Saturday, May 23, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend

Rest, comrades, rest and sleep!
The thoughts of men shall be as sentinels to keep
your rest from danger free.

Your silent tents of green we deck with fragrant flowers;
Yours has the suffering been, the memory shall be ours.
                                      ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This last blog post in May will be shorter than usual - at least that is the intention!

I know that many states, cities, and towns are opening up  businesses and churches again in anticipation of the holiday weekend and because many people are demanding an end to the lock down. We plan to keep things here as they have been for the past few months, just to be on the safe side. We have made it this long without getting sick and are just hoping to stay well.

So, whatever you decide to do this holiday weekend, use common sense and be safe!

Normally, on this weekend I would be in Bloomington, IL at a 4-day dog show. It has been so weird not to be going to shows this spring. I just hope that Millie remembers what it is all about and doesn't freak out when we finally go to a show and she sees judges wearing masks. The same hope is for Winter, who is still in MS with her handler waiting for shows to start again.

One thing I will tell you is that "Zoom Fatigue" is a real thing and I have it! What are the signs? Feeling "down" and not knowing why, changing sleeping patterns, restlessness, eye fatigue, headaches. Since the shut down began many of us have been able to stay employed by working from home and conducting necessary business via Zoom. In the beginning it was great - work was accomplished and, even more importantly, we stayed connected with family, friends, and co-workers. Now I am ready to be done with it for a while. This past week for 3 days I had Zoom meetings from 8:00 to 4:30. Loved the people I was with and good things happened throughout the meetings. My eyes are tired!

Now for something more upbeat! Here are the most recent pictures of the Cooper and Kimmi puppies, now 7 weeks old. They are all adorable, of course! But I bet by looking at their faces you can easily tell which ones are the most mischievous.





Perhaps all of them??

You might also have noticed that the girls' names have changed since their pictures were last posted. The people who are buying the girls have already named them. Cute names too!

Here are photos of 3 of the Josh and Bekka puppies that were a year old at the end of March.

Michele sent this one of Trinket.

Judy sent pictures of Gus with his new haircut and told me Gus, at age 14 months, has been given the titles of Evaluator and Mentor at the Blue Barn Ranch where he goes to day care twice a week.
Gus with one of his mentees at Blue Barn Ranch (pre-haircut)

Gus sporting his new "do"
Kathy sent photos of Jampa, showing how his coat is silvering out. 

Yes, it is a Lhasa prerogative to decide whether or not to change color!

Announcement: We will have new litters in June. If you are already on my waiting lists (I have one for each sex), I will be contacting you in the order you appear on the list once puppies from each litter have been born and I know how many of each sex there are. I will ask if you are still interested in a puppy or not and will ask for a response within a few days. If I do not get a response, I will move to the next person on the list. It is the only fair way I can think of to do it. Some of you have been waiting a long time.

While you are waiting for a puppy here are some links that can be helpful for any puppy, not just a Lhasa.

Building a bond with your puppy

Tips for new puppy owners:

That's it for today. Keep smiling and stay positive!


It was't shorter, was it?

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