Friday, September 14, 2018

Mostly Photos and Some Comments About Leptospirosis Vaccine

We are having a lovely autumn here -- crisp mornings and balmy afternoons with warm sunshine, blue sky, and white wispy clouds. Then I think about Hurricane Florence, the damage it is wreaking on lives and properties, those people who decided not to evacuate and those who left and sought shelter where they could, and all who worry about family and friends who live in the hurricane's path. It's a different world between here and there, and I cannot even imagine what those in the hurricane's path must be thinking and feeling right now. "Scared" might cover it.

Thoughts and prayers are with them all.

Today I have quite  a few photos to share, especially at the requests of those people who are waiting to see how their puppies have grown  this past week. However, first I want to show photos of our newest champion, CH Joyslyn's Moonlight Beckons. Bekka's finishing photo arrived this week and really shows what a lovely Lhasa girl she is.

New Champion "Bekka" with judge Nancy Simmons
Don't ask me why I look so solemn in that picture. I was on Cloud 9 and so excited that Bekka was a new champion!

As we usually do with our dogs, we took some portrait photos of Bekka this week. (I wanted to get a photo of her in coat because, now that AKC has sent me her championship certificate and I sure her championship title is official, one day soon, the clippers are coming out!) Here is one of the photos.
Bekka comes from a long line of champions. I thought it might be interesting to show her ancestors on her mom's side of the family.

First we have Bekka's mom, CH. Joyslyn JaMa Dancing By the Light of the Moon (Luna).

Next is Bekka's grandmother, CH Joyslyn's Midnight Enchantment (Raven).

Finally, Bekka's great grandmother, CH Karlyn Joyslyn Who's The Fairest (Mira -- I am so proud of myself for coming up with that name! Love it still!!)
I am so proud of all of them!

And you are right! I have not changed my hairstyle in many, many years!  LOL

Back to photos! Bekka's litter brother, Chance, sired the litter out of Jenna. These puppies will be 7 weeks old on Sunday.
Male - Mick

Male - Pete

Female - Roxy

Female - Sparkle

Male - Stone

Female - Ashley

Male - Baron
Let me tell you, they are a bunch of "characters." Cute. Curious. In to everything.

Judy, who now owns Raven, recently sent a photo and update. "Raven does NOT like my camera. She turns her head to the left, to the right, but will not look at me. Danged retired show dog. LOL … Raven is always happy to go to her groomer, and even more happy when I come to pick her up. She wants me to pick her up and she even gave me a kiss this afternoon. Raven is NOT a kisser for the most part."
Raven, enjoying the CA breeze
Barbara sent photos and a note about her Kamper: "Kamper celebrated his 2nd birthday on July 26.  He loves to run around the backyard - chasing the bunnies, and will play fetch with anyone willing.  He likes to be with us and do anything we do - including paddle boarding (he has his own life jacket too)!"

Kamper is the son of Maggie (CH Joyslyn's Moonlight Magic). Maggie and Raven are sisters.

Kamper in his life jacket
 What About the Lepto Vaccine??

From the time I began breeding Lhasas, the "old timers" cautioned me to avoid giving my Lhasas  vaccine that contained Lepto since Lhasas were known as a breed that could have severe reactions to the vaccine. I have always cautioned my puppy buyers and written in the sales agreement that they should avoid vaccinating their puppy with a vaccine containing Lepto. Now that incidents of Leptospirosis are on the rise, I believe people need to have a serious discussion with their vet regarding incidents in their region and their own dog's activities and possible exposure. In addition, people need to read articles and make up their own minds, always knowing that a negative reaction to the vaccine could also harm their dogs. Some of you who are regular readers may recall how one of my puppy buyers did not remind their vet about the possible negative reaction their Lhasa puppy could have and how they nearly lost her as a result.

My best advice is that if you and your vet decide the vaccine is needed for your Lhasa, then you should hang out in the vet's waiting room for a while, just to make sure you are close by in case your dog gets sick and needs a quick shot of epinephrine.

One article you might read is "Leptospirosis in Dogs: How Concerned Should You Be?"
The article addresses what the disease is and which dogs are most at risk.

Some negative reactions are outlined in the following article:

Common Leptospirosis Vaccine Side Effects

"Side effects and adverse reactions to vaccines can be both mid to severe. Here we have listed some common side effects a dog may have to the canine leptospirosis vaccine.

The first common reaction may be anaphylaxis—which simply means an allergic reaction to the vaccine. Remember, some vaccines are actually created using the proteins of the actual virus or bacteria itself. If the vaccine tends to have a large amount of the bacterial protein, then chances are some dogs may develop some form of an allergic reaction.

