Saturday, October 12, 2019

Briefly....Some Photos

This was posted on Facebook and I wanted to share it, not just because it focused on a show dog, but also because I think the sentiment is appropriate for any canine/human interaction. They give us so much, love us, and forgive us our shortcomings.

Today's post will be brief. I wanted to share some photos from the past week.

First, here are photos Karen sent of Chance. He has been in his new home for 5 weeks, is getting along with the Lhasa that was already in residence, Baylee, and is enjoying being outside in the big yard. Karen wrote, "Chance and Baylee have played a bit, but Baylee is still unsure about it. I think he doesn't know how to play. As I've told you before, Chance is respectful. It's as if he knows to keep trying but backs off when warned. Even if they never actually play together, they are becoming good friends.  I think what surprised me the most is how easy it was to feed them. There's absolutely no guarding of food. In fact, they eat three feet away from each other and switch bowls back and forth...I wish you could see him romping around and playing.  You'd be thrilled.  Thank you for my cuddly boy."

Last week I forgot to post the picture of Winter's face.

Molly Anne and Luna celebrated Luna's birthday.

Judy entered Gus in a swim class. Here he is during one of his lessons.

And, finally, here are the Josh and Greta puppies, age 3 weeks. The two girls are first. The last photo is the boy.

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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Puppies! Photos! Notes from Friends! Food for Thought! Links to Articles!

O hushed October morning mild,
Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;
Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild,
Should waste them all.
~ Robert Frost

Puppy Announcement

As the title of this post indicates, today there is a lot to read. We'll start with the good news that we have a new litter. Greta had three puppies on September 17th -- two girls and a boy. I think all have been spoken for. I am waiting to hear about one of the girls. If the answer is "no," I'll work my way down our waiting list.

Here are their pictures, taken at age two weeks.
Photos of our Two Up-and-Coming Show Puppies

The first two pictures are of 6-month-old Millie. Her sire is Josh and her dam is Bekka. Her registered name is Joyslyn's Moonlight Mystique

The next picture is of 9-month-old Winter. Her sire is Josh and her dam is LaVonne's Misty. AKC knows Winter as Joyslyn Mon Ami Winter Wind.

Photos of Autumn
Next are two photos of Autumn. (I still cannot bring myself to clip her down.) Autumn is Multi BISS GCH CH Joyslyn's Wind Song. 

Notes and Photos from Others

Jan sent a photo of her Ernie. His sire is Josh and dam is Jan's Flash.
Mary sent this photo of Belle.
From Janet: "Here is the latest picture of Pebbles.. As you can see she is even more ADORABLE than ever.  CUTENESS OVERLOAD. I have never seen a dog that made everyone that meets her smile.  She is currently going to puppy classes in Alton.. She is doing great.. Learns quickly, and has fun doing so. We are so glad she is a part of our life."
Pebbles Grace, litter sister of our Millie

Eddie wrote (via Bill), 
"Hi Grandma! Everything here is going well.  I love my home and I am having bunches of fun playing with my 4 year old nephew.  I am getting lots of exercise running around and I usually sleep most of the night because I am all worn out from play.  I am doing very good with my crate and I started to lose my baby teeth a little over a week ago. The cats are very tolerant of me and don't even give me any trouble when I ambush them and jump on their backs. Mommy and Daddy are showering me with love and I return the favor. Attached is a photo showing you my first trim! I will write again when I have more to say.
PS. My potty habits are perfect. I never have any "accidents"!"

From Mark: "I am sure you remember LiLi (Lila), "Miss Me Me, Play Play. Well, she is still the life of the party, center of attention, hilarious, sweet, and affectionate."
From Kathy: "Hi, Joyce! I always wait eagerly for your blogs, and enjoy reading them very much…I am attaching a picture of Sophie, Macie, and Hunter at a “puppy sleepover.”  As you know, Macie and Hunter are Marilyn’s Joyslyn’s Lhasas.  Macie is also Sophie’s older sister.  The pet sitter was astonished at how much Macie and Sophie looked alike in the face!  Hunter is staying put under the chair!

