Monday, January 4, 2021

Happy 2021!!


“We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives…not looking for flaws, but for potential.” ~ Ellen Goodman

Happy New Year to all of you and to your families as well. This is indeed a time of hope for new beginnings and, most of all, a time of hope for an ending to the pandemic. More than enough people have suffered and died. More than enough families mourn for lost loved ones. I, for one, have great hopes that the vaccines will prove effective. As one of my co-workers said after listening to naysayers, "We all have been praying for months and months for an end to this thing. Why are so many not willing to admit that the rapidity of the vaccine development is God's response to our prayers?" Good point.

I received many Facebook, email, and cards to wish my family and me a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Naturally, many of those included photos of the senders' Joyslyn's Lhasas, many decked out in holiday attire.

Tom and Judy sent this photo of their Zoie enjoying her Christmas toys.

Shelly sent this photo of Tucker under the tree.

Shelly wrote, "I cannot tell you the joy Tucker is bringing us. He is really a very smart puppy who has adapted wonderfully to our routine and family. Thank you so much for continuing to breed Lhasas. I adore this breed.

Here is a photo Betsy sent of Willow enjoying the snow.

Pat sent an update on Teddy:  "

Chris, Teddy and I wanted to send you both Christmas wishes and to say thank you again for putting Teddy in our lives.  He is quite the boy and keeps us both occupied as we continue to work from home during this crazy year. He's learned about work breaks and definitely understands when it's lunch time!  He also has the knack for deciding that it's time to play with his squeakiest toy right when either of us start a conference call! Course that has only helped him become well known throughout our business community. 

I'm sending a couple of update pictures for you.  The first one you've seen from his Halloween pics but the difference is, you will be able to find his picture now in national retail stores and online since he has become a picture frame model - LOL!  So, I've attached his "proof" for your enjoyment.  He's not autographing anything just yet! The other pictures are his introduction to snow. We had a rare 6" snow fall here a little over a week ago and he was smitten.  He played and played and played!  I was busy with the blow dryer every time I got him back in because his feet and underbelly were nothing but snowballs!  Chris said he was just finding his Tibetan roots.  I said he was trying to be a Yak!"

Look for Teddy when you shop for picture frames!

Teddy enjoying the snow

Michelle sent a photo of Sunny enjoying the festive atmosphere in their home.

 Cindy posted this photo of Luther.

Sharon wrote that they felt lucky to still be able to celebrate Christmas with 15 year old Gisa.

Here is Joy's Lucy, who was a year old in November. I complimented Joy on how clean she keeps Lucy's face. It is often difficult to do with such light colored hair.

Karen sent this photo of Kimmi and wrote, "

Here's Kimmi in some festive garb...She frequently goes outside with our cat, Molly. They're best buds. She definitely can hold her own with Huckleberry.

Julie wrote about Jenna: "

Jenna is doing so well. She is my best friend and she is definitely a clinger. I think she and I both lucked out with each other, but her especially since I’m such a homebody. I just had over a week off work and we spent the whole time together. We went on lots of walks. She doesn’t play with toys so I make sure we walk everyday, even if just around the block. My mom also loves her and often on days I work she will bring Jenna to her place for the day. My mom says she is good company."

Sharon wrote about Chance: "Speaking of blessings, that's what I consider Chance to be. He has such a sweet, affectionate, calming spirit and we couldn't ask for a better dog. Chance seems very happy and content. I don't know if I've ever gotten so attached to a dog so quickly before, he's exactly what I need right now with all the chaos going on in the world. I hope he feels the same about me and about Jim, who is equally attached to him. He loves the yard, and the numerous squirrels who make their home there have to be on guard at all times.

Jane wrote about Greta: "Everyone is doing great! ...especially  GRETA! she got your hug and kiss and "good girl" many times over. She is having a ball with this cold weather, our property has a lot of land on it, so she is learning the layout on a leash, and then when we are about 50 yards from the house, I let her off her lead and she runs straight towards home, twirling and jumping and really REALLY going fast. Then she'll stop let me catch up with her, and off she goes! Her coat is nice and furry so she keeps warm, plus I have a fleece lined winter jacket for her...She now sleeps with Joe on the couch!!! doesn't run away from him, and is considering the idea, he may be an ok human. We love her bunches. She fits in with us perfectly. We also take our time getting to know people. Greta the Supriser! lets us see more of her personality every day. My laundry is in the basement, so she sits and waits at the top of the stairs for me, and grudgingly lets me back up. Our little silly game. Plus all our other goofy stuff. Lots of car rides, walks, treats."

Judy sent this photo of her Izzy, who recently had a 14th birthday.

Here is one that Mickey posted of Biddy.

I heard from Molly Anne about Luna (who is Biddy's mom). "We take a walk in the woods every other day & Luna gets a 'play day' at a small day care. She gets personal attention and is happy to go. I groom her myself all the time now. Every time she gets a compliment (often!), I parrot back what you said, 'she's beautiful on the inside and the outside"--so true!"

Sally sent pictures of Ginger - before the snow and after the snow!

Teresa sent this photo of Dora.


Marilyn wrote, "

I hope you are both well and keeping safe. I still read your blog and marvel at your beautiful puppies! We feel so blessed to be the proud owners of 2 Joyslyn’s Lhasa Apsos. We purchased Muffy, our first Lhasa back in New York in 1984. Then came Abby in  2001, our first Joyslyn’s puppy. Now, we have the beautiful Maci, and the goofy Hunter!! They are the guardians of the street, and they will alert us to any odd behavior out there! They are each other’s friend, but Maci definitely rules the roost and she puts Hunter in his place when need be." Here are photos of Hunter (top) and Maci.

Kathy wrote, "We

 have certainly had more time at home with Sophie this year, and her amount of daily treats has proven very popular with her! She is a pure joy and a wonderful companion! It’s hard to believe she is already five years old!"

Here is a Christmas card from Mary and Gabe (9 yrs old). Mary wrote that the mask lasted on Gabe only seconds and that "He keeps me sane through all this virus going on."

Here is part of a card from Kathleen that features their Beau.

Thanks to all who sent pictures and/or greetings for Christmas and the New Year. As always, it is a joy to hear from you and to receive photos and updates. If I missed posting someone's photo or note, forgive me. It was not on purpose. 

We all have things we miss because of Covid. You can imagine I miss going to dog shows, not only because I enjoy the competition of showing my Lhasas but also because I have so many friends that I get to see only at the shows. I miss them all. 

I was fortunate to be able to attend a few shows in October and early November before things shut down again due to a Covid surge. The dogs did well, even poor Archie pulled himself together at the end. I say "poor Archie" because that dog is afraid of everything and I don't seem to have the magic to pull him out of it. Not sure what will become of him. He is so beautiful but definitely was overloaded on the fear factor!

The next few photos are brags on my part because, even in limited showing, the Joyslyn dogs managed to find themselves on the rankings chart, even poor Archie (Joyslyn Mon Ami Derecho), right there at the bottom of the second chart! 

Again, best wishes to you all for the new year!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Congrats Joyce on the achievements. I love seeing everyone's pups. Biddy is spending too much time with the two of us. She loves when our kids and g-kiddos come over. She hasn't seen the g-puppers much. Take care and pray this year is a good one. Mickey