The second common reaction a dog may develop is local reactions.  This means that your dog may develop mild pain, redness, soreness or swellings at the site of injections. In rare cases, local reactions can be quite severe. For example, some dogs may develop granulomas or growths at the site of injection.

The third common reaction may be systemic reactions—which simply means your dog may develop fevers, loss of appetite, lethargy or depression. Very rarely are systemic reactions life threatening as they usually disappear a few days post vaccination. "

 If this topic is of concern to you, you can find more by googling : "Dog reaction to Lepto Vaccine" or "Lepto Vaccine Controversy."


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Photos, Photos, Photos!

I'll tell you one thing and that is that I am so very glad that I have no long distance driving to do in the next couple of weeks. In the last ten days I drove 12 hours on a Friday to Wichita, KS, for a wedding and 12 hours back home on Sunday; six hours each way to take my mom to visit her sister in IN on Tuesday; 3 hours each way to visit my son and granddaughter in IA on Thursday and to drop Chance off with friends at the Amana, IA, fairgrounds so they could show him for me the Labor Day weekend. Then on Friday came the call and the unwelcome news that another exhibitor would not be coming to the show, which meant that there would be no points, so on Saturday (you guessed it), I drove 2 and a half hours each way to Amana to pick Chance up and take him home.

My mom, who lives in NE, came home with me from the wedding in KS to spend 10 days of her vacation time with us in IL. We don't get to see her often, so it was a treat to have her here that long. Here is a picture of my husband (Lynn -- the "lyn" part of  "Joyslyn's"), my mom, and me (I did not inherit the tall gene!), taken while we were at my son's home in Iowa. Mom will soon be 86 - and she still works full time, not because she has to but because she wants too! I hope I am as active as she when I am her age!

Fortunately, I see no more long distance travels until a show at the end of the month. Whew!

Now to pictures, emails, and puppies. Puppies first!

The following photos are of the Chance and Jenna litter at age 5 weeks. They are growing fast, eating their mom's food (she is not too happy about that), playing with toys, and starting to roughhouse with each other. That wears them out and then they go to sleep in a big pile. When they are in the family room playing, I've been pleased to note that quite often, most will go to the piddle pad if they have to potty. Not always, but enough to indicate that there is hope. They are only babies after all!

Black Female - 5 weeks (I love the way she hugs my hand.)

The two gold females - 5 weeks

The two gold males - age 5 weeks

The two black males - age 5 weeks
 Yes, we have to look closely at markings to be able to tell those of similar color apart. Six of the seven have been spoken for. One of the black males is waiting for someone who will love him too!

I received some cute photos and emails from others since the last post so will share them also.

The first is from Lynn from CO: "Hi, Joyce, As you probably remember our little angel turned 2 on July 26! We all celebrated in the mountains on the day, and it rained like heck….good for our drought, but not so good for Miss Amie…..she was not a happy camper. So we did a replay of her party on a sunnier day in August and we got a sunnier Amie...We adore her to pieces….the light of our lives."

Amie enjoying the lovely scenery

Amie (I smiled at the way the hair on her mustache sticks up. Our Kimmi's does that also.)

Amie's Favorite Sleeping Position
Cindy from Springfield, IL, sent this picture of Luther and wrote, "Can't believe he's 3 already! And....all boy!"
Luther -- what a pretty, thick coat!

Mary from MN sent a cute description of how her Ragdoll cat leaves toy offerings for Rafe. "Since Rafe joined my crew...Gretta the Ragdoll started a "funny" habit...she fetches dog toys, sometimes as big as she. While holding the item in her mouth..she does a high pitch vocal sound....then drops the toy where some person or dog will notice. I started to think I was loosing my mind..all items picked up until I stumble on a toy I know wasn't being played with. I caught her traveling up basement steps with one. Her latest victim is Rafe....she has grown cautious as he has lunged if she jumps over him but will bring him toys. I got a troll doll--years old--a nurse troll doll that was on a basement shelf dropped on my bed.  So....some "thought" must cross her mind. Pic above this past week [I]walked into the kitchen–-prizes waiting for Rafe. Rafe has improved with cats..they can watch tv with him as long as they stay on the couch..he is usually laying on floor. I hear her being to see where it landed."

And here is the beautiful Gretta, the cat who leaves presents for dogs!
Here is the photo Mary took of the gifts Gretta left in front of Rafe's crate for him.

