Sunday, April 15, 2018

46 Years!

April 15, 1972
Yes, today is our 46th Anniversary. Don't ask me where all that time went. Ah...the memories!

So, 46 years of marriage and 45 years as Lhasa Apso owners, lovers, breeders, and exhibitors. Ah...the memories. 

And we're still making them. Below are the latest photos of the new litter, now 3 weeks old. These puppies' parents are Rafe and Kimmi.
Male, age 3 weeks

Female, age 3 weeks

Female, age 3 weeks
 As I pointed out in my last post, I am planning to keep a puppy but don't know it it will be a male or female so until I decide I am not going to let anyone on the waiting list claim a puppy.

Some More Photos
Here is the photo of Onyx's win at the Manitowoc show at the end of March.
Joyslyn's Onyx
This photo is of LaVonne Bennett's male, Cooper, take the same weekend when he finished his championship. Cooper's sire is our GCH CH Joyslyn's Inherit the Wind (Rafe).
New Champion! Mon Ami's Breezy Autumn Sunrise (Cooper)

We received a couple emails with notes and photos so I am also sharing them.The first is from the Johnson family:
"Hi!! Hope you are doing well. We love looking on your blog to see the puppies and dogs. We thought this was another cute one of Snickers. He loves his toys and this is his safe zone as when kids play tag. LOL Again he is amazing and full of love. Also he is so smart and brings us joy every single day!!! Hope you breed for a few more years to come. We alway toss around getting a female. Thank you!!! "

Snickers in his safe zone!
The next is from Jennifer about Grace:
"Hello, I wanted to let you know that I have finall3y sent in Grace's registration paperwork. I'm sorry it took so long, it's been a long winter for driving and doesn't want to let up. We are on our way back to Montreal again. On the good side of things Grace loves snow, the more the better. In the pictures Grace is in my backyard last Saturday. We've had snow the first of March but I don't remember it snowing in April. Before I forget I chose the name Joyslyn's Shadow Dancer. She is doing really well."

Grace enjoying the snow
Annie wrote: "Hi, Joyce ...this is my FB post. I thought you would enjoy it. Thank for the gift of this dog.  I know you wanted to keep her and I understand why.  She's amazing. All the very best -Annie"

From Annie's FB post about Phoebe: "Bosom buddies. I thought a puppy would be tough. I was right. But in the best way. Phoebe knows not to mess with Sadie. That old girl laid down the law immediately. Finley is still struggling a bit with the puppy attacks but more I think with the shifted dynamic of the pack. We're working on that to elevate him back to confidence. Jacob Marley however seems to have found his calling - nursemaid and playmate. He is so patient with Phoebe's razor sharp teeth clamping on to his legs and occasionally his penis. He corrects her with yelps and yips but never hurts her at all. He puts a paw on her and makes her yip which makes her dial it down. Every member of the pack has a function. Jacob, the Omega, is the nanny - the teacher - the connection. He is blossoming."

Phoebe with Jacob Marley

That's it for this week, folks. Thanks for reading this blog! 

As always:

Life is Better when you have a Lhasa to Love You!


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Friday, April 6, 2018

Announcements! Updates! Big Question!

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.~Proverb from Guinea 

 Hi! It's been a while....

First, the Big Question: Where is Spring? It is so cold here, windy, rainy—even snow on Easter! Here in west central Illinios, we did not get hit with as much "weather" as people in other areas did, but what we got was bad enough! Spring needs to get here soon!!!

The big announcement is that we have puppies! They are now 2 weeks old and below are photos taken of them just this morning. Rafe (GCH CH Joyslyn's Inherit the Wind) and Kimmi (CH Joyslyn's Heart Song) are the parents. We have one male and two females. At this point, I am unsure if I want to keep a male or a female, so I am going to put off trying to match people to puppies until I have made a decision, which probably will not happen until early June. No matter what, there will be one girl available and then either the male or the other female, depending on my decisions once they are evaluated. For those of you still waiting for puppies, there is also news: Just this week, we bred Breaker to Greta, so if that breeding results in puppies, those puppies will be born in last week in May or first week in June. This will be Greta's first litter. We also have plans to breed Jenna, who should be in season in May. If you are on our list for a puppy, keep fingers crossed and say your prayers that the breedings are successful and produce some great puppies.