Sophie will already be four years old next month!  It’s hard to believe.  She is a great joy, as well as being my protector and the police patrol of the cul-de-sac!  She gets (and gives) plenty of love around our house."

From Kari about Millie: "We absolutely love Millie and she loves everyone she meets, her tail is constantly wagging and her and our other dog love playing together. They love to be outside in our fenced in backyard. They could be out there all day if you let them! Thank you so much! She was a great addition to our family!"

Jim wrote about Daisy: "She’s a great dog that brings us lots of joy. Everyone that meets her asks what type of dog she is, comments on how great she looks or how well groomed or behaved she is. She recently became aware of the squirrels at the park (historically she has been fascinated with birds). She loves to play and cuddle; and when she’s allowed on our bed, she looks incredibly happy and could spend the whole day there. She also likes staring out our window, even though we are 28 floors up and she can’t see too much on the ground."

Food for Thought and Links to Articles

For those of you who might still be falling for PETA and HSUS ads that ask you  for money, read about PETA employees who are not about protecting unwanted animals. This article was written by Patti Strand, President of the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA)

If you would like to learn more about, donate to, or join the NAIA, go to this website. I am a member and encourage all to join or to donate whatever you can afford to this worthwhile organization. It is not just for show dogs and breeders. If you love and value your animals and your right to own them, support this group. NAIA is a 501(c)(3)not-for-profit organization.

What is A Preservation Breeder?

Perhaps you have seen on Facebook or heard the term "preservation breeder" somewhere and wondered what the term means. Here is a paragraph of explanation, taken from an article written by Dan Sayers that appeared in the July 2017 issue of ShowSight Magazine. Sayers wrote, "The term “preservation breeder” is a somewhat recent designation. It is used with increasing frequency among dedicated fanciers to reinforce a commitment to produce dogs of quality as described by the breed standards. This new designation is a direct response to an AR [animal Rights]campaign determined to eliminate the controlled breeding and ownership of all companion animals. To a growing number of serious fanciers, the stakes have never been higher and the use of “purebred” seems out of touch these days, if not entirely obsolete. “Preservation” may best describe the work required of today’s breeders who wish to live in a world where Schipperkes and Rottweilers coexist alongside “service dogs” and “rescues.”

Other articles may be found by simply googling "Breed Preservation"

Today those who wish to purchase purebred dogs often face criticism from friends, relatives, or co-workers who have drunk the kool-aide of the animal rights people. Someone who bought one of my Lhasa puppies actually parted ways with a friend who would not stop criticizing her for her choice.

Now, as a breeder of purebred dogs, I may scoff at people who spend thousands of dollars on a designer breed with a catchy name (usually ending in "doodle"), but I respect their right to do so. If they want to pay a lot of money  for what is basically a mutt, it’s their money and their desire to own such a dog. If someone wants to rescue an unwanted dog from an animal shelter, I have no problem with that. Again, it is their desire and their money. I always wonder why, then, do buyers of purebreds have to take flack from the buyers of designer dogs and rescue dogs because they want a purebred? It is a matter of personal choice.

Purebred dogs are bred to a standard that specifies the desired characteristics of the particular breed. Preservation breeders breed so as to preserve the characteristics that separate one breed from another, characteristics that contribute to the purpose of each breed: hunters, herders, retrievers, guards, companions, etc.

And while I am complaining…I also hate it when purebred dog breeders are accused of creating a canine overpopulation. Seriously?? People say the animal shelters are full of unwanted dogs that must be rescued. What percentage of them are purebreds compared to the cross-breeds? How many of them are designer dogs that did not live up to the hype of being "hypoallergenic" or "easy to potty train" or "non-shedding?" Where do these unwanted non-purebred dogs come from? Somebody is obviously breeding them, whether indiscriminately or purposefully! 
Some shelters are running low on dogs, so they import dogs from foreign countries--and with them are importing diseases heretofore unknown in the USA and thereby are endangering our pets.

