Monday, October 9, 2017

In A Rush

 Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter. ~ Carol Bishop Hipps

I am indeed in a rush, not even taking time to really enjoy the lovely October weather we have been having in our part of the country. The reason, of course, involves preparations for our national specialty since in less than a week now the dogs and I have to be ready to go. I have two pages of a "don't forget to pack this" list and a list of clothes and shoes for each day there. If that sounds highly organized, forget it. I feel so disorganized right now that I am not quite sure what to pack first or how it is all ever going to fit in my car.

I'll try to remember to take pictures so you can see if I've accomplished what I set out to do.

I'm including puppy photos. Some puppies left last weekend. We have one puppy left  (Hunter) from the Rafe and Kimmi litter. At first I was going to sell him, then I decided to keep him, then someone begged me to sell him and only him to her so I decided to sell him because she has been on the waiting list for a long time and I intend to keep a puppy from Luna's litter. Then she changed her mind and now I want to keep him because he so do darn cute, but I have to be strong. I cannot keep them all. He needs a home. He is again for sale! So if you are looking for an adorable gold male puppy...

Hunter, age 11 weeks

 Luna's puppies have all been spoken for and will go to new homes once I return from the Specialty. The boys all have new names.

This is Beethoven, who used to be Griffin

This is Chance, who used to be Linc. He might be a keeper.

This is Shadow, who used to be Chase

Dottie - headed for a show home.

Bekka - definitely a keeper

 Some Notes from Others

From Miranda about Georgie: "Georgie is amazing! He loves his mommy and his new home! He already knows how to sit and shake. His potty training is going great as well. He's such a smart/good puppy! He's getting along great with Briggsley and Snickers. They don't really want much to do with him though. However I took him to my aunts house yesterday and he met Zeke for the first time and they got along great they were playing the entire time I was there." (Joyce’s note: Briggsley, Snickers, and Zeke are also Joyslyn’s Lhasas!)

From Lori about Finn: "Finn had a better night!  I left a radio on for him, which might have helped. He fussed for just a few minutes at first -- in fact, I didn't even have time to get my ear plugs in before he stopped :-)  Then a few times during the night, but not for long. I totally get what you mean about boys having sweet personalities. This little guy is an absolute heart melter! I can see that he's going to be such a cool dog when he gets older -- but I'm loving our puppy time."

Finn - "Don't be takin' my picture!"

Finn tired puppy!

Rob told me that they re-named Lucy "Meimei," (pronounced "may may") which means "littler sister" in Chinese. He sent me some cute photos. Here are two of them."



Diane wrote about Copper: "He was content on the ride home. Once home he went in and out of the kennel with a few toys. He explored and played. He was excited with the blanket you sent for him...Today he met people at a couple pet stores and was comfortable being handled. He loves to lay up by our necks to take a snooze. No name decision yet, but Coppers growing on us!"


From Rita about Penny: "…she is not only  independent but commanding as well, and lets us know it. … Our life has changed, the cellphone use has reduced and we are loving it. Despite of having to leave with strangers Penny did well on day one. She seemed comfortable with her "House"/play pen and bed etc. … On day 2 Penny got the lay of the land of the patio and the living room She could find her way to the Patio from inside the house.. Day three…she was following me around and tugging at my skirt and needed to stay in place. After a while she got bored waiting on me/sitting and went running all the way to living room bring her duck back to kitchen to play...At bed time the only demand she seems to make is seeing all three of us before the lights-out. We have her crate in the bed room next to the bed...She certainly is a fast learner…Penny seems to be very athletic and can climb in and out of beds etc. This evening she enjoyed  hunting and chewing on her toys while spread out in the living room."


I also received this nice email from Steve and Chuck: "One year ago today we were in your house looking at the most wonderful puppies in the world.  We chose Cooper and we are so happy.  I have no words to explain the joy of coming home to a puppy boy that acts like you were gone for years and returned. Thanks so much for all you do to bring Puppy love to your puppy parents. Cooper is a happy Boy... He has Kittens, Chickens, and Geese that all think he is awesome...Not to mention his Dads."


Our Shadow, Onyx's mom, left for her new home on Saturday. She went to Indiana to live with my friend Jill and her Lhasa Cruiser. Jill wrote that Cruiser and Shadow are good friends already and that Shadow settled in quickly and that she loves Shadow, who has helped heal the gap left when her last Lhasa female passed away. Here is Shadow making herself at home in Jill's chair.

