Monday, March 23, 2020


 Those of you not from Illinois may have heard that Illinois is in lock down mode. It is a crazy time, that is for sure. Lynn and I both work at Western Illinois University and are grateful for the policies the state and local governments, as well as the university has put in place to help protect us.

WIU is allowing us to work from home. That presents a bit of a challenge because most of my work is office based. I left it all at the office last week on my last day there. We are allowed to go into our offices as long as we get a pass from the Office of Public Safety or our university health center. This entails a drive up temperature test. If we are below 100.4, we get a pass to enter our building. I'll be going in tomorrow to pick up materials I need for working at home. My office is one in a complex of four. The other three will not be occupied, so I feel safe being there.

Even in our small town the paper product shelves were empty when I went into the store on Saturday. What a crazy world!
Essential services are open. That includes our vet's clinic, thank God! Kimmi has an appointment tomorrow for an Xray to see how many puppies she is carrying. Babies are due early April.

Otherwise, the two of us are staying home. We have food.  The dogs have plenty of food. The cars have gas if we need to go to the vet or the grocery store. Other than working at home, we are keeping in contact with our staff members, friends, and family via phone and email; watching a lot of TV (Lynn) and reading (me); and cuddling up with and/or grooming the dogs.

I hope that whatever measures you and your family are taking during this trying time are successful in protecting you from the virus.

Many thanks to those of you who have written to ask how we are doing. Your concern is appreciated!

Thanks also for the photos of your Lhasas that many of you have sent. They make me smile and I am so glad that your Joyslyn's Lhasas are doing their job of being loving family members.

I am going to start off with photos of three of my dogs. The first is of Winter (Joyslyn Mon Ami Winter Wind). She is staying with her handler, Sue Cannimore, while we wait for the dog shows to begin again. I recently ordered the show photo taken when she won her first major. It has not yet arrived. In the meantime, here is a casual photo.

The next two photos were taken of Winter's half sister (Josh sired both girls) Millie, taken last week after her bath. Millie's mom is Bekka.

Millie has not been in the show ring since our National Specialty in October. She has been to a few training classes, and I am hoping she remembers what to do in a show ring by the time we are able to attend dog shows again.

We have a whole album full of show photos from Josh's many show wins, but very few of him where you can actually see his face. After we took Millie's pictures, I decided to get some of Josh also. Here are two of them.

Now here are some photos that have been sent since the last blog was posted. I am going to try let you know the call names of sire and dam so you can see if your Lhasa is closely related to any of them. Mary R. sent photos of her three (Moka, Belle, and Rafe). Belle's sire is Connor. Her dam is Flame. Rafe's sire is Walker and dam is Dancer.

Mary D. sent a photo of Rafe's litter brother, Gabe, all decked out in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

Joy sent this cute one of Lucy. Joy says Lucy is enjoying the whole family being home from work and school, especially the 6 year old. Lucy is a Breaker and Jenna daughter.

Mark wrote that YoYo has her first topknot! YoYo is a Josh and Greta daughter.

 This is LiLi, whose job it is to put up with YoYo and teach her the house rules! My friend's dog Alvin was her sire and my Mira her dam. LiLi was always full of spirit and play as a puppy and now YoYo is doing to her what YoYo did to Mark's older female when she was young-- constant pestering and play!

These are photos Molly Ann sent of Luna, who is Bekka and Chance's mother. Luna is one of our retired champions and it is my fondest wish that all my retirees find new owners as loving and wonderful as Luna's new owner is.

Debra sent this picture of the lovely Seng Kye, who is a Chance and Jenna son.

 These are photos Brandi sent of Oliver, her Breaker and Jenna puppy. The second one shows Oliver cuddled up with his Great Dane friend, Leo.

Michele sent this picture of Trinket, the smallest puppy in the March 2019 litter of Josh and Bekka's. Trinket is Millie's litter sister. 

 Michelle sent a photo of her Sunny, a Breaker and Jenna son.
Sunny evidently wants to do his own grooming. Note the comb in his mouth!
If you are interested in pedigrees of any of the Joyslyn's dogs, just go to the Joyslyn's Lhasa Apsos website and select the scrapbook page or the pictures and pedigrees page. Photos and pedigrees for most of the dogs are found there.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.
And, as our former priest used to tell us, "Say your prayers, do your work, and be kind."


P.S. While you are sitting around home thinking you should be grooming your dog or cleaning your house but really don't feel like it, I have a solution! Read a book--more specifically, read Rose's Thorn, a just-published novel by none other than my husband, Lynn-Steven Johanson. It is a detective mystery and is available on Amazon. It is Lynn's first novel. He is currently working on his second, featuring the same detective.

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  1. Hi Joyce & Lynn. Biddy's groomer is closed for now & she was due for a haircut next week. I am going to attempt to do a little trimming. I did some before the last grooming & it went well. The biggest person in need of a haircut is Charlie. He is an every two week guy. His hair is short and grows very fast. It is getting very shaggy...I don't think he will let me use the clippers on him....Biddy is the most loving Lhasa we have ever had and she is very demanding of attention. If I remember I will send a pic of Biddy's before & after. Stay well.