Female - 2 weeks

Male - 2 weeks

Female - 2 weeks
Onyx, Chance, Bekka, and I traveled to Manitowoc, WI, at the end of March to attend 3 of the 4 days of dog shows. We had a great time and thank Jan Graunke for her hospitality! It was a happy weekend for almost everyone who entered. There were majors in both dogs and bitches each day, something that rarely happens around here any more. 

The points were passed around, with a different result for WD and WB each day. On Thursday, Winners Dog belonged to Linda Richter. That win finished his championship. Winners Bitch belonged to Michael Yang. Best of Breed went to a CH bitch owned by Linda Richter. 

On Friday, Winners Dog went to LaVonne Bennett's Cooper (he is a Rafe son) and Winners Bitch went to Linda Richter's bitch. That bitch also took Best of Breed over her mother and went on to take first place in the Non-Sporting Group. That was an exciting day indeed for Linda!

On Saturday, Winners Dog went to Jan Graunke's and Karen Schlais' Dash. Winners Bitch went to my Onyx. (I was thoroughly excited. Onyx now needs only two single points to finish.)
Best of Breed went to the CH bitch owned by Linda Richter. 

On Sunday, we were not entered because I wanted to be home for Easter services. Winners Dog went to Michael Yang's dog. Winners Bitch went to Jan and Karens's bitch. Best of Breed again to Linda Richter's bitch. 

Those three shows were Chance's ring debut. He was alone in his class and the first day was very uncertain of what was expected of him. He had his tail down most of the time. However, when we went back into the ring for Winners Dog, and he saw the other dogs, a light bulb went off  in his brain, "Oh, this is all I need to do!" and he showed like a champ then and the rest of the weekend. Bekka won her Puppy class of three two out of the three days and took third in her class on Friday. (The judge on Friday freely admitted that she loved the red Lhasas, and indeed, all the winners that day were some shade of red.) Onyx won her Bred By Exhibitor class two of the three days and took Reserve Winners Bitch on Thursday and Winners Bitch on Saturday.

So here is a photo taken of Onyx at a previous show. The one from the Manitowoc shows was just ordered and won't be here for a couple weeks. I'll share it when it comes. In the meantime, here is Onyx - just to remind you what she looks like.
Joyslyn's Onyx (December 2017)
Speaking of Onyx...she gave me quite a scare a couple days before we left for the show. My plan was to groom her on Monday, bathe her on Tuesday, then leave on Wednesday for the show. That is what happened. However, let me back track a bit. Onyx was groomed and bathed the previous Friday, so when I put her on the grooming table two days later on Monday, I expected a quick touch-up grooming! Oh no! Sometime between Friday and Monday she evidently decided to go through a coat change. What a mess. When I finished grooming, this is what was on the floor!
Looking on the bright side, I was glad she decided to do that BEFORE the show so I did not have to wake up to a super long grooming session while we were gone.

While we were all at Jan's house, we began looking through old (from the 1970's)  issues of Lhasa Tales, a publication all about Lhasas - advertisements of dogs, articles, letters to the editor, lots of photos, etc. It was fun to reminisce and revisit photos of great Lhasas who have since passed away and to see photos of many people who are now also gone, either by passing away or by dropping out of the breed. We also had some good laughs seeing younger versions of many people who are still involved in showing the Lhasa. LaVonne happened upon an article written by my husband that was in the October 1976 issue. I scanned it so you all could read it.

Photos and Notes from Others

Lynn Adcock wrote: "Hi, Joyce, I just wanted to share this darling photo of our beloved little girl with her ball and give you the awesome news that she is doing fabulously!!!! …She is a joy each and every day with such a mischievous little personality. She adores Poppet, loves romps in the park, is addicted to playing ball, and still loves everybody she meets. She is the most precious little girl we have ever had!!!!!!"

I had to smile at the photo. Amie is a litter sister to our Kimmi. Kimmi has a mustache that that sticks up just like that!

Mickey wrote:"notice the white hair now sprouting from Biddy's hindquarters. Her colors are still changing. Her black is more of a black-brown now, you really see it when she is in the sun. She is still full of energy and is very demanding of attention."

