Monday, July 13, 2020

Puppy Pictures, Notes and Photos from Friends

"Worry is like a rocking chair: It gives you something to do, but you never get anywhere." ~ Erma Bombeck

As the title of this blog says, I am posting photos of the puppies and of Joyslyn's dogs belonging to others. 

We'll start with Greta's puppies, now 5 weeks old.
Aspen 5 weeks

Beau 5 weeks

Lia 5 weeks

Jetta 5 weeks

Willow 5 weeks
Here is Jenna's puppy, age 4 weeks:

Solo 4 weeks
Onyx's puppies, age 2 weeks:

Black male, "Little One"

Gold male with Black Mask - no name yet 
These are photos of Archie, who has yet to be given an official AKC name. We just cannot think of anything that fits, except maybe "Brat!" Inspiration will hit one of these days. (That is not a shadow under his beard...the beard is accented with black.)


Teaching Archie to "stand" 
Eddie sent me two photos and a letter. "He" wrote that he wanted me to know he is doing fine and that he loves snuggling with his daddy on the couch.

Shadow did not send a picture but wrote to remind me that his third birthday is next month. "He" wrote, "I don’t mind the heat...I am a good boy. Dad is very proud of me. I am Dad’s shadow, always following him around outside or inside...I am so blessed my parents got me from you, now I have a great life because they love me so much. How could they not, I am so darn cute and handsome...I have the run of the house, I am the King of the house. Can do no wrong. Haha."

Lisa sent a photo of her Tilliebelle and wrote, "Tilliebelle, formerly Molly, has made it to 11 pounds! Joyce, she is such a joy, and I will forever be grateful I was able to get her. Her personality is ALL Lhasa; independent, brave, with just enough cuddle thrown in. She is my shadow."

Michelle wrote about Sunny and sent photos of him when he was in coat and after he had his summer clip. He is handsome in both. 

Mary sent this photo of her three Lhasas and wrote that Belle was very frightened by the fireworks this year. 

Belle, Rafe, Moka
Sally shared photos of Ginger enjoying herself on the shores of Gitchee Gumee. Sally wrote, "Ginger loves  the beach- she rolls in the sand and drinks lake water! We had a lot of fun."

Stacey shared a photo of her dogs and wrote, "Hope you are well. The Lola, Enzo and Elliot are almost always right on top of each other! Lola and Enzo wrestle every morning!"

Rebecca wrote about Carso, Archie's litter brother: "Carso has been such a joy, we are totally in love...He is a sweetheart who loves to give kisses and he and the cat Penny adore one another.  They chase each other around the house and wrestle, which is great for us because they wear themselves out...We can’t thank you enough for Carso. Especially in this crazy time when all the news is scary and depressing, he’s brought us so much laughter and love."

Shannon wrote about Minnie, Carso and Archie's litter sister: "...she is doing great! ...She moves so fast, I sometimes don't even notice she is by my feet until I start walking away! She definitely also has the "lhasa crazies." Especially around 6-7pm every night, right on schedule!"

Joy wrote about her Lucy: "I took some super cute pictures of Lucy this morning in one of our flower beds and thought you’d like to see our pretty girl! It is hot and very humid here, but Lucy seems to handle the heat better than Ella (who has a thick black coat, which I keep trimmed very short) and even Kona (my former Lhasa who looks a lot like the puppy Daisy and her mama Greta).  We had went on a walk this morning and then were spending time in the backyard.  She was a bit tired from our walk, so she was still for a long enough time for me to get some clear/in-focus pictures!"
One of the photos of Lucy in the garden
As many of you are aware, once my girls reach the age of 5 and/or have had 3 litters (enough for any dog!), they are placed in new homes. Kimmi was purchased by Karen and moved to Missouri. Karen recently sent me this update and photo. I am so glad Kimmi is happy and doing well in her new home. (But kinda sad because I don't think she misses me at all!) 

Karen wrote, "I've been waiting to write to show you Kimmi's new summer haircut...She's SO cute!! Things are going well. She has just about mastered the dog door...She is really enjoying the backyard.  

"Molly the cat and she have become fast friends and often lay out in the shade together. She is also starting to play more with toys. Remember that yellow toy?  She is starting to toss that around.  Like any respectable woman, she's let Huckleberry know who's boss now...LOL!!!  They are just now beginning to play a bit.  She's also completely mastered the stairs. We are SO HAPPY we decided to bring her home. She's a wonderful dog and very easy. Plus, she's a great cuddler and loves scratches and kisses!

Kimmi...who is now a bed dog!
Sharon wrote about Chance, who left for his new home in June, "Everything is still great with Chance. He's becoming more comfortable every day and it's a joy having him here.  l could spend the rest of my life just petting him - he seems to enjoy it and so do I."  

Now that I have mentioned new homes for our retired champions, I will tell you that once Solo has left for her new home, her mom Jenna, will be available to a pet home. I thought Jenna had been spoken for, but her prospective new owner has not responded to emails lately, so I am unsure of the status. Jenna desires to be an only pet so we are seeking that kind of home for her. She would probably be okay with a male dog, but she has an Alpha personality and she and other females just don't click well. 

New Product for Anxious Dogs

Something that some of you might be interested in is a new product from Purina, Purina Pro Plan Calming Care. The ads say that it "helps dogs cope with external stressors such as separation, unfamiliar people, novel sounds and changes in routine and location. anxious behaviors such as excessive barking...helps support anxious behaviors such as excessive barking, jumping, pacing, and spinning...promotes a positive emotional state and healthy immune system..."

I noticed the product was available at our local Pet Supply Plus store, so am sure other major pet stores carry it. It is also available at and probably from your vet. (It is not cheap, but if you have a dog with some anxiety problems, it would be worth the cost.)

That's it for this week! Stay safe and stay well! 


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