"According to the AKC, the growing numbers of imported dogs, often strays from developing countries, or from breeders who breed specifically for importation to the U.S., has led to an increase in the occurrence of zoonotic diseases (rabies, tuberculoisis, and brucellosis), screwworm, and canine (Asian) flu in dogs imported into the United States risking the health of the U.S. human and pet population and agricultural animals." (Source: AKC Asks Lawmakers to Scrutinize Imported Dogs and Disease)

Click the link for the entire article  

Some shelters that have rescued pregnant bitches have discovered that selling puppies brings in more money so they are breeding their own for "adoption." Has anyone noticed how "adoption" fees have increased lately? Pet "adoption" has turned into a money making system for many rescue groups and animal shelters.

So, the next time someone gives you grief about owning or wanting to buy a purebred Lhasa, offer rebuttals based on information in the following articles.

The Importance of Maintaining Purebred Dogs

Why we need Purebred Dogs by Carlotta Cooper, 

A friend recently asked a question that provides some food for thought: Why do people use the euphemism "adopt" as in "We adopted a new puppy."?
Is it because "adopt" sounds better than "bought?" Is it because breeders advertise "Puppies for Adoption" instead of "Puppies for Sale"?

If you paid money to someone--a private breeder, pet store some guy at a flea market, an animal shelter--for a dog, you bought the dog. You are responsible for its health and well-being. While it is a beloved member of your family, it is also your property. You own it. It is yours. 

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Mid-September Musings...

...and, of course, pictures!

"The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” 
~ M.K. Clinton

This post may become too long to appreciate. I found myself taking notes over the last few days regarding things I'd like to share. I guess if I get tired of typing, I'll stop and save some of those topics for another day.

A super-aggravating thing that happened this past week was that the Firefox technology gremlins attacked both my home and office computers when I updated to the latest version. On almost every website, the gremlins removed every lower case x and lower case y from words containing them. Eventually, I had to say goodbye to Firefox because even the tech people at the university where I work could not figure out what was going on. I moved to Chrome.

As I wrote last week, Autumn's show career has ended. This is the last official show photo that was taken of her on the day she earned the last of the points needed for her Grand Championship. She is now known as GCH CH Joyslyn's Wind Song. We'll still be taking the usual portrait photos of her; afterwards, that pretty coat will be clipped (once I can bring myself to do it). It's always a hard choice because of all the time it took to make it look so pretty over the months she was being shown.

 In the last post, I mentioned that Winter's litter brother, Nelson, finished his championship at age 7 months, winning multiple majors. Here is a photo of his win at the Twin Cities Lhasa Apso Club's August Specialty Show.

Photos and Notes from Others

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you have seen photos I have posted of Chance, CH Joyslyn's Moon Shadows as he matured and earned point needed for his championship. You also know that we occasionally sell our retired champions to pet homes.

CH. Joyslyn's Moon Shadows (Chance)
Chance left here for his new home on September 1. Here are some photos of him in his new home.
Chance with his new owner and his new playmate

Chance exploring the beauty of his new yard

Chance strutting his stuff in his big grassy yard
Judy, who owns Chance's nephew, Gus, wrote, "He looks like a happy puppy, but in reality, he is much more happy and joyful than I can capture in a photo. I've never known such a joyful puppy or dog."


Gus with owner Judy
Mickey, owner of Chance's half-sister, Biddy, wrote, "I just read your blog. They are fun to read.  I really like seeing all the dogs, yours and others. Biddy has had a busy summer visiting all of her doggie friends. We have finally been home for the past few weeks after a hectic summer of taking short trips. Biddy goes to stay with one of our kids while we are gone. The G-kiddos fight over who is going to watch her. I think I have mentioned both our kids have big dogs & she can control them, especially both of my daughter's big dogs. My daughter's dog always want to head outdoors when Biddy comes to stay to get away from her. Biddy can't go out with them because she can escape through the metal fencing.  Well, she sits by the sliding door waiting for them. If they go to the door & see her they head back to the yard. Well, Biddy figured this out & started sitting where they couldn't see her. She is so funny. You talked about how Autumn gets so excited when she sees the travel gear coming out. I am sending you a picture of Biddy sitting next to her travel gear. She lays by the kennel as soon as I take it out waiting to go. But she is really happy to see us when we pick her up." 
Biddy making no one forgets her when they leave

