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“Kind hearts are the gardens, 
Kind thoughts are the roots, 
Kind words are the flowers, 
Kind deeds are the fruits, 
Take care of your garden 
And keep out the weeds, 
Fill it with sunshine, 
Kind words, and Kind deeds.”

     ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

The Trip to and From the ALAC National Specialty

Where to begin? So much has happened since I left for the National in Albuquerque. The trip there was mostly uneventful until we woke up in Colorado Springs to sleet and drove in it until we got into NM. 

I discovered that I am not a huge fan of mountains and the southwest landscapes. Give me the midwest corn fields!

The weather during National week was unseasonably cold and I wished I had packed my winter coat. Who knew?

The week was a busy one but it passed quickly. We had a low entry this year but those of us who braved the highways, airways, and weather were glad to be together and see each other again. Because we gather from across the US, this week once a year is the only time we get to see friends from other states in person.

If you are interested in seeing photos taken of dogs and people during the specialty week, go to the Facebook page of the American Lhasa Apso Club. 

I took Millie, who was entered in the 6-9 months puppy bitch class. She took 2nd in her class the first 2 days and first place on the 3rd day. She was a bit more comfortable and showy in the ring than Winter was. Winter was nervous about all the people and noise. She disliked walking toward the camera in the corner on the down and back. We have some work to do at training classes this winter!

I gave the Judges' Education Seminar twice, once as a preview to any ALAC member who was interested in seeing it. The slide show and script were revised because of the Standard that was effective October 1. The second presentation was to judges. Both went well and I was pleased that the members who attended gave positive reviews. The next time it will be given will be in Orlando in December. AKC tells me that I have a full house for that one

All too soon we were on our way back home, this time opting to drive through Texas on I-40. I was glad we did. We saw some interesting sights.

We waved hello as we passed the Cadillac Ranch.

We saw the famous "Leaning Tower of Texas" in Groom.

We also stopped in Groom at the Cross Ministries site for an hour or so to see the giant cross and the Stations of the Cross that surrounded it. 

Here are some photos (in no particular order) that my friend and travel companion, Marsha Susag, took while we were there. I included links to the website and stations so you can see all of the stations if you are so inclined. All I can say about it is "amazing." If you ever have a chance to go there, do it!

As we drove through Kansas, we stopped for gas and food at a truck stop and saw a great dog park that was part of the stop. One area was for large dogs (see photos below) and another for small dogs. That section, not pictured, contained agility equipment. What a great idea for tired travelers and  their pets! (Since Winter and Millie had just had a potty break at a rest area a half hour past, they did not get a chance to play in the dog park. They were sleeping and did not even know what they missed!)

I finally arrived home in Macomb on 11/4. Unloading the car and unpacking everything was not nearly as much fun as packing it all up in anticipation of the trip. Unfortunately, the washing machine had sprung a leak during my absence; a part had to be ordered and, of course, had not arrived, so I stuffed dog laundry and people laundry in multiple garbage bags, and off I went to the laundromat. Ugh! Supposedly, the part and the repairman will be here tomorrow.

(For those of you wondering why I just don't buy a new washing machine: The washer we have is under warranty with Sears, and the deal is if it cannot be fixed, they have to replace it. Seriously, with all the money they have spent fixing through this summer and fall, they could already have furnished a replacement.)

The Puppies

The puppies will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. Here are photos we took of them last week when I got home. They are really active now, curious and into everything, suddenly underfoot even though they were clear across the room when I began my step, engaging in puppy battles, barking at the cat (learned that from their mom!), playing tug of war with piddle pads, and being so darn cute that I can't help but love them to pieces!