Rafe seems to be doing well at Mary’s house. He is learning the routine and learning to get along with cats that are used to playing with dogs. (Our cat does not like the dogs.) Mary wrote, "Rafe and the girls continue to get along well. His appetite is great…He has grown to grovel for breakfast. I scramble an egg, split it 3 ways after they eat their dog food; sometimes this is the only way Belle will eat her breakfast. Rafe wasn't sure at first.......but now whines until he gets his tablespoon of egg." She went on to say, "Once he does his toy throwing play he lays down. He then comes over to me, puts his paw up on me, wanting some lap time. He snuggles, about 15 minutes. One of my pet sitters says she has noted quite a change in the last few weeks;  more comfortable with the yard, the routine; he will not go out without the girls leading; holds back." 


Belle with her best friend Moka - Rafe's new 'sisters'
You might recall that Mary runs Moka and Belle in agility. She recently sent me this link to a video of Belle doing her agility thing. Here it is to copy and paste in case the link does not work.

Judy Laffoon and Raven were the winners of the Morongo Basin Humane Society Woof Walk. Last year Judy and Raven's litter sister, Whisper, won. Great repeat performance, Judy!

Marilyn Conrad challenged me to tell her two Joyslyn's Lhasas apart! (I guessed correctly!) That is Hunter in the back and Maci in the front.

Last time I posted, I introduced Phoebe, a puppy I got back in lieu of a stud fee. Phoebe went to live in WI when I was there for the show. Her new owner, Annie, sent an update on Phoebe and a couple of photos. Annie says little Phoebe has decided that Jacob Marley is her best buddy. Here is a picture of the two of them.  

Annie wrote, "She's sleeping in her soft crate at night with very little protest.  I wake up halfway through and take her out to paper-potty and then a cuddle while she chews on a rawhide for about an hour.  Then back in for the rest of the night…She loves following Jacob Marley around and, of the 3, I'm kinda surprised that he's the nursemaid.  Although if I were to select an omega of my pack it would be that old boy…Phoebe is just so much mellower than I was expecting.  When I sit to read or write, she settles right next to my chair.  She knows her name and loves to be picked up and cuddled."

 These photos are of Shadow, a litter brother to Bekka and Chance. They were taken after he had his hair clipped. His owners wrote that they took him in for grooming and were surprised when the groomer called to say she had to clip him down because he was matted. Hmmm...coat change causing problems? Groomer who believes coated dogs should all be clipped? I'm not sure, but there is one thing about hair: It grows (albeit sometimes slower than I want it to.)

 One thing I always include in the packet of information I send home with puppies is information about grooming and the necessity of really watching for the coat change. Take my recent experience with Onyx as an example. If I had not caught that coat at the right time, she would have been a matted mess, no matter that I had just groomed her two days earlier.

Anyway, I think Shadow looks super with his hair cut. What a sweet face. I know that his owners previously had a Lhasa from us and kept him clipped, as most pet owners do and most show dog owners also do once the dog's show career is over. Clipped or in coat, Lhasas are adorable. 

And another thing that I am sure of:

 Until next time,

Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A recent trip to Miami to visit my daughter and grandsons while my son-in-law attended a week-long training, was wonderful! So, if you've been wondering why I haven't posted lately, I've been either getting ready for the trip, hanging out in Miami enjoying the kids and the weather, or recovering from the trip - both at home and at work. It was great to see everyone again. We get to visit in person about twice a year. Thank heaven for Skype and Facetime. Both really help us keep in touch and let us get to know the boys and them to know us.

I left Illinois wondering if Kimmi was really pregnant or if I was just being hopefully optimistic only to happily discover upon my return that she is indeed going to have puppies. This will be our first litter of three we have planned for the year. The puppies are due around March 27th. 

Naturally, my luck being what it is, the litter is due the week of a dog show that happens to have 4 days of Lhasa majors for both sexes - some days with 5 point majors even, so I'm hoping Kimmi does what she did with her first litter and whelps early.

