Sunday, July 5, 2020

Mostly Photos...

First, Happy Independence Day! (I know...I am a day late and the fireworks are over! However, we should celebrate our freedoms daily.)

Photos of Joyslyn's Lhasas Shared by Their Owners:

Mary sent these photos of her 2 Joyslyn's dogs, Belle and Rafe. Rafe is sporting a new "do" that shows off his beautiful head and face.

Kathy sent a photo of Jampa, who is our Millie's litter brother.

Jim sent this photo of Daisy, taken as they traveled to CA.

Sue sent a photo of Monte, who is a litter brother to our Winter. 

Speaking of Winter, she is still in MS with her handler, waiting for a show where there might be a Lhasa entry, perhaps late summer or fall.

Violet sent this photo of Shadow, who is a litter brother of our Chance and Bekka.

Mark has two Joyslyn Lhasas, LiLi is the older; YoYo is the puppy. He calls them the "Beauty Queen" and the "Wild Child."

Shannon sent a picture of Minnie, who is a litter sister to our Archie. She, Archie, and litter mates Hazel, Teddy, and Carso are 3 months old already!

Although she did not send me this photo recently, yesterday I ran across this photo Marsha sent years ago (late 1997 or early 1998) of Oreo (Joyslyn's Leader of the Pack) when he was 6 months old. What a cutie! It brought back so many memories that I just had to share. Oreo has long since passed away. He earned agility titles and was a very smart Lhasa!

Here is a photo of him in action during an agility trial.

Our Current Litters

First, here are photos of Greta's puppies. They are growing, becoming more curious, playing, and still doing a lot of sleeping. Age 4 weeks.

Aspen, 4 weeks

Beau, 4 weeks

Jetta, 4 weeks

Lia, 4 weeks

Willow, 4 weeks
 This is Jenna's puppy, Solo, age 3 weeks. She is a black and tan. She does have eyes!!

And here comes the hard part: 
I know that many of you are waiting for information about Onyx's litter. Let me tell you that the week they were born was the week from hell. All went well with the whelping. They were all born easily and quickly. They were small puppies, all under around or under 4 oz. Then day after day, they died, one each day. All our efforts to supplement feedings were for naught. Onyx, who last year raised a litter of 7, was uninterested in being a mother. The day following their birth, Onyx had mastitis. A few days of an antibiotic, cabbage leaves, heat packs, massages, and hydrotherapy and she was better. 

I went through all the stages of grief at lightning speed that week. Exhausted, emotions raw, I gave myself a good talking to, recalled the Serenity Prayer, and did finally "accept the things I cannot change." 

Because of the puppies' small size and their lethargy, I have a strong feeling that this litter was the result of the last breeding and was born a week too soon. 

Anyone who thinks being a dog breeder is a piece of cake is so wrong.

We have two precious puppies, both males, from the litter. We are still doing feedings to supplement one of them. He is a character and gets so excited about eating! Onyx has settled down and is being a good mom. 

Letting people know about the loss of nearly all the puppies means going through the grief and disappointment all over again. I know most of you who read this are going to feel really sorry for me and the situation. Thanks for those feelings and for the good wishes for the two boys that remain. Please don't email me condolences. They'll just bring back the bad memories of that week, and I want to look forward, not back.

Lhasa blessings on you all.

Thanks for reading the blog!


Sunday, June 21, 2020

Mostly Photos...and Something about Email Problems

Happy Summer Solstice! (I know, I am a day late!) So...Summer is officially underway and I hope your summer days are all happy ones.

This blog post will mainly be for showing you photos of the puppies and of Joyslyn's dogs that now belong to others.

Four of Kimmi's puppies left for their new homes. The fifth one is staying with us. This is Archie at 11 weeks. His name used to be Noah, and I explained in the last post why we changed it.

Archie's siblings' owners sent updates and photos too.
This is the puppy formerly known as Gabe and now named Carso.

This is Teddy, previously named Liam.

Here is  the boys' litter sister, Hazel just hanging out with her girls.

And this is their sister Minnie.

We have new puppies. Greta's litter was born June 6th and are now 2 weeks old. They are not very photogenic at this age but here they are.

Two gold females: 

Two black females:

And one black male:

All these puppies have been reserved.

Jenna has one puppy, who is now one week old. I call her Solo, for obvious reasons!

I have contacted the next 8 people on my list so that I can keep the list up to date. Not everyone on the list wants a black puppy.

Onyx's litter is due any day now. My guess is that all her puppies will be black. She was bred to Breaker, who is gold, and the last time they had puppies, all were black. My apologies to those on my list who are waiting for gold puppies. It's not like shopping online where you can put an order in for number of puppies, number of males and females, and color choices.

Stacey sent a photo of Enzo. Usually he is pictured cuddled up to his buddy Elliot, but not this time.

Judy sent a photo of Gus and his ribbons. Gus is now an AKC S.T.A.R  puppy and recipient of the AKC Canine Good Citizen Award. He also just earned his Trick Dog Novice Award.

Sally sent a photo of Ginger, taken after Ginger had been racing around with a German Shepherd friend. She got hot and dug herself a hole to cool off. Bath time for Ginger!