Stephanie wrote on behalf of Addison: "Joyce, I got my very first haircut yesterday. My groomer said I was the best girl ever! I let her pamper me without being fussy. Here is a picture!! Always, Addison" Stephanie later added, "She loves being brushed. Her groomer said she just sat there and enjoyed being pampered. She does wonderful at the vet also. She's over 7 pounds already. She truly is a sweetheart. Please know she is loved dearly!!"

Addison -- love those white legs!

From Violet about Shadow, who happens to be Chance's littermate brother: "Shadow would come out from under my bed, wanted to come up on the bed. I pick him up to do so, he then would fall sound asleep on my bed for hours."

Pat sent a photo of Baron (Chance's son) and Willow (litter sister of Autumn).    

Lisa sent a photo of 1-year-old Molly and said, "She weighs 10 lbs and plays constantly."
Molly and Chance are 1/2 siblings. Luna is mom to both.

From Sue about Chewy: "He loves cuddling but he can’t get off the couch. It’s kind of nice.. like a playpen. I put him up there and he stays there until I come and get him. He finally figured out the stairs last night but he runs up them like crazy and dashes through the door. Thank heavens we left it open or he would have crashed into it. But he’s pottying great and loves walks. We were playing this morning and I threw him his brown crackling toy and he would fetch it and come running to jump into my lap and hand it to me. Sooo cute, but then when I threw it down again LOL he couldn’t get it until I put him down…Thank you for this little treasure…"
Sue asked for information about trimming Chewy’s headfall so she could see his eyes. Here is a link to an article I wrote that could help others who have a similar need. 

About Resource Guarding

I am a worrier. It is true, especially I worry when I sell my adults to pet homes. I've told their new owners many times that I must sound like a mom sending her son on his first overnight at someone else's house and praying he remembers his manners. I try to be proactive and think of every little thing. It's true too when I sell a puppy to a new home--as many of you who are reading this probably know. Then I sound like a new mother who is leaving her baby with a sitter for the first time. I keep thinking of things you should know or do and send a lot of information. (I know some of you just smile, ignore it, and don't tell me! LOL! Thanks for being kind.)

One thing I fret about is resource guarding, especially when the adult (or puppy) is going to a home where there is already another dog in the family. So here is information I gathered about resource guarding.

My professional career, which began as a high school English teacher then, for the last thirty years somehow morphed into directing early childhood professional development providers, has led me to learning a lot of things about toddlers' and other young children's thinking about sharing. So for this blog, I used the Toddler's Rules and came up with something similar for Lhasa adults and puppies. 

Lhasas, no matter what age, are similar to toddlers when it comes to possessions. 

Lhasa Rules of Possession 
When Playing with Another Lhasa
1. If I like a toy, it is mine.
2. If the toy is in my mouth, it is mine.
3. If I take the toy from you, it is mine.
4. If you take mine from me, watch out!
5. If I had that toy first, it is mine — even if I dropped it and walked away.
6. If you have a toy and I want it, it’s mine.
7. If I played with it yesterday or even a year ago, it’s mine.
8. If we’re playing tug and you win, it’s still mine. I’ll get it back during a sneak attack.
9. If it no longer squeaks or crunches, you can have it.
10. If mom tells me to "drop it," don’t you dare touch it. It’s still mine.
Back to the subject at hand...What do dogs consider their resources? Here is a list: food and treats; toys; a dog bed; "their" place on a rug, the sofa, or bed; their people. It’s a common problem and one you need to nip in the bud and be proactive about stopping before it starts. If you buy a puppy that begins to guard resources, start teaching "drop it," leave it," and "give it." Those are great commands for any number of situations.
What do dogs do when they guard  their resources? They show their teeth, growl, hover over the object, perhaps even bite or attack the other dog or person whom they view as a threat to the object being guarded.