Ch. Cozmos Chiennoir, AKA Shadow, comfy in her new home

Totally Unrelated

Here is a photo taken of me blowing snake bubbles to impress my 3 year old grandson and 2 year old great niece when I was in Nebraska for Mom's birthday celebration last month. Are you impressed? They were -- for about a minute!  LOL

If you also want to impress friends, family, and children with your bubble blowing skills, here is how you do it:

1) Cut around an empty water bottle about 3-4 inches from the top of its mouth.
2) Put a washcloth (the older the better because the weave is looser) around the large open bottom and rubber band it to hold it in place.
3) Poor some bubble juice into a bowl.
4) Dip the wash cloth in bubble juice.
5) Put the neck end of the water bottle to your mouth and blow!

Ta-Da! Snake bubbles!  Have fun.

Life is Better When You Have A Lhasa to Love You!



Thursday, September 28, 2017

The End of September? Already?!

"Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh, so mellow.
Try to remember the kind of September
When grass was green and grain so yellow....
Deep in December it's nice to remember
The fire of September that made you mellow..."
~ Harvey Schmidt / Tom Jones
I know some of you have been checking this blog all week, waiting for updates and new photos. I left for Nebraska last Wednesday to spend some time with family and to help my mom celebrate her 85th birthday. It was quite a week. I returned home late Monday night and have been playing catch-up both at the office and at home ever since.

I still don't have all the laundry done!

But the time spent with Mom and other family members was well worth the long drive. During it I did indeed see many fields of Iowa and Nebraska corn and soybeans looking ripe and nearly ready for harvest.

My daughter and her boys flew to Nebraska for the birthday celebration, and it was a joy to be with them, especially coming so soon after the Hurricane Irma scare. In addition to visiting Mom, we traveled to David City, NE, where we lived before we moved to Illinois, and visited my dear friend, who is also my daughter's godmother. At that point, I was gifted with a pair of socks (see more explanation needed!)

A few of the puppies have left for their new homes; a few more are leaving this coming weekend.

Here are some quick photos taken this AM when none of us (me, my husband, and all the puppies) really felt like participating in a photo session!

Josh x Shadow Puppies - 10 weeks

 Rafe x Kimmi Puppies - 9 weeks



Winslow x Luna Puppies - 7 weeks




The American Lhasa Apso Club National Specialty Week is fast approaching. I know it will be time to pack and leave before I am ready to do that!
Some of you unfamiliar with dog showing may be wondering what a national specialty is, so I'm including an excerpt from an AKC article explaining a specialty show. You may well ask why I just did not write an explanation myself. I would respond that I am too tired right now to re-invent the wheel!

From AKC’s article "What’s 'Special' About Specialities?" by Arliss Paddock: 
"Whether you’re a prospective owner researching a breed or an experienced breeder, handler, or judge involved in that breed for decades, there is no better place to learn than the breed's national specialty show -- or, simply, "the national." Usually held annually by the breed’s national parent club, the national is more than just a dog show; it’s where dedicated fans of the breed meet together year after year, sharing their knowledge and passion and bringing their best dogs to compete against excellent specimens of the breed from other parts of the country…As with any dog show, the point of the conformation classes is determination of the best breeding stock to continue the breed — and this point is taken nowhere more seriously than at the national. The national offers a look at the state of the breed and where it’s going…But the beauty of the national goes beyond the glory of winning, whether hoped-for or achieved. To a dedicated fan of the breed, nothing matches the experience of seeing a ringful of those dogs that are so pleasing to your eye, wonderfully presented at their best and gathered together in a number that you don’t see anywhere else during the year. If you love that breed, it’s positively heart-stirring…"

Our Lhasa Apso National Specialty week is in St Louis from October 16 through October 19. The theme is "Rolling Down the River."

Although the heading says "Tentative Schedule," what is listed here is what will happen each day. The exact times are missing for most of the events; however, the conformation judging has generally begun at 10:00 AM. The Breeder Education Panel Discussion on Thursday has been re-named "Hot Topics" and the topics to be discussed are locations for future National Specialties and the Breed Standard Committee's work thus far on making revisions to the Standard.

I'll close today with a photo of Josh that just arrived. It was taken of his Group 4 placement at the show in the Amana colonies at the beginning of the month. Sadly, the photo of his Group 3 placement also that week did not turn out well. One would think a professional photographer would have a good eye for whether a dog is stacked up and looking good enough for a picture. Then again, why should she care? Good photo or not, she still gets paid for taking it. (Jan, where were you when I needed you? LOL!!)
GCHB CH Joyslyn MLS Dakota Wind Breaker - Group 4 under Murrel Purkhiser, Sept. 2017
That's it for this week!

Life is Better When You Have A Lhasa to Love You!