Kathy from MO wrote, "Hi, Joyce! I hope that your September isn’t quite as busy as your August was! Here is a current photo of Greta’s sister Sophie, on the deck swing with her collection of ice cubes. Mike tosses them, she catches them, and then hoards them on the swing cushions!  She brings new fun to us everyday."
The lovely Sophie with her ice cubes. She and Greta look a lot alike!
 That's it for today! More photos next time! Thanks for reading!


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Show Results, Photos, Announcements, and Some Other Stuff

Whew...what a busy month. I don't even know where the days went but here it is, closing in on the end of August. The dog days of summer have passed and we're heading for fall!

I have a lot of photos and information to share in this blog. Things have just piled up. I've been away from home 12 days this month already due to visits to family, dog shows, and work. My husband has been great, as always, about caring for the dogs and keeping the grooming schedule on target.

The photos from the July Burlington Kennel Club show finally arrived. Here is the photo of Autumn (Joyslyn's Wind Song) after winning Best Beginner Puppy in Show. She was 4 months old that day, just old enough to compete. The judge is Barbara Jane Melzer. Autumn's sire is Rafe (GCH CH Joyslyn's Inherit the Wind) and her dam is Kimmi (CH Joyslyn's Heart Song).

Joyslyn's Wind Song (Autumn)
 Judge Robert Hutton awarded Chance (Joyslyn's Moon Shadows) Best of Winners and a 3-point major. That was Chance's first major. He has a total of 9 points toward his championship, needing 3 singles and a second major.

Joyslyn's Moon Shadows (Chance)

Here is a ringside photo of Chance, taken at a previous show in Grayslake, IL.

The photographer also took a ringside photo of Bekka (Joyslyn's Moonlight Beckons), Chance's litter sister, as she was moving around the ring.

We had a nice weekend last week at the Marshfield, WI, show. Many thanks to friends Jan Graunke, Karen Schlais, Sue Stoddard, and Jane Chapin for the birthday cards, the cupcakes, and other birthday treats, as well as for all the help and support at ringside. I had a lot to be grateful for on this birthday. For one thing, I am glad I don't feel as old as my actual age!

One of my favorite birthday cards came from my friend Jane, who found this lovely embroidered Lhasa card. If any of you are interested in getting something similar for a yourself or a friend, the back of the card said "Dogmania, Embroidered Products for Animal Lovers," and gave the web address as

The site shows a variety of Lhasa items from cards to towels to caps and tote bags. It also looks as if there is an eBay shop for the items. There are a lot of dog breeds listed, so if you have a friend with another breed, you may find a birthday or Christmas gift for your friend (or yourself!)

Also, remember my remarks about the lack of Russian dressing? Well, two of my Lhasa friends, Marsha and Jan, found the dressing and gave me bottles of it for my birthday. I'm well set with Russian dressing for quite a while!

Back to show results: Bekka needed only a major to finish and she accomplished that on the Saturday of the Marshfield show under judge Nancy Simmons. I am so proud of my newest champion as she joins the other Joyslyn Lhasas that finished this year: CH Joyslyn's Onyx, CH Joyslyn MLS Dakota Je-Na Sais Quoi, CH Joyslyn Golden Tu KarLyn Fire N Ice. They are all beautiful, wonderful Lhasa girls!

Congratulations to all the other winners that weekend: Lynn Replogle - Winners Dog both days, Jan Graunke - Winners Bitch on Sunday with her cutie Flash, and Julie Timbers - Best of Breed both days.  

Chance was there also and took Reserve Winners Dog both days. He was freaked out by the wall he did not want to walk into, the large fan running at the end of the wall, and the misbehaving dog behind him, so his tail was down and that was the end of that. Lhasas moving with their tails down are a sad, ugly sight indeed! When he pulled himself together and put his tail up during the Reserve Winners competition, I thought he'd be okay for Sunday. Nope! It was a sad repeat performance.

The Marshfield show also had a Beginner Puppy competition, so Autumn went with us. It was her first experience traveling and staying in a hotel. She was a good traveler and for the most part was good at the grooming set up and in the ring. She does have a very insistent bark!! She did well during both days of competition, winning Beginner Puppy Non-Sporting Group 2 each day.

Notes and Photos From Others
Mary Rees sent an email from Rafe (GCH CH Joyslyn's Inherit the Wind) that said, "I passed level 1 obedience!!" Mary went on to report, "He did very well in a class of about 20..most very active young dogs. Most were amazed at his coat and calm behavior.  The instructor..who breeds , shows ET and cavalier spaniels..was amazed at his gait..very majestic." She sent these photos with the email:
 I am very proud of Mary and what she has accomplished/is accomplishing with Rafe. I know how stubborn he can be!