Notes and Photos from Others

Debra sent these photos of her Seng Kye:

Judy wrote about Gus: "I think God sprinkled Gus with extra gentleness and joyful countenance. He is definitely NOT your everyday Lhasa Apso. There is nothing aloof about him. Or reserved. Or regal. He's just one happy and delightful DOG. Oh, he's a perfect Lhasa Apso in every other way, but he's just so special, and not special in a window-licker way. Although... if he did not ride in his carrier in the car, he probably WOULD be a window licker! LOL" and "It is not just ME who loves Gus and thinks he is FABULOUS! Every single human who has met him is so impressed with his behavior, his happy face, and gentle behavior - and of course his handsomeness! Gus is a great ambassador of the Breed. Although... he is exceptional. I don't think that most Lhasa Apsos would be as FABULOUS as Gus, or as friendly."

Gus is pictured below with one of his buddies from daycare.

From Dianna about Miika: "Hi Joyce, I just thought I’d let you know Miika is doing good.  She’s such a FUN playful puppy!  We love her to pieces!  Her absolute favorite game is to play ball.  She has a hand-me-down ball with a bell inside it, from our previous Lhasa.  She loves to chase it down the stairs and bring it back up to me so I can throw it back down for her.  She’ll chase it like that 15 or 20 times before getting tired and ignoring her ball.  Such a happy puppy!!…Also, she weighed in at 8.7 lbs today at the vet.  Seems like she might be staying petite."

From Michele about Trinket: "I just love her personality and her incredible disposition.  She is such a sweet addition to my life.  We completed the AKC puppy class complete with graduation.  We are looking forward to another session possibly in January.  She understands the sit and down command quite well but continues to work on the stay command which is extremely important. Treats have an amazing effect on training.  Please note that we visit the groom shop once every 4 weeks plus daily brushing in order to maintain the length of the coat. I loved your new puppy photos and enjoyed seeing the photos of Millie and Pebbles (litter mates). Thank you for all your help and excellent advice!"

A photo of  Trinket

Jim wrote about Daisy: "Didn’t mean to send an update so soon but my sister carved a jack-o-lantern of Daisy. She also is very good about wearing boots when it’s muddy; we often hear passerby’s comments on how cute she is and “look at her boots!”

From Pat: "Hi Joyce,  just a couple of pictures of my kids!  Just before Halloween!  Baron is wearing a small neck tie, and Willow has a small scarf.  Sweet babies!!!!"

From Patricia about Izzy: "I want to tell you how Izzy has made us so happy. She has the sweetest personality and is forever making us laugh. She loves to snuggle. Sleeps snuggled up to me or her Dad. She loves my daughter and grandchildren. Jaxon is 7 and she follows him everywhere. Not to mention how many people have commented on her beauty. I say she comes from Royalty. Thank you, Joyce, you have given us another angel."

From Sally: "I thought you'd get a kick out of Ginger's muddy feet. That is how she looked the other day when I picked her up after work...… she LOVES to dig in the dirt whether it is wet or not. Anyway, as you can imagine it took me a bit to get her cleaned up.
      Thank you for all the information in your blog! I have learned a lot and can relate to especially getting made fun of for buying a pure bred dog. I have never felt the need to apologize.
     Ginger is a wonderful dog~ and on the subject of not liking children, she really only fears them as when we meet them on a trail they don't have good manners when approaching a dog. I also have read your articles on grooming and bought a grooming table. With the help of my groomer we are going to let her hair grow long~ not as long as a show dog but longer as it will be easier to groom. Ginger doesn't love grooming but she is tolerant and it is helping to have a table to work with her."

This is a photo of Jan's Bubbles after a bath.

Cindy sent this photo of her Luther.

Mary sent this photo of her trio of Lhasas. Moka, Rafe, and Belle. Rafe and Belle are Joyslyn's Lhasas.

Lest We Forget

Today we honor all of our veterans and their service to our country and its freedoms.

From the 1897 poem "Recessional" by Rudyard Kipling:

"God of our fathers, known of old,
Lord of our far-flung battle-line,
Beneath whose awful Hand we hold
Dominion over palm and pine—
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget—lest we forget!"

That's it for today. Thanks for reading and thanks to those who sent emails and photos. I love hearing from you and am proud to post your photos to share with others.


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