You’ll find a lot of resources and articles about resource guarding on the internet. Here are links to a some articles that explain it and what to do about it. 

Most articles refer to the dog guarding his food and toys from people. What I want to focus on is the guarding that takes place in a multi-dog family. It is important to be aware that it happens, especially if you are adding an adult dog or even a new puppy to your canine family. Puppies can be especially problematic because they have no manners yet and think the world and everything and everyone in it is theirs.

Think about it from your current dog’s point of view: to this point everything in the house has been his/hers - the food, the toys, the treats, the attention, etc. Then the new dog/puppy comes in, not knowing "the rules." Jealously and resource guarding may result.

One way to reduce resource guarding over food is to make sure the dogs are fed separately - in different rooms or individual crates. Pick up any uneaten food - and even empty food bowls.

When people come to me for a puppy, one of the questions I ask is if they have other pets and, if so, what kind? If  there is another dog, resource guarding could be a problem. With that in mind, I always recommend that the dogs be fed separately as a way to deter resource guarding. 

Okay, I have reached the "I'm tired of typing point." 

Until Next Time..


Monday, September 2, 2019

Happy Labor Day! Catching Up with Photos and News

I have spent this day catching up on many things I have let slide due to my being away from home for a lot of August. As I went through the day, I listened to the news. So much bad news: the hurricane! more shootings! a fire at sea that took many lives! I had to turn off the TV. 

And here it is: Labor Day! I guess it marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. People accept it as a holiday, a day off from work to light up the grill, hang out with friends, but seldom do we think about or even read about those whose efforts led to this day of celebrating workers. If you are not up on your history of Labor Day, you can find out about it in many places online, such as this one.

August has been busy for me. I left my husband, the cat, and the dogs at home while I flew to Florida to spend some time with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandsons, ages 2 and 5. We celebrated my birthday with pizza and cake, attended open house at my grandson's kindergarten, saw him off on his first, second, and third day of schools (complete with events that brought back terrible memories of trying to get my own kids up, out of bed, fed, dressed, and in a half-way decent mood to face the school day). I sure am glad those days are over! The week was gone before I knew it and I was back on a plane headed for Illinois. The plane was delayed, of course, so I did not get home until close to 1 AM. So, in the early morning hours of the the 22nd. I unpacked essentials (make up, etc.), moving them to the waiting almost-packed suitcase I had prepared ahead of time for the dog show trip. I then bathed and dried Autumn, put her and Winter (whom Lynn had bathed the night before - God Bless him!), my luggage and all the dog show "stuff" in the car for the 7 hour trip that morning to Lake Elmo, MN, and 3 days of dog showing. Call me crazy. I  do not deny it.

The shows were great fun and the Twin Cities Lhasa Apso Club always puts on great specialties. The prizes are lovely (Autumn won a gorgeous plate and a comfy crate pad), the food is great, and the raffles are fun (even though I seldom win raffle prizes. I can never figure out why!). It was great to be with Lhasa people who came from different states to compete.

At those shows, Winter was entered only one day. That's another thing I cannot figure out. What was I thinking when I filled out the entry form? She showed well and actually took Reserve over adults to the major on the one day she was entered.

Autumn took Best Opposite Sex two of the three days and Select Bitch one day. By doing so, she earned three 5 point majors that were more than enough to finish her grand championship. She can now be known as Multiple BISS GCH CH Joyslyn's Wind Song. The down side was that she was not showing well and was basically telling me "I do not want to do this anymore!" The problem was, I was not listening well.

More about that later. I had photos taken two of the three days and will post them once they arrive.

A really nice thing that happened was that Mary Rees brought Belle and Rafe to the show so I could see them again. Belle with thrilled to see me and her tail and tongue proved it. But, then I think she is glad to see everyone. She has that kind of personality. Rafe, being Rafe, was more sedate and stoic, as always. I was not able to go to MN for that show last year so did not get to see him then. He snuggled when I picked him up. I know he remembered me, but he was probably thinking, "I hope she is not here to take me away from Mary." I confess to tearing up when I held him. I was wonderful to hold him again and tell him how special he is. He is Autumn's sire. Thanks for bringing them to see me, Mary!