I've had some email recently from a few people telling me they have found Lhasa breeders and asking me what I know about those people. I make it clear that I cannot comment on someone I do not  know nor can I evaluate a puppy by looking at a photo! If the breeder happens to be someone I know, I let people know that they are members in good standing in the American Lhasa Apso club, then I refer them to the following article I wrote a few years ago.
What to Look for as You Search for a Reputable Lhasa Apso Breeder
By Joyce Johanson 

What should you, a potential Lhasa Apso owner, look for as you search for a Lhasa Apso breeder? Just what is a reputable breeder and what should you reasonably expect from him/her?

The first thing you should expect from a reputable breeder is questions. . .lots and lots of questions. We're a nosy bunch! Some of us will ask these questions as we talk to you on the phone. Others will mail you a questionnaire. We'll ask why you want a Lhasa Apso; what your past experiences with the breed have been; what other pets you have; the ages of your children or grandchildren who visit often; your philosophy of raising and training a dog; your philosophy about making a dog a part of your family; and your philosophy of crate training. We'll ask for information about the research you have done on the breed (especially if you have never had a Lhasa before) and where you found the information. We'll want to know if you have a fenced in yard and, if you don't, how you intend to protect and exercise your Lhasa. We'll ask if you understand the amount of care a Lhasa's coat takes and if you have made arrangements for a groomer to care for your dog or if you plan to do the grooming yourself. We'll ask if you want a male or a female (and why) and if you're looking for a companion puppy or a show prospect. We'll ask what you understand about the Lhasa's personality. (For example, what does "chary of strangers" mean?) And, if you don't know the answers to some of our questions, that's okay. We'll take the opportunity to educate you on some of the joys and tribulations of owning a Lhasa. Oh. . . and we may ask for names and contact information of references, and it's just fine for you to ask the same in return.
The next thing you should expect from a breeder is answers to your questions. You can be nosy too! You should be given ample opportunity to ask questions about the breed in general and the breeder's dogs in particular. Make a list before you make the phone call and add to the list during the conversation if necessary. Many of your questions should be generated from the reading you have done about the breed. Don't be afraid to ask questions regarding how and where the puppies are raised and socialized, the number of litters the breeder has each year, the number of years the breeder has been involved with the breed, the breeder's practices regarding waiting lists and deposits, and the breeder's health guarantees, return policies, policies on spaying/neutering, policies on withholding AKC registration paperwork, and prices. Ask whatever you think you need to know to help you find a puppy that is right for you.

You should expect information. A good breeder wants you to know everything you need to know before you welcome a Lhasa Apso into your life and a relationship that could last 15 years or longer. Most of us enjoy talking about the breed - and our own Lhasas - so we might give you more information than you really want. A good breeder will be able to provide you with resources for finding more information, especially if you seem not to have done your homework before you called!
You should expect honesty and integrity. A breeder's value system should reflect the "treat others as you want to be treated" philosophy. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and more than one puppy buyer has been hoodwinked by a breeder who seemed honest and sincere. (I might also add that more than one breeder has been taken in by a puppy buyer who was less than honest. The trust factor works both ways.) The American Lhasa Apso Club (ALAC) has endorsed a Code of Ethics for its members that covers behavior related to breeding practices, kennel management, sales, advertising, written agreements, and health guarantees. 

Once you've chosen a breeder, you should expect the following:
1. An opportunity to meet the puppy's dam and sire. If the breeder does not own the sire, he will not be available for you to meet and that's okay, but you should be able to meet the puppy's mother.
2. An opportunity to meet other Lhasas the breeder has produced (most of us enjoy showing off our dogs!) Ask to see siblings of the sire or dam or other offspring of either dog. Many breeders can pull out photo albums to show you pictures of the puppy's relatives back many generations.
3. A health guarantee that outlines how long the guarantee is in effect, what particular diseases or conditions are covered by the guarantee, and what procedures to follow if a health problem arises while the guarantee is in effect. Don't expect the guarantee to cover injuries or illness caused by accidents, neglect, or abuse, including improper diet, improper grooming and coat care, or inadequate veterinary care while the dog is in your possession.
4. A sales agreement with return policy that explains under what circumstances the dog may be returned for money back or for a replacement puppy. You can also expect the breeder to request the right of "first refusal," meaning you are expected to contact him/her should circumstances prevent your keeping the Lhasa, even when he/she grows up. The breeder may take the dog back (usually no money changes hands) or may help you find the dog another home.
5. Your puppy's AKC paperwork. Depending on the sales agreement, the AKC registration paperwork may be provided at the time of the sale or at a later date. Most breeders require that puppies sold as pets be spayed or neutered and will only provide AKC registration paperwork once they receive documentation of the procedure. This is entirely within their rights as a breeder, but you must be sure to get a sales agreement that states the paperwork will come to you. If the breeder does not intend to provide paperwork, a statement of that fact should be part of the signed contract.
6. Continued support. Most breeders want to maintain some kind of contact with puppy buyers. They realize that their job as a breeder does not stop with the puppy sale. Your breeder should be a resource for you as your Lhasa grows and should welcome your questions as opportunities to educate you further about the breed. By maintaining even intermittent contact with puppy buyers, a breeder becomes educated about his/her lines, how they mature, and the problems that may arise. By keeping in contact with your breeder, you are doing him/her as well as yourself a favor. (P.S. Breeders always appreciate occasional photos of the Lhasas they have bred.)

