Sunday, January 22, 2017

Celebrations and Photos

Since I last wrote, many celebrations have taken place: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day meant—in addition to loftier ideals—a day off work for those of us at Western Illinois University.
A new president was inaugurated and all the news programs on TV kept us updated on the good and the bad goings-on in DC.

Greta, who is now with a professional handler, won on both Saturday and Sunday on her first show weekend with Sue Cannimore, earning two single points toward her championship (bringing the total to 5, which includes one major). She is still not sure she wants to be in the show ring and her attitude is not what we hoped for, but I still celebrated her wins! Go Greta!!
Greta with Sue Cannimore after Sunday's show
We also had two birthday celebrations! Josh (OH-BIS GCh Ch Joyslyn MLS Dakota Wind Breaker) was three years old on January 16. Those years went fast!
Here he is as a two week old baby and as an adult (taken October 2016). What a change!
Josh - 2 weeks

Josh almost 3
On January 20, we celebrated Connor's (Ch. San-Dhi Joyslyn Icon) 12th birthday! Connor came to us at the end of May 2005 from Sandy Devlin, who is from Albuquerque. I still recall how frightened he was by the trip. I went to the Peoria airport to get him, opened his carrier, and reached for him. As I picked him up, he wrapped both front legs around my arm and refused to let go! In his mind, I had saved him, and we bonded then and there. He worshiped me ever since and, to this day, if I pick him up and ask for a hug, he pushes his body as close to mine as he can get and sighs a big sigh.
Connor is Josh's grandsire. Here are a couple photos of him.
Connor - 5 month old puppy - June 2005

Connor - age 2 - ringside in Louisville, KY
Finally, here are the most recent photos of the 4 Josh and Shadow puppies. Right now, my plan is to keep Onyx. Tara has a new home now, as does Kirby. Pearl has not yet been spoken for.

Kirby - 10 weeks

Onyx - 10 weeks

Tara - 10 weeks

The Black Pearl - 10 weeks
If you are new to the Lhasa Apso and  trying to find out more about the breed or if you simply want a refresher, you might enjoy looking at the Learn About Lhasas slide show, available in pdf format on the American Lhasa Apso Club's website. It is a similar format to the slide show used for judges' education.

Life is better when you have a Lhasa to love you!


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