Here is a photo of Rafe with Belle and Moka.
From the left: Rafe, Belle, and Moka

 We returned yesterday morning from showing Friday and Saturday at the shows held in Amana, IA. Autumn, in spite of herself, won Best of Breed both days. Winter took Reserve on Friday and actually went Winners Bitch for her first two points on Saturday. Autumn displayed terrible showmanship in the Group both days. In hindsight, I never should have shown her in  the Group. She hates the cheering and loud clapping that the Group judging generates. I should have paid better attention to her needs instead of insisting on showing in the Group. Hindsight is always so helpful.

Our friend Michael Papierniak took some photos of Autumn in both the Group ring and the Owner Handled Group Ring on Friday. She actually took 3rd place in the Owner Handled Competition. Thanks to Mike for sending me the photos.

Yes, the lead is in my mouth! I needed both hands!

These were Autumn's last shows. She can now stay home and chill out. I think, though, that even if she doesn't like showing any more, she will be sad to be left behind. She always gets excited when she hears me getting the crates down. She likes going, just not showing!

A special congratulations to LaVonne Bennett, who showed Winter's litter brother, Nelson, to his championship on Saturday. Nelson is only 7 months old! I do not yet have photos of all of Nelson's wins to share with you, but here are two of them. This little guy is a great mover and has a super showy attitude. LaVonne and I co-bred the litter. The sire is Josh and we also co-owned the dam, Misty.

Best of Winners for a 3 point major!

Best of Breed for a 3 point major!
I am through with showing for a while. I've been on the go too much and it is time for both me and the dogs to slow down and get some rest. The two young girls, Winter and Millie, will go to training classes to prepare them for showing at the National in Albuquerque at the end of October.

Notes and Photos from Others
I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy the thoughtfulness and many photos and notes I get from people about their Joyslyn's dogs. It's also fun to share them.

From Janet about Pebbles: "Hello Joyce Hope everything is going good in Macomb.. Just wanted to give you a little update on Pebbles.. This is her first professional grooming.. ( she COULDNT be any CUTER).... and of course everyone fell in love with her. She has had all her puppy shots and rabies shot and is scheduled for spaying on August 19. I can’t believe she is almost 5 months old.. oh and she weights 6.5 pounds... She  is doing great with potty. She can fetch, sit, does very well on her leash. Comes (most of the time, sometimes the stubborn Lhasa kicks in...😂😂). And "NO Pebbles," "not for Pebbles" is not her favorite thing.  We love and enjoy her sooooo much.."

From Sally about Ginger: "I hope all is well! I love your blog and looking at all the puppies and hearing about them. The owner of Lovie has been in contact with me, she thought maybe Ginger was of the same litter. They aren't but they do look similar. You hear from so many people, I wonder how you keep them all straight! Ginger is doing great. She's almost 1 now. She is 100% puppy and tons of fun. She didn't  like the couple weeks of hot weather we had so I had her cut short~ she wants to be outside digging holes and running around that is for sure. My friend Bob said she is a tomboy~ so true. She has a great personality~still frightened of some things and not fond of kids, but that's ok, we don't see kids that much."


Marsha wrote about Jimmy: "He does relate well to some members of my family but does not  want to go for walks on the leash as any loud noises scare him. He loves being in the yard with me and playing with toys. I really enjoy him and go along with his whims as needed. He and I get along great."

Karen wrote about Cooper: "Hi Joyce! Wanted to let you know Cooper has adjusted to the craziness of our household quite nicely. Lol. From the first night he was very settled and has attached himself to Ryleigh quite well. Thank you for the wonderful addition to our family! We can never thank you enough!"