 Carolyn sent this cute photo of Paddy in his new home. He's made himself very comfortable there!

Nancy did not send a photo but she wrote a note about Paddy's litter sister that we called Lanie. "Joyce:  We wanted to let you know how our new puppy is doing.  We named her Cuddle Bug.  But I call her Pickle.  I don’t know why but it just is the name that comes out.  Pickle is so sweet, cuddly, mischievous, smart, and a busy girl.  We all just love her to pieces.  Of course, she is not spoiled with all of us to love her.   She is scheduled for her 3rd set of shots the first of September.  She did turn up her nose on the heart worm medicine so we crushed the heartworm and mixed it with peanut butter and she thought that was better."

Paddy and Pickle are offspring of Breaker (GCH CH Joyslyn's Heartbreaker ROM) and Greta (CH Joyslyn's No Regrets)

Chuck and Steve sent a note and photo of their Cooper celebrating his birthday. Cooper's parents are our Josh and Luna.
 Jennifer sent an email about Grace on her birthday. Grace is a daughter of our Josh and Shadow (who now lives with our good friend Jill in Indiana).

Jennifer wrote, "Hi, wanted to send you some pictures and an update on Grace on her 1st birthday. She is beautiful and energetic and still bouncy and happy. I am still not sure who is in charge yet, but I am trying. She can get herself in quite a bit of trouble so she is never allowed off of her leash when we are out on the road.
I have put her on a longer one so she can play and run and I can work on hand signals and other training,  it is going slowly but that's ok, my other dogs didn't learn these things  overnight, I don't expect Grace to. She is very smart but not food or treat oriented so I have to be creative.

      A few weeks ago we were leading in Moline next to the Mississippi river and I took her for a quick walk before we left and she saw the the geese and took off after them, she never even hesitated jumped right in the river, she swam about 2 feet and decided that maybe it was a bad idea, I pulled her back in and she watched from the bank after that. She definitely keeps me on my toes, but I love her and everyone wants to see her when we are home.

      She got a swimming pool for her birthday but I think she still might like the bathtub with the warm water."
 Angela wrote. "Hi!  Realized I haven’t been in touch for awhile and wanted to send a couple of pictures of the girls.  We bought a RV last year and they enjoy camping a lot more these days.  Loki is still her sassy self and has gotten pretty vocal when doing something she doesn’t want to do. Kila is having a harder time walking and her back legs are pretty unstable but she is always happy and doesn’t seem to be having any pain.  The two have a blue tooth connection and Kila won’t bark unless Loki tells her to and will have no idea what she is barking at."
Loki is the daughter of our Breaker (GCH CH Joyslyn's Heart Breaker ROM) and Dancer (Joyslyn's Dance Sensation). Dancer is also Rafe's dam.
Seeing Kila reminds me that her mother, our Secret (Ch. Joyslyn's Secrets of the Heart) just had her 16th birthday on August 21. Here is a photo taken of Secret in her heyday. Sadly, she is not doing well. She is an excellent eater and enjoys her baths but, otherwise, I fear she has no real quality of life. I dread losing her but keep asking myself if I am being selfish by not letting her go. I trust that she will let me know when she is ready. If I were her, I would be.

Another of Secret's offspring is our previously-mentioned male, Breaker (GCH CH Joyslyn's Heart Breaker ROM). He also had an August birthday and is now 10 years old. Where does the time go? Here is a photo of Breaker, taken in 2017 at the ALAC National Specialty. He still has that pretty coat and still produces lovely puppies!

Since I am writing about who is related to whom, I guess it is time to announce that Chance and Jenna (CH Joyslyn MLS Dakota Je-Na Sais Quoi) are the proud parents of an almost 4 week old litter of seven! There are 3 black puppies (one female and two males) and 4 gold puppies (two of each sex). Here are photos of them taken a couple days ago.

Chance x Jenna female

Chance x Jenna - Two males

Chance x Jenna - two females

Chance x Jenna - two males
 I'll be posting more photos as they grow. If you are on the waiting list and I have not contacted you about this litter, get in touch with me. I just have not had enough time to get all the emails sent out.

Oh...I think that after carrying, whelping, and taking excellent care of seven puppies, Jenna deserves to have her photo posted also.
Jenna - CH Joyslyn MLS Dakota Je-Na Sais Quoi

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 Thanks for reading all the way through this blog! Until next time, best wishes to you and remember always that "Life is Better When You Have a Lhasa to Love You!"