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Latest Puppy Photos

Puppies are nature's remedy for feeling unloved, plus numerous other ailments of life.  
~ Richard Allan Palm

It is certainly hard to feel unloved at our house. We have puppies! They are adorable and they are full of kisses and cuddles. As you scroll through the photos this week, you will notice that some puppies are missing. Yesterday was an exciting day for three new puppy owners and for Lacy, Gracie, and Georgie. Finn and Grady were not sure what happened and why their siblings were no longer here to join in chasing, romping, and toy trading/stealing events that happen in our family room. 

You will notice that Daisy now has a new name. Her new owners stopped by to meet her and play with her this weekend and together we decided that "Daisy" just did not fit. Her new name is Penny. Penny fell in love with her new people, and they with her. They won't have too much longer to wait to take Penny home with them.

Penny is ornery, just like her mom Kimmi. She is full of fun and mischief. For example, I cannot walk across the floor without her latching onto the leg of my jeans! It makes for a strange journey across the floor.

Puppy Photos

Josh x Shadow, age 9 weeks



Rafe x Kimmi, age 8 weeks

Penny (who used to be Daisy)


I am hoping to keep one of these boys to show. I am not quite sure which one yet and have given myself until the end of the month to decide. One of the others has been spoken for. Matching people with puppies gets pretty crazy sometimes and frustrating too (for the buyers) because it takes me so long to make up my mind!

Winslow and Luna, age 6 weeks

 Two of the males (don't know which two yet) have been spoken for. The other male and both girls I have held in reserve as I try to decide if I want a male and/or a female from the litter. Once I make my decision, deadline October 21, other puppies will be available. People call and email to ask if I have puppies, and I do, except I have to tell them I do not yet know what is available, and they give me the impression that that is weird. (I can't imagine why!!) It boils down to this: one male (Grady) from Josh x Shadow (that's another long story!); one male from Rafe x Kimmi if I decide to keep a boy or two if I do not decide to keep one; and one female from Winslow x Luna, if I keep a girl, two if I do not, and one male if I decide not to keep a male from that litter. Confused yet? Yeah, I know...

Bekka (mad because I woke her up!)





ALAC National Specialty Week

The American Lhasa Apso Club is holding its 2017 National Specialty in St. Louis from October 16 - October 20. The theme this year is "Rolling Down The River." Here is the cute cover from the Premium List and the tentative schedule for the week. Lhasas and their people come from across the country to compete. If you want to see some lovely Lhasa Apsos and/or chat with breeders and exhibitors from across the USA, this is a great opportunity to do so.

Life is Better When You Have A Lhasa to Love You!


Monday, September 11, 2017

Feeling Grateful

“Bad things do happen in the world, like war, natural disasters, disease. But out of those situations always arise stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” ~ Daryn Kagan

Today I am so very grateful to report that my daughter and her family who live in Miami are safe. Her husband stayed home with the two boys. I cannot even imagine how she must have felt when she had to leave her family behind. She was on the hurricane duty roster at the hospital where she works. She is a labor and delivery nurse, and she had to go in early Saturday and is expected to stay until it is safe to travel so the relief shift of nurses can come in. 

Like so many people across the country, we have been glued to the TV, following the storm's progress, and praying for our family and friends in Florida and for those impacted by Harvey and Irma in this country and other countries that were devastated by the storms. It is not over yet as people face clean up, destruction of property, loss of life, missing pets, and all the other horrible  things disaster brings. Those of us fortunate to live outside the impacted areas may not physically be able to help, but we certainly can dig deep into our pockets and donate to the Red Cross or other disaster relief organizations that offer such important services in times of need.

Puppy Updates and Photos

The puppies are growing, getting cuter day by day, eating solid food, and pooping a lot. (Kimmi and Shadow decided clean-up duty is now my responsibility -- Luna has not started to wean her puppies yet.) They are enjoying their toys and chew bones, tearing up piddle pads, and exhibiting their joy of life. They are on the go and then suddenly things are quiet and there they are, asleep in a puppy pile.

Here are the most recent pictures.

Josh and Shadow Puppies - 8 weeks old



Grace (formerly known as Lucy)



 Rafe and Kimmi Puppies - 7 weeks old






Winslow and Luna Puppies - 5 weeks old




left: Linc   right: Chase
That's all for today. I feel mentally exhausted after all the worrying over the last few days. The puppies and other Lhasas helped relieve some of the stress. It is hard not to smile when the puppies are so exuberant and loving. The adults can certainly sense stress and sadness and offered cuddles and kisses.

Life is indeed better when you have a Lhasa to love you! (and when you know your family is safe!)