Judy wrote about Gus: "I was outside watering this morning and my water dog, Gus, kept playing with the hose and water, so I sprayed him a bit. Suddenly, the HUGE puppy I see every day is not as HUGE as I believe. He is definitely bigger than the girls, and at least 1 inch taller. He has a nice tuck up into his waist. Very nicely proportioned. What a relief! Gus is no tub 'o lard. He is a well muscled and heavy boned dog. When his adult coat grows in, he is going to be especially striking. His puppy coat just sticks out all over and makes him look twice as big as he is."

Molly Anne sent a progress report about Luna and how she is adjusting to her new life. At the end she wrote the following:
a. Smart, independent mindset and curious
b. Patient, but does not like being “fussed over” (just like Sir Michael)
c. Very aware of what I am doing or where I am-tho she may not be in same place (like on the bed) Ex: if I were to sneeze, she would raise her head or (if on the bed) move to the end of the bed, and watch me. Id est: Doing her job
d. Cooperative and responsive. Will do or try virtually anything I ask of her
e. Loves going out- dog park, Blue Poodle play days, new trails (she opted to climb onto/thru rocks to cross DeSoto creek…)
f. strong prey instinct- has tried to chase chipmunks or squirrels-at least to end of flexi, but quiet and fascinated by the deer
g. left her alone for 3 hours (longest time) with no problems"

Luna -- this is the life!!
 I am positive Luna is loving every minute of her new life with Molly Anne. I am so grateful for all who have giving such loving homes t0 our retired champions.

Excerpts from an email from Victoria about their Stella: "This dog truly has been a gift for us all; she brings us so much joy! You are curious about her personality...
Remember how you warned us of her love of feet? That seriously has not changed! She still LOVES to lick feet...DISGUSTING!!! And in our house, the dryer is not the only place where we lose socks. Stella is becoming quite the little thief; she is so sneaky! She is the most lovable, cuddly little thing. And Ice cubes are like "doggie crack" to her! She knows the difference between her bear, moose and rhino, so you can ask her to go get her "X"  and she comes back with it. She actually will fetch with these toys but will not bring a ball back. So goofy! …

She loves to lay next to any of us, needing to actually be touching us in some way. She is truly like our shadow, she follows after anyone that is moving. Stella loves to play and can be somewhat rough, but she has the most cuddly, sweet side of her most of the time! She will just sit on my legs and almost fall asleep when I gently massage her little front shoulders. We have had the best talks this way!…Her original white markings are the same, but her mama's white is definitely starting to show. We laugh every time we go for a walk. Her little legs are just working overtime while her little butt is just a is turning a bit more whitish/gray. Stella is an incredibly amazing dog! Thank you so much for taking such care in breeding your Lhasas! The love she shares, the attention she gives and her complete demeanor exudes class, sweetness and fun! Your careful attention to personalities truly show in Stella as she has matured this past year. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BABY GIRL!!!"
Stephanie wrote "Addison is going great! She is growing fast and getting big. She’s a yapper! Lol
She went for her second round of shots since we’ve had her on July 26. Addi likes Dr Ohms. She’s a big girl at the vet! Her last round is on 22nd of August. We’ve talked to our vet about fixing both girls at the same time. We will let you know when. Her coat is lightening up some. She has brown spots behind her ears. Lots of white on her face now. She’s a cutie... and spoiled rotten 😂5.2#s"

 Jim wrote, "Hi Joyce; Happy international dog day. Daisy is doing well. She has enjoyed her summer. She dipped her paws in Lake Michigan a couple time but wasn’t the biggest fan; she likes her new apartment and really loves the park that is right next door. She’s so incredibly smart and loving. She is l well behaved; she only “talks” to use (using little low guttural noises) to let us know she wants to play. Although she loves a lot of types of treats, she especially likes peanut butter. She came with us to Tampa recently (and hated the summer humidity). She’s so funny, whenever we pull out her travel bag, she jumps in and gets excited - i don’t know if she likes traveling or just wants to be around us as much as possible. She’s recently gotten much more into fetch lately. She’s always finding the comfiest spots in the apartment."

Jim sent many cute photos. Here are two of my favorites. She is obviously quite a character!

"Til Next Time!