year since I picked Finn up at your house; on the other, it feels like he's been in my home and my heart forever. He's a big boy -- last time he was weighed, about a month ago, he was 17.5 lbs. Not an ounce of fat, though. He's just sturdy. He's still a "talker" and a cuddler, still crazy about his toys. He would play fetch for hours! He's starting to get a lot of white hairs on his back; his hindquarters and tail are quite silvery, and I think he might just end up with gray eyebrows, which would be adorable. Love him so much!!! "

Jan sent me this photo of Gabby taken when she earned her Championship at the Burlington Kennel Club show in July. Gabby is a litter sister to Bekka and Chance. She finished with 5 majors, all from the puppy class. 
Ch. Joyslyn Golden Tu KarLyn Fire N Ice
A Facebook Find:

As I was scrolling through Facebook, I happened on this photo posted by Juha O. Kares. It is an advertisement from 1934, an interesting piece of history. I hope you are able to read the ad.
Links Containing Interesting Information:  

Are you feeding your Lhasa a grain-free food? I have one Lhasa (16 year old Secret) who was always sensitive to foods containing grains so I put her on a grain free food quite a few years ago and  more recently moved to a limited ingredient grain free food. I found this article interesting and thought it worthy of a link.

The AKC website has some interesting information about the Lhasa Apso. Check it out at  this link.

And don't forget to check out the website of the American Lhasa Apso Club!

That's it for this week!



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