Saturday, October 12, 2019

Briefly....Some Photos

This was posted on Facebook and I wanted to share it, not just because it focused on a show dog, but also because I think the sentiment is appropriate for any canine/human interaction. They give us so much, love us, and forgive us our shortcomings.

Today's post will be brief. I wanted to share some photos from the past week.

First, here are photos Karen sent of Chance. He has been in his new home for 5 weeks, is getting along with the Lhasa that was already in residence, Baylee, and is enjoying being outside in the big yard. Karen wrote, "Chance and Baylee have played a bit, but Baylee is still unsure about it. I think he doesn't know how to play. As I've told you before, Chance is respectful. It's as if he knows to keep trying but backs off when warned. Even if they never actually play together, they are becoming good friends.  I think what surprised me the most is how easy it was to feed them. There's absolutely no guarding of food. In fact, they eat three feet away from each other and switch bowls back and forth...I wish you could see him romping around and playing.  You'd be thrilled.  Thank you for my cuddly boy."

Last week I forgot to post the picture of Winter's face.

Molly Anne and Luna celebrated Luna's birthday.

Judy entered Gus in a swim class. Here he is during one of his lessons.

And, finally, here are the Josh and Greta puppies, age 3 weeks. The two girls are first. The last photo is the boy.

And that's it for today!


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