My Email Problems

If you are on my waiting list for a female and are among the 8 people who originally  contacted me between February 11, 2020, and April 22, 2020, you should have received an email on June 11th asking if you wanted to stay on the waiting list and if you would confirm again your color preference*. If you did not receive that email, first check your SPAM or JUNK folders and if it is not there, let me know because I have had some problems with email lately. Thanks to those four who have already responded.

If you did receive the email, please reply by June 24 or I will assume you have found a puppy from another breeder and are no longer interested.

Yes, has been giving me some problems. These were first discovered when a close friend sent me an important email to which I responded. However, she never received the response and wrote wondering why. We did a couple of experiments and found that, while I received her messages, mine were not getting through to her, not even in her SPAM or JUNK files. So she has to use my work email address to communicate with me via email.

Something similar happened with someone who is buying a puppy. I receive her messages and if I click "Reply," and respond to her that way, she does not receive my messages, but if I start a new message, it goes through. Go figure...

I just do not want anyone to think I am ignoring their messages. So, if you email me and do not get a response after a day, send an email again asking if I received your original message. I check my messages numerous times a day unless I am traveling (not likely these days).

Technology can be so helpful and yet so frustrating! Is anyone else noticing that the letters x, y, and z are not showing up in some emails and on some websites? Weird...and it seems to be happening with the serif fonts.

Anyway, Happy Summer!


* I have not received return messages from Tracy S., Tamara S., Roger A., or Kim K.
Replies have been received from Terry D., Judy B., Robert O., and Stephanie W. 

Friday, June 5, 2020

June Is Bustin' Out All Over!

"It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside."  
~ Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy-Tacy and Tibb 

Well, we've made it through another month without haircuts. That is something to celebrate, I guess. Actually, with businesses opening up this month, if you really need a reason to celebrate, just google "Wacky June holidays," and you will get a long list. Here are a few I found: 
4th - Hug Your Cat Day (missed that one!)
9th - Donald Duck Day
18th - Go Fishing Day
23rd - National Pink Day
26th - Forgiveness Day (We definitely need to celebrate this one)

As I write this, June 6th is tomorrow and, of course, that is a day of celebration in honor of the 76th anniversary of D-Day and the Americans who fought under such terrible circumstances. 

An excerpt from "Normandy" by Cyril Crain

"...The battle raged in Normandy, many lives were lost.
The war must end in victory and this must be the cost.
When my life is over, and I reach the other side,
I'll meet my friends from Normandy and shake their hands with pride."

Upcoming we have Flag Day on the 14th and

Juneteenth on the 19th. The word is a combination of June and the June day (19th) in 1865 that Texas governor read the Emancipation Proclamation (2 years after it was written!) to the state's African-American slaves. It is also known as Freedom Day.

And, of course, we remember our dads on June 21st.

We have been quietly celebrating the publication of my husband's first novel. It's been getting great reviews, so if you like a good mystery novel, you should definitely get a copy. All the book signings had to be canceled because of the Covid19 virus and that was disappointing. Look for Rose's Thorn by Lynn-Steven Johanson. Those of you who have already read it and said you hope there is another with the same main character will be pleased to know Lynn has written the first draft of the next book and is currently revising it before it goes to the publisher for more editing. 

Two days ago I quietly celebrated the completion of a task for the American Lhasa Apso Club that I had been putting off. I actually found out, once I got started, that it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I mentally patted myself on the back and ate some ice cream. 

We'll soon be celebrating new puppies. They are due this weekend. People at the top of our waiting list will be happy too!

The current litter of puppies will soon be leaving and I hope their pick-up day is a day of celebration for the new owners. I am keeping one of them - the male that was given the temporary name Noah. I decided I could not call him Noah, although I thought naming him Joyslyn's Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head would be fun! However, the name Noah begins with the syllable "no" and it occurred to me that every time I said "no" to any of the other dogs, the poor boy would think I was chastising him! So, we are still working on both a call name and registered name for him.

Here are the puppies' photos at age 9 weeks. From top to bottom: Gabe, Hazel, Liam, Noah, and Minnie. 

We took photos of Millie also. She is now 14 months old. She is very pretty and I love her happy, playful attitude. She looks so dignified in these photos. Don't let that fool you! She is a character!

Chuck and Steve sent this photo of their Lhasa Cooper, who is a Rafe (GCH CH Joyslyn's Inherit the Wind) son. He's a handsome boy! 

Jan sent photos of Pebbles Grace, a litter sister of Millie's. As puppies, they were hard for me to tell apart. We called them the twins and I had to mark them to be able to tell who was who.

Denise sent this photo of Colonel. What a cutie!

Finally, it is my hope that we all find many things, large and small, to celebrate not only in June but throughout our lives. The first months of 2020 have not been good ones for so many people as the virus, the killings and resulting protests, and the small and large trials of daily life lately have turned our lives upside down, making us question "why" day after day. 

May you find something good in every day and may you always be thankful for your Lhasa Apso and the love and devotion he/she gives you. A Lhasa kiss makes things so much better!