Good Lhasa Apso breeders are not hard to find, but you need to do your homework about the breed so you know the kinds of questions to ask and can feel comfortable with the answers you receive. Again, thanks for being interested in the Lhasa Apso. Good luck as you search for the right breeder who has just the puppy you've been waiting for! 


 I've received some photos lately from people who have purchased our puppies. I really appreciate people keeping in touch and sending pictures and updates and love sharing them with my readers.

The first photo is of Biddy, who lives with her family in Nebraska. Biddy is a tri-color (black , white, and tan) Lhasa whose sire is our Josh and dam is our Luna.

 This is Shadow, who lives with Violet and Roman in South Carolina. He is a littermate to our Chance and Bekka. Violet tells me that Shadow is a huge "Daddy's boy" who hangs out by the front door waiting for Roman to come home.

 Our GCh. Ch. Joyslyn's Inherit the Wind (Rafe) left at the end of February for his retirement home with my friend Mary in Minnesota. Mary sent this photo after she had groomed Rafe.

 These puppies belong to my friend Mary in Iowa. Their sire is our GCh Ch Joyslyn's Wind Breaker ROM. That is Phoebe on the left and Nan on the right. Mary and her daughter are going to show Nan. Phoebe is going to live in Wisconsin.
 Sadie lives in Illinois with Carol, who has always been so good about coming to the Scott County Kennel Club show in May to help me at ringside.
 Kuper lives in WI with Tom and Diane. He is a Rafe son and looks very much like his sire. He definitely got Rafe's beautiful coat!

That's it for today! Once the puppies are born, you can be sure I'll be posting photos.


Life is Better When You Have 
A Lhasa To Love You!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy Presidents' Day...and Some Lhasa Photos

This past weekend was very restful when compared to the weekend spent in Indianapolis at the Winter Classic shows. We went to a movie (Black Panther -- it was great!!). I read a book and groomed and bathed some dogs, went to church, did some laundry, read some more. It was perhaps a dull - but definitely restful - weekend!

In the last blog post, I wrote about the show results. Here is a photo that Gwen had taken of her Lhasa, Joyslyn's Beethoven's Fifth, with all his ribbons. Congratulations again to Gwen on her success at her and Beethoven's first show weekend.

Gwen, Beethoven, and a lot of ribbons!!! Age 6 moths

When I got home, we took a photo of Bekka with her ribbons from the three days that she won.

Joyslyn's Moonlight Beckons - age 6 months
 Just so he did not feel left out, we also took pictures of Chance at age 6 months. He'll get to go to a show at the end of March.
Joyslyn's Moon Shadows - age 6 months

I also took a picture of Jenna after I groomed her on Friday. Miss "I Only Need One Point But I Refuse to Show" was feeling pretty proud of herself. She doesn't know that I am only biding my time...
I usually try to find an appropriate quotation to include with my blog. Today's was found when I was looking through quotations from past presidents. It hit home somehow, so I wanted to share it.

As always, I will close with
Life is Better When You Have a Lhasa to Love You!


Monday, February 12, 2018

Our First Show of 2018

For being such a short month, February sure packs a big punch as far as holidays and celebrations are concerned. Today, for example, Illinois takes a state holiday to honor Abraham Lincoln's birthday because, you know...Lincoln and Illinois. He gets his own holiday here.

I returned last night from a four-day show in Indianapolis. I had not gone to that show for at least 10 years, mostly because none of my Lhasa friends ever enter there and there is no sense in going by myself. However, I really enjoyed the venue and now want to add it to my list of shows to attend. I entered Bekka and Jenna. Bekka turned 6 months old the day before the show started, as did her brother, Beethoven, who is owned by Gwen West.

Gwen is new to showing and I was pleased to mentor her through the four days. Indy was a good place to meet since she lives in Indiana and the drive is not to far for me. She and Beethoven did very well at their first shows together. With only the three Lhasa entered, all of my breeding, the pressure was off. was off for all of us except Jenna. I hoped and yes —I admit—I prayed— that Jenna would win at least twice and thus come home a champion. That did not happen. 

Jenna hates to show, and even though she won one day and now has only one point to go to become a champion, I just can't see continuing to show her. She doesn't want to be in the ring. She is so scared that she trembles hard enough to make her ringside table shake. She won't put her tail up in the ring, which makes her look very ugly. I recall some lines from "The Gambler:" "You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em..."  I think Jenna has been trying to tell me to "fold 'em" for a long time now and I just have not wanted to listen. A championship means nothing to the dogs. It is we who love them who want them to get the title. Some dogs bask in the fun and challenges of the show ring. They love to show themselves off and strut their stuff in the ring. They seem to thrive on the noise and high energy emotions that surround the show ring. That does not describe Jenna. Quitting is not something I do frequently, but I think it might be best in this situation.

Bekka seems to thrive in the ring. She had a great time. Naturally, her upbeat attitude and showmanship caused the judges to appreciate her more than they did Jenna, so Bekka came home with her first 3 points. 

Beethoven and Gwen went home with 4 points and many many ribbons. He got Best of Winners for the crossover points each day and, since there were no specials, he also got Best of Breed. As a result he was awarded Best Owner-Handled for the three days the clubs had that competition, and Best Puppy on the one day the clubs had that competition. (Jenna took Best Bred By on one day but I did not show her in that group competition. I was not going to press my luck.) Before we left, Gwen had a photo taken of Beethoven with all his ribbons and plaques showing his various awards. I'll post it once she gets it from the photographer and sends me a copy.

So that's the news about shows. Our next ones will be in March.

I heard from Janice and Gigi. They sent a photo of Cinder with her “Wabbit” writing, "She loves that thing, which is almost as big as she is, and drags it with her from room to room."
Marilyn wrote that her husband had knee replacement and the dogs (Maci and Hunter) are helping him recover. Her friend Kathy said that his “medical team” is right on top of things!  The photo showed both dogs on top of Dennis as he lay on the sofa. Kathy had emailed previously that her Lhasa, Sophie, was a very good nursemaid for her while she recovered from a surgery. She also sent a photo showing Nurse Sophie at work!

Jennifer sent a lot of cute photos of Grace. I chose a couple to show you. Jennifer wrote, "Hi, it's been awhile since I have sent you an update on Grace. She is  doing great. She is funny and bouncy and very very stubborn. Who does she get that from? She still loves her kitty and can't understand why all kittys don’t like her. We were in NY and QB with all the snow and she loved it... My life would be empty without her, I love her so much. She is doing really well with my roommate, she is the one who babysits when I have to go out, Grace loves going over there. She is a happy little dog...It is hard to get good pictures of a black puppy who is never still, but I try. These were taken when my son Cody came over, Grace LOVES him, he was playing with her in the back yard…She is jumping at a cat toy on a fishing pole."

From Lori:  "Finn got fixed…and he wasn't even broken, ha-ha! (Like you never heard that one.) He had surgery less than 24 hours ago and he's already back to playing with Emma. It hasn't slowed him down one bit." The next day she wrote: "BTW, Houdini managed to get out of his onesie during the night. When I woke up, he was buck naked and the onesie was lying in the middle of the bed...still snapped! How did he do it???"
Finn in his onesie, which he removed during the night!

With Valentine's Day drawing near, I want to remind you of all the unconditional love that our Lhasas give us through the year and to again say:
Life is better when you have a Lhasa to love you! 

Lhasa love to you all,