Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”
~Pope John Paul II

Happy Easter! This year the Easter weekend happened to fall on our anniversary. On April 15, we'd been married 45 years. I do not know where the time went. The wedding memories are still fairly fresh. Lynn's college roommate, Ron, made our wedding cake (our mothers were horrified at the idea and were sure there would be no cake at the reception. It was touch and go and the cake was finally decorated with fresh flowers -- and it tasted good too!) The headpiece on my veil gave me a headache. Lynn forgot the trousers to his tux at home in his closet and someone had to make a quick run to find them. Our friends sang "You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You" to us on the steps of the church. Lynn's friends "kidnapped" him for a joy ride and he was missing in action for some of the reception. The minister handed our host and hostess brooms and made them sweep up the rice! I recall a wild car ride with a lot of honking through our college campus. There are more fond memories. We were young, and it's a good thing we had no idea of some of the challenges that were ahead.

Here are a couple then and now pictures. (Yes, that is a crushed velvet tux - evidently all the rage in 1972!)

Then: April 15, 1972

Greta and I arrived home on Friday night. I drove to Memphis where I met Sue, Greta's handler, who graciously agreed to meet me and shorten my time on the road. The road trip was not bad but I had no idea how boring I-55 South was! Ugh...seemed to take forever to get there. My GPS is not on my list of favorite "people" because on the way home it sent me on a wild goose chase in St Louis, taking me more than 30 miles out of my way in the midst of Friday rush hour traffic and adding more time than necessary to my trip. I later figured out "she" was trying to send me to a two-lane road instead of keeping me on the Interstate. I argued with "her" but she was not persuaded, so I turned her off, found an exit, consulted a map, and made my own way back to the Interstate! Grrrr...

Here is the photo of Greta's second major that arrived in Saturday's mail. The judge is Al Krause.

Alicia sent me a note and photos of her Joyslyn's puppies Edison and Quimby. She wrote, "We adore our pups and all the fun they bring us. Edison is a rough and tumble mama's boy. He keeps up with our boys with no difficulties and will only settle for cuddles when I sit down. He must be the first in my lap in the morning! Quimby is a diva who thinks all the toys and treats belong to her.  She will steal things right from Edison's mouth while he looks mournfully to the humans for help. We are definitely working on that! Her personality is so hilarious. She will become floppy like a cat when she doesn't want to do something so we often have this floppy, broken-looking puppy to get off the couch when she knows it's time to go in the kennel for the night! They love their puppy trailer which we bought so they can join us on bike rides. We get quite a few double-takes but they love to get out and run around when we stop. It lets us take long days out without feeling guilty that they are stuck bored at home. They are learning patience and sharing as they wait for treats; they love green beans!  Everyone is house-broken (yay!) but neither has quite finished trying to use their teeth on my baseboards despite a multitude of enticing chew toys.  Puppies through and through."

Edison on the left, Quimby on the right

Edison and Quimby in their stroller

 Spring seems to have arrived at last. Our dogs are enjoying the nice weather and being outside for longer periods of time. Happy Easter, Happy Spring! Best wishes for the coming months!

Life is Better When You Have a Lhasa to Love You!




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