Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year! Welcome 2020!

"Cheers to a new year and another chance 
for us to get it right." ~ Oprah Winfrey

First, I want to thank all of you who sent Christmas/Holiday greetings via cards and email. I hope all who are reading this had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the new year. 

Among my many wonderful Christmas gifts this year, were some Lhasa/dog items, which included the following:
A Lhasa-themed throw -- thanks Rebecca!

Lhasa Figurine -- thank you Marsha!

T-shirt -- thank you Connie and Mary!
You may not be able to read all the words on the t-shirt. It says:
Dog Mom
The reason
I wake up
Every Morning
Really Freaking Early
Every. Single. Morning

So very true...

Speaking of gifts, I got a new phone case before Christmas when I had no idea this one existed, so I missed out. I thought some of you might be interested. This one is very colorful and cute and, best of all, the Lhasas actually look like pretty Lhasas! (Thanks for the link, Jane!)

You can find it on Facebook at

Puppy Pictures

Enzo is leaving early next week. Here are recent pictures:

And if it works the way it is supposed to, here is a video of him chasing his water bottle toy.

Here are the photos of the Breaker and Jenna puppies at age 6 weeks.
Female 6 weeks

Male #1 - 6 weeks

Male #2 - 6 weeks

Male #3 - 6 weeks
Photos and Notes from Others

Mark sent a picture of YoYo, Enzo's litter sister.

Jim sent photos of Daisy. The second one just cracks me up! She must be quite a character!

Maria sent photos of Ella. 

Mary sent a photo of Gabe.

Here is Joe's Abby.

This is Jan and Rick's Zoey.

Sue wrote about Chewie: "He is also the light of our life. He's our little hopping bunny. Todd's playing with him on the floor right now. He's my cuddle buddy. He goes everywhere in the house now and I'm working on taking him to different places in town (Petco, different parks). He did well in his confidence class and we learned several games we still play. Like finding hidden food to practice using our nose or putting good treats in a box with noisy items to get used to different sounds. He loves jumping through the snow (what little snow we had). He also has a job. It's his job to run through the backyard and chase away the geese that are pooping on our lawn when there are a lot of them. He loves this and I need to send you a video. It's hysterical. Chewie running and barking and geese flying and honking LOL."

Here are photos of Chewie, sporting his Christmas outfits.

Molly Ann wrote a great poem about Luna, one of our retired champions whom she bought from us earlier in 2019.


Molly Ann also wrote: "I am so grateful for this incredible dog. You are right, she is beautiful inside and out. She is sturdy, steady, responsible and soft. We flew through obedience with ease. She was all over the little "game races" in a class of over 12 dogs. But—when taking the CGC test she suddenly decided  she had never heard the word 'down' before —c’est la vie, we will try again. She goes with me most of the time & has her neighborhood "rounds" every morning. She is truly a blessing!"

"I tried to get her full name in her Night before Xmas parody, but it just would  not fit "sentence sense" or cadence. I presumed your eye would catch it, and it would not mean anything to anyone else, anyway.....

You will always be her  First Mama and I completely understand how difficult it was to part with her. She is incredibly special, remarkably intuitive, so very sweet, with an endearing sense of humor. She is not afraid of anything, eagerly explores everything and introduces herself to almost everyone. I sometimes worry she is too trusting, but I am always there with her. She has two neighbors who bring treats out to her, and another two that always ask us in and let her run around the house (as did the photography studio-"she's so good just let her down on the floor"). One couple asks if I  need to go somewhere, so they can keep her for an afternoon. She received a myriad of Christmas gifts-most not from me!

"It is always reassuring to hear someone say "Isn't  she a happy little dog" or "she is so good". To which I reply, "I cannot take credit, she was raised right". I may never get this written as she keeps rolling her head over the keyboard for more attention…."
Now if you are thinking I did not tear up when I read that, you would be wrong!

When people ask me about my retired champions, "If you love them, how can you let them go?" and when I ask myself, "How can I ever part with ——," I recall letters like this one and know that my beloved dogs will still be taken good care of, will have good and full lives, will be well loved, and will love in return. That is how I can let them go.

I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year, the ability to handle challenges that arise, the joy to celebrate your accomplishments, and the love of family and friends. 


P.S. Never forget....

Friday, December 20, 2019

Merry Christmas!

"For somehow, not only at Christmas,
but all the long year through,
the joy that you give to others
is the joy that comes back to you."
~John Greenleaf Whittier

Christmas is approaching quickly but, except for a huge and expensive grocery run today, things are ready at the Johanson house. My 13-year-old granddaughter is coming a few days early. We'll be baking together (if I can get her away from her phone, that is!)

Thoughts of last week are blurry. The days flew by quickly. I left home at 5:30 AM on the 10th for the trip to Orlando, where I was giving the the judges' education seminar on the Lhasa Apso during AKC's National Championship Show week. I met my friend Sandy near St. Louis and she traveled with me to help navigate and to assist with the seminar. We arrived in the late afternoon on the 11th, gave the seminar on the 12th, left on the 13th (got stuck 2.5 hours in traffic south of Atlanta) then hit rush hour traffic even on the Atlanta by-pass, then hit rain all the way to Chattanooga. Ugh! I arrived home on the 14th about 7:00 PM. The scary part was that I was so tired I had no idea how I made the last hour and half. I told my husband the angels must have been driving. Even a Red Bull had no effect. 

I have become passionate about judges' education and really enjoy giving the seminar, answering questions, and helping judges understand the Lhasa Apso. 

Photos of the Puppies

Since I did not post photos of the puppies at 4 weeks old last week, I decided to show you how much they have changed in just a week. So below are photos of each at 4 weeks and 5 weeks.

Female at 4 weeks

Female at 5 weeks
Male #1 at 4 weeks

Male #1 at 5 weeks
Male #2 at 4 weeks

Male #2 at 5 weeks

Male #3 at 4 weeks

Male #3 at 5 weeks
Cute, right?

Below are some candid shots of the puppies. They all have new homes waiting for them. I hope their people are buying early Christmas presents - beds, bowls, treats, toys - in preparation for bringing their puppies home later in January.

Jenna kept photo bombing so I finally just took a picture of her and she was happy.


And here is a picture of Enzo. His favorite toy is a crushed plastic water bottle. He plays soccer with it, throws it and chases it, carries it around, plays fetch, and crunches it -- all under supervision of course!
Enzo - almost 14 weeks
Notes and Photos from Others

Marilyn wrote, "Maci and Hunter wish you and Lynn and your family a very merry Christmas. I’m sure Hunter is wondering if he is on the naughty or nice list, while Maci is hoping Santa brings her something Hunter doesn’t like!!"

Kathy wrote from New York, "Below is a photo I took of Jampa this morning.  He's looking pretty unkempt, but happy with his "Mr. Red Bear"! When he wants me to play, he carries the bear from the living room to the kitchen and stands and looks at me, then turns around and trots back into the living room.  If that doesn't work, he comes back and lays on my feet until I get up.  If he doesn't have the bear with him.  He knows "Go get Mr. Red Bear" and brings it to me to play.  He's very smart! :-)"

Jampa with "Mr. Red Bear"
Janet wrote about Pebbles, who happens to be Jampa's litter sister: "Sorry it’s been a little while since I sent you an update on Pebbles.. We have been very busy.. First picture is of course (how ADORABLE) Is her First Christmas. I had them taken at our local Vet. I’ve never had pictures taken before of our dogs but I couldn’t resist and neither could the girls at the vet. 2nd picture is just because she is cute and she is very proud of learning the down command. The third picture is to show how much she has grown.. We tried to catch the same pose as the first day we had her.  I would also like to let you know that Pebbles has done very well with her training classes. She passed the first round no problem.. We then started the AKC Canine Good Citizen training.. We BOTH learned SOOOOOO much. And I am very proud to say that Saturday we took our test and she passed.  She did great on all the hard stuff and the easy sit and down(which she can do in her sleep) almost got us😂😂. We were on our final try..Mike and I laughed and said “THATS A LHASA FOR YOU!!”

Hope you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Great New Year.."

A third littermate is Judy's Gus. Here he is with Santa.
Gus and Santa
Colleen wrote, "Biscuit is doing really well.  She is just a joy to be with.  She's so energetic and spunky, but then she'll cuddle up nicely at the drop of a hat.  She's really growing fast, enjoys being outside in the cooler weather, and gets super wild in the snow.  She's bonding so nicely with everyone in the family, and she really seems to be settling in perfectly."
Biscuit (she is Enzo's litter sister)
And just when I needed a "pick me up," I received this from Kathy in Missouri: "Just a quick email to wish you and your family (human and canine) a wonderful Christmas and a 2020 filled with life’s many blessings.  You are certainly a remarkable person.  Most of us would like to leave behind a legacy that says, “She made a real, positive difference in so many lives.”  You have truly succeeded in doing that—both through your teaching career and your providing Lhasa love to so many people.  You should be very proud.  I know all this would not have been possible without the help and support of your very special husband, Lynn.  Applause to him, as well!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!"

Thanks again, Kathy! 

Thanks to all of you who read the blog, to those who have trusted us to provide them with their family Lhasas, and to those who continue to promote the Lhasa Apso. May you all have a blessed holiday season, no